In my fifteen years as a brand strategy consultant, I have interacted with the managers of several hundred different brands. This is often in a client/consultant relationship. At other times, it is in the context of an educational workshop or conference. Either way, I have been made aware of many brand problems. Here are the […]

TODAY, HAVING an online presence is mandatory for any brand. If people want to find out more about your brand, it is very likely that their first step is to search for it using Google or another search engine. They may search from their laptop or tablet computer, but increasingly they may perform this search from their smartphone.Key considerations […]

Question: “What I need to do is help educate others (and myself) on the latest thinking on a branded house vs. a house of brands or a combination of both.As we are looking to expand our membership and our business offerings, I need to be prepared to discuss and recommend what might be the right […]

Everywhere you look in the marketing world, they talk about third-party content generation or content curation. You may be asking, “Who is this third person at the party anyway?” It is actually pretty simple. When someone else writes something about you, it has more credibility than when you write something about yourself. Makes total sense,Read […]

“Authenticity is a collection of choices that we have to make every day. It’s about the choice to show up and be real. The choice to be honest. The choice to let our true selves be seen.”― Brené Brown, The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You […]

Starbucks does this (creating the total brand experience) well. Not only is its product extraordinarily different from and better than a normal cup of coffee, but everything else the company does also adds to the brand experience. The stores feature carefully crafted,  aesthetically coordinated components: the smell of fresh brewed coffee, a wide variety of unusual blends, exotic […]

To become a “category of one” brand is the holy grail of branding. What does it mean to become a “category of one” brand? It means that no other brand is even in the same category as your brand. Your brand has created a new category – one that matters to people.What does it take […]

I have talked about each of the other four drivers of customer brand insistence – relevant differentiation, value, accessibility and emotional connection. However, I have saved the most important driver of customer brand insistence for last.Brand building begins with awareness. If you make the best products in the world, support them with exceptional service and […]

Beware these guys and ghouls that might mash your strategy … Wolfman – Wants to sink his teeth into every social media platform ever without considering time or resources. Zombie – Wanders the marketing landscape living off of others’ ideas. If it’s not a best practice, it can’t be done. Frankenstein – Scuffles around piecingRead […]

Between 8 percent and 12 percent of revenues should be budgeted for advertising and other marketing activities. This amount obviously varies significantly by company and industry. An average company spends approximately 6 percent of sales on advertising alone. Advertising expenditures for computer and office equipment are as low as .09 percent vs. 16.8 percent for toys, dolls, and games. Industrial companies […]

StorytellingBrands tell stories. They create myths. They engage people. They entertain people.  What story does your brand tell? Is it engaging? Does it create an emotional connection to the brand?ExperienceWhat experience does your brand deliver? Does in connect with people through one or more of the five senses – touch, smell, sight, sound and taste? […]

Our brand management equity measurement system is comprehensive, measuring each of the five drivers of customer brand insistence – awareness, relevant differentiation, value, accessibility and emotional connection – along with other factors such as brand vitality, brand loyalty, brand personality and brand associations.In the process of measuring brand equity, one should avoid making the following […]

Catalyst, a marketing agency specializing in automotive services customer relationship marketing (CRM), has published a new life cycle marketing guide. “Your Guide to More Effective Life Cycle Marketing” details specific programs for each stage of the customer life cycle, from consideration through purchase through repurchase. These programs have been extensively tested in the automotive services […]

When you realize there’s always a C in B2B, you can come out blazing and set fire to an entire category. We ignited the engagement with a hot, cannot-be-ignored, relevant package and watched the sparks fly. Challenge Our primary goal of this campaign was to drive awareness and consideration of the Xeikon 3000 Series Digital […]

I have served on no less than ten board of directors marketing committees for not-for-profit organizations, having chaired at least half of them.  While I really enjoy helping build marketing capacity for those organizations, there is a more selfish motive too. I am constantly exposed to a variety of marketing challenges and issues outside of […]

I am in the midst of developing a new identity for one of my clients. This includes creating a new name for the firm. The firm’s CEO indicated that he would like to name his financial services firm after a rock, tree or flower. He also likes a couple specific words. One is the name […]

Disruption: inducing radical and sudden change; a radical change in an industry, business strategy, etc., especially involving the introduction or a new product or service that creates a new market. The Internet was perhaps the most disruptive development. Timesharing was a disruptive concept in many industries. Low-cost airlines (Southwest Airlines, JetBlue, etc.) disrupted legacy carriers (United Airlines, […]

An increasing number of brand managers indicate that their brands operate in commodity categories. I first began focusing on this area when I conducted a branding seminar in Dubai, UAE, and was asked by several conference attendees who worked for different energy companies to help them think through how to differentiate their brands so that […]

Marketers have to keep open minds about using any medium. The past decade or so has provided huge fails and unprecedented successes. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to “pick” the next big thing for a client’s media mix. When a social medium goes mainstream, it deserves attention. There’s no waiver for skeptics. If it’s aRead […]

The VW emissions-rigging scandal has brought to light an interesting area of brand management – brand equity transfer. Experts are now discussing whether the VW fall from grace will affect Germany’s perception as a country that manufactures reliable, high-quality products, especially in the automotive sector. This is related to the “country of origin” interaction between […]