Another common error in marketing communication is focusing on the product or service description including its functions and features rather than focusing on the end customer benefit, the why. People will read further once you have gotten their attention. And you get their attention by speaking to one of their desires, fears or problems. Only […]

A common mistake inexperienced marketers make is to cram too much information into marketing copy. I have seen this manifested in several ways:Too much copy on PowerPoint slides – often full screen visuals with no copy are the most effectiveToo much copy on product packaging, especially for products that are displayed at point of purchaseToo […]

In last month’s agency meeting, one leader challenged the team to become stronger business partners with our clients. To do this, she said, you need to know what keeps them up at night. To truly solve clients’ business problems, we need to have a deep understanding of what’s on the line. Everyone has something that […]

The world of digital is all about targeting. Our ability to become as precise and narrow, the better. For example, digital media buys can target by demographics and psychographics, behavioral and contextual factors:

There’s no doubt that content marketing is a powerful strategy. But what happens when the content you create doesn’t get the attention you want? That’s where content promotion strategies can help. Content promotion is the use of additional strategies, both paid and unpaid, that get your content more exposure. Think of it this way. Your […]

Part of a brand’s identity system is its visual style. So what are the components of its visual style? Here is my list:Color paletteTypefaces and graphic stylesTypes of images used (size, shape, subject matter, feeling, illustrations vs. photography, medium, special effects) Graphic symbolsShapesTextureDistinctive patternsFormLayout and horizontal vs. vertical blocking Use of lines or bordersSharp vs. soft edgesValue […]

Your brand’s voice is comprised of its tone and its word choice among other components. Together with your brand’s archetype, personality and visual style, your brand’s voice helps you to personify your brand. Any or all of these might be components of your brand’s voice:ToneAccent (socio-economic, regional or foreign)Young or matureVocabulary (frequently used words and phrases […]

Habit:A recurrent, often unconscious pattern of behavior that is acquired through frequent repetitionAn established disposition of the mind or characterCustomary manner or practiceAn addiction, especially to a narcotic drugWe all have habits. For instance, we order the same menu item every time we go to a specific restaurant. Or we purchase the same brand of soda pop. Or we start our day with a cup of coffee and the morning paper. Or we go to the gym and work out every morning. Some of our brands […]

Your B2B PR strategy is much like a clock — when you take off the face, you come head to head with many moving parts that all work to give you that end result. Each gear has its own job, which is essential to the smooth function of the overall product. One such component is […]

I have posted one or two articles on the brand personality attributes that organizations most often choose for their brands. In this article, I will share the qualities that I believe are most important for brands to possess. I am basing this on the qualities that people seek most in others. I think this is […]

Your B2B PR strategy is a complex machine, with earned, owned, shared, and paid media components all working together. Today, we’re focusing on the earned media portion of your public relations strategy. What is earned media? It is the attention a brand receives through through media or other websites. It is called “earned” since it […]

Identifying and describing the target customer should always the first step in any brand positioning process. If you don’t know who your customer is, how can you successfully position the brand? In our brand positioning workshops, we usually get people to identify the primary, secondary and tertiary customer targets. Sometimes, they describe the current customer […]

I have on occasion written about creating place brands and have provided links at the bottom of this blog post to those previous posts. However, today I am writing about how to create compelling places upon which the brands would be built.Aesthetics always matter. The natural and built environment (architecture, landscaping, etc.) contribute to that […]

B2B content creation is much like creating anything else. It takes hard work and time to create something of quality that people will admire and use for years to come. Think, for a moment, about carpentry. There are hacks who will sell you a product that will inevitably break within a year. But there are also master […]

The old adage, “I’m responsible for what I say, not for what you understand,” should never be applied in marketing or advertising. Thoughtful and deliberate marketing concepts encourage consumers to consider a specific perspective or take a specific action. Creativity should capture the interest of the audience, trigger an appropriate emotional response, and connect a […]

The old adage, “I’m responsible for what I say, not for what you understand,” should never be applied in marketing or advertising. Thoughtful and deliberate marketing concepts encourage consumers to consider a specific perspective or take a specific action. Creativity should capture the interest of the audience, trigger an appropriate emotional response, and connect a […]

Gone With the Wind fans can’t wait to celebrate the film’s 80th anniversary on Sunday, December 15, 2019. Here are 8 ways to mark this cinematic milestone: Watch Gone With the Wind. Whether you have the 50th anniversary VHS tapes or the 80th anniversary DVD, pop the cassettes or disk into your player and watch […]

I am impressed with the latest Mayo Clinic advertising campaign. The ads feature people leaving their homes with loved ones making their way to a destination – Mayo Clinic. The ads are very emotional with stunning visuals, a reflective mood, poignant moments and few or no spoken lines. The music is emotional the way our […]

From the outside looking in, Google advertising is a scary-looking platform. It’s big: it’s easy to get distracted by all the bells and whistles, and it’s continually changing. That being said, it does provide countless ways to grow businesses of any size. Although it may seem scary, it’s actually easy to create an account and […]

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