April 14, 2016, the website developed by digital marketing agency webSURGE for Helendale Dermatology and Medical Spa was a finalist for its category at the Rochester Business Journal’s 19th Best of the Web competition. Since 1996, the RBJ has been recognizing Rochester’s business websites with their Best of the Web awards ceremony. This year, readers […]

April 14, 2016, the website developed by digital marketing agency webSURGE for client LeFrois Builders and Developers was awarded first place for its category at the Rochester Business Journal’s 19th Best of the Web competition. Since 1996, the RBJ has been recognizing Rochester’s best business websites with their awards competition. This year, readers submitted nearly […]

Marketers segment their markets so that they can better target the customer groups that offer the greatest sales potential. This also helps them refine brand messages for each group. Markets can be segmented on product usage, purchase behavior, benefits, price, life stage, cohort group, psychographics, geographics or geodemographics. In many product categories, there are price […]

Sometimes there are great benefits to create your own development tools. Other times, it makes more sense to use tools that already exist. Choosing the best route can save you time, money and a lot of headaches. Here are a few tips that can help you decide whether to create your own tools or use […]

Every so often, I run into marketers who are more interested in coming up with catchy slogans than creating real brand promises. They want something that sounds good. Sometimes they even want something that seems versatile, that is, that could help make any point or say anything. But they are not focusing on the one […]

It is useful to perform exploratory brand research for relatively new brands whose markets are not yet fully understood. It can also be useful to perform this type of research for brands that need to be repositioned. Further, this type of research can inform brand and line extension decisions.In exploratory brand research, one is trying […]

Although Bain and Company announced the day of digital reckoning back in March 2013, most insurance companies are still struggling with a legacy system. Obviously, you can’t overhaul your legacy system overnight. But you can still use data integration and analytics to address many of your challenges. Leveraging analytics is nothing new to the insurance industry. […]

We conduct a lot of brand research on behalf of our clients – a mix of qualitative and quantitative. We usually try to “push the envelope” in what we explore to make sure we have not missed a brand positioning opportunity, a brand extension opportunity or any other opportunity.Often, clients are not comfortable with this […]

The rate of change in our society continues to accelerate. This causes many people quite a bit of anxiety. Emerging technologies have replaced millions of jobs but, so far, they have created more jobs than they have eliminated. Consider what digital photography (invented by a Kodak scientist) did to Eastman Kodak company. Consider what Uber is […]

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” Harry S. Truman, 33rd President of the United States of AmericaBrand management is an enterprise-wide endeavor. But most brand managers do not have enterprise-wide authority, even if they are highly placed in the organization. This is why influencing skills […]

I don’t think I really need to say this, but I’m going to anyway: Banks need to keep up with changing technology. Technology moves quickly and it seems that banks are always behind. Whether implementing security features like EMV chips, tokenized card numbers, 2-factor authentication, or simply making it easier for people to do basic […]

You’ve been the marketing manager at your company for several years now, but just can’t seem to prove the value of your efforts. You’re not really sure what is or isn’t working. You know the solution lies within an accurate measurement of your work, but how do you produce that data? SURPRISE! It’s already being […]

Marketing is one of the most important expenditures for a company to monitor when it comes to budget. If you can’t prove your marketing efforts are generating business, then you might not have any grounds to stand on at budget meetings. That’s why measuring your marketing campaigns are critical to validate your efforts. So what […]

Running the marketing department by yourself is like a crazy night of putting the kids to bed. One kid refuses to brush her teeth, while the other starts crying because he superglued his hand to the wall. Meanwhile, the dog comes yipping into the hall with bright green clumps of Play-Doh stuck in her fur. […]

The best marketers understand why people behave in the ways that they do. They understand people’s underlying phobias, fears and anxieties. They understand their hopes and aspirations. And they understand their attitudes, convictions and values.The best marketers constantly observe human behavior but also strive to understand the motivations that underpin that behavior. The best marketers […]

Is your company considering a website redesign? Before you get started, consider the importance of a mobile-friendly design. With the rise of handheld, on-the-go internet access, technology is catering to a mobile audience. That means, if your website doesn’t reformat itself across multiple screen sizes, prospects are going to have a hard time navigating through […]

How to Plan a Website Redesign Does this sound like your company’s website? You don’t remember when it was developed You can’t make simple updates to outdated content You’ve been getting user complaints Without an upgrade, those complaints are only going to get worse. If customers can’t stand your website, they’ll scroll to your competitors’, […]

Think a website redesign is the answer? Does this sound like you? My company’s website: Hasn’t been updated in the past 5 years Doesn’t accurately represent our latest technology & products As a result, most of your recent customers think that your products can only serve one industry, when in fact your products can serve […]

Are you technologically challenged? We’ve noticed many experienced business owners are getting slammed in their industry by the influence of the digital age. If you hope to continue gaining business in a culture that depends on Google, smartphones, tablets, and computers for all their information, you need an online presence. Don’t know where to start? […]

Can social media really add that much value to your marketing services? As with television, radio, and print marketing, the ability to benefit from the advantages of social media depends on how you mix them into your strategy. When strategically mixed, the business advantages of social media could triple the effect of your current marketing […]

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