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Testing throughout the CX process ensures success Since I last wrote about killing the spec document, I’ve been thinking a lot about the customer experience design process. It amazes me that even with all the access to technology that marketers have, we still don’t test things as much as we should. When I talk about […]

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Growth Hacking and New Business By Marist College Intern, Chris Largent Technology and Predictive Analytics Technology has opened a door to the business world. It has provided businesses with a way to analyze data like never before. One process that has been useful for a number of companies is data mining, or harnessing the free […]

As a brand steward, you must be aware of the laws under which legal protection is available. First, trademark law protects a brand’s identity. That is, it protects names, titles, taglines, slogans, logos, other designs, product shapes, sounds, smells, colors, or any other features that distinguish one source of products or services from another. Trademarks that protect services are […]

What can strong brands accomplish? They can lead to increased distribution and sales. They can command price premiums. They can create emotional connections with customers. They can lead to greater customer loyalty. They can inspire customer advocacy. They can help attract and retain desirable employees. They can make it easier to enter new product and […]

Facebook Boosting Facebook is a big beast.  With more than 1.4 billion people and 900 million visits per day, it is hard to ignore the potential of advertising on Facebook.  Then factor in that each person on Facebook has an extensive profile describing their likes, interests and groups and that you can target them directly […]

When people talk about brand positioning, they often talk about the brand’s promise and its relevant differentiated benefits. A brand should promise relevant differentiated benefits. These benefits can be functional, emotional, experiential or self-expressive. Further, the brand could promise shared values instead of a benefit, though shared values often result in a self-expressive benefit. Then […]

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Social media moves fast and marketers must constantly adapt. But, no matter how quickly or how much social media morphs, there are a few things that never change. No matter how many characters Twitter adds or whether Facebook Instant Articles ever pan out, social media success comes down to what you share, when you shareRead […]

Brands benefit from a wide variety of sources of differentiation. While many components can contribute to the differentiation, often there are only one or two dominant ones. For instance, Absolut vodka benefits from its unique bottle shape and the promotion of that unique shape. GEICO insurance benefits from its huge advertising budget and it unique […]

I started an online brand management newsletter in 1999. It ran for a few years. Then I jumped on the blog bandwagon in the early-to-mid 2000s. Since then, I have contributed to dozens of brand management and marketing blogs, including this blog, which I started in 2014. Since I started this blog, five blog posts have […]

In March of 2000, The Journal of Brand Management published an article I wrote entitled “Developing the brand building organization.” Around that same time, I helped create and chaired the one of the first conferences dedicated to inside out branding. It has been said many times that more important than making a unique and compelling […]

I am currently working with a client whose opinion is that branding is mostly about the data and analysis that lead to consumer insights. She has a PhD in marketing research. I have another client who does not believe that quantitative research is nearly as useful as qualitative research in branding. His first job was […]

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One lens through which you can view your brand is, “How does my brand bring happiness to people’s lives?” Does your brand make people happy? Does it make their lives easier? Is is surprising or unexpected in some way? Is aesthetically pleasing or beautiful? Is it charming? Is it amusing? Is it funny? Does it […]

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