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New lighting, backdrops and ready to roll. A studio offers tons of flexibility. With changeable backdrops, sets can be ready to roll when a client arrives. This is especially helpful for clients who are strapped for time like C-Level executives or busy managers. It can also help cut down cost on small shoots like interviews […]

Do you want to dive deeper into brand management and marketing? I have created seven online courses to help you do so. They include the concepts, tools and techniques that every brand manager should know. The courses range from one to two contact hours each. Each course includes many real world examples and links to numerous […]

Over the past two decades of custom website development, we are fully aware that the perfect solution doesn’t come from a one-size-fits-all website subscription service.  It takes some creativity, strategic thinking, and lots and lots of web development experience. The ability to develop unique capabilities is essential for organizations to effectively stand out and offer […]

Dear valued customer,    We regret to inform you that your account has been restricted.   To continue using our services please download the attached file, update your login information, and give us your Social Security number, bank account (and routing) number, and mother’s maiden name.   Thanks!    Okay, that one might’ve sounded legitimate at […]

“Privacy means people know what they’re signing up for, in plain language, and repeatedly. I believe people are smart. Some people want to share more than other people do. Ask them.”    – Steve Jobs    Digital privacy has become one of the most important topics today.   As the push for a more secure […]

If you are a startup, you are likely more focused on raising money, prioritizing your next steps, prototyping and perfecting your product, figuring out business partners and sourcing, addressing operational issues and getting your idea in front of potential customers than on developing and executing marketing plans. And if you are trying to generate sales, […]

Nearly 40 years ago, I was a small, tomboyish fifth-grader. (Shout out to my GenXers!). This was an era when a 10 year old was still very much a kid. I certainly was. My school, Walt Disney Elementary School (for real), still held recess at lunchtime, but the playground equipment was less enticing at that […]

Print advertising gets a bad rep. “It’s so old-fashioned.” Yes… modern printing has been around for over five centuries and might seem a little conventional, but it’s still a valuable and creative form of marketing. Though there are many fancy new ways to advertise, print is still something that every business should incorporate into its […]

 Following yesterday’s blog post, today I list the 26 most common startup challenges. Having the right idea – building something someone wantsUnderstanding your business’ unique value propositionConfirming customer need / marketplace gapListening to and acting on customer feedbackThinking too smallTaking the first leap – knowing where to startAssuming you need a lot of money right awayMoney […]

I haven’t written a blog post in a while because I have been consumed with a new role (in addition to my brand strategy consulting). I am a part-time new venture coach for RIT’s Venture Creations Incubator. In this role, I am coaching and consulting with nine start-up companies, mostly in technology spaces.There has a […]

My mom died last week. I won’t talk here about how she died, but I do want to talk about how she lived. These are the remarks I made during her remembrance: My mother, Joanne, was all about that bling. Anything and everything shiny. Her hair, her makeup, her clothes were always 110% on-point. She […]

What is MPP? MPP stands for Massively Parallel Processing, which is a processing paradigm where thousands of processing nodes work on parts of a computational task in parallel. Ok, what is MPP… in English? Basically, MPP involves multiple computers (or processors) working on the same problem at the same time. Without MPP, performing digital tasks […]

In my new Zoom course for SUNY Adirondack — “Ideas: Mining for Freelance Writing Gold” – I will share strategies that I have used profitably as a professional writer in both the magazine and book fields. One of those strategies inspired my book Amazing Animal Actors. Here’s the scoop: I’m a fan of the television […]

In my new Zoom course for SUNY Adirondack – “Ideas: Mining for Freelance Writing Gold” – I will share strategies that I have used profitably as a professional writer in both the magazine and book fields. Here is a sneak peek at one of those strategies: What You Know: Before I started my freelance writing […]

Pauline Bartel founded Bartel Communications, Inc., in 1997 as a corporate communications firm. From those early days of offering public relations and writing services, Pauline expanded the company over the years to include business-anniversary marketing services and business writing training. Now she has introduced a suite of services that help aspiring writers become published authors. […]

Congratulations to my client and friend Denise Horan on the publication of her first business book. Thanks as well for her kind words about my book coaching services: For many years, I have wanted to write a book.  The book proposal process seemed long and time consuming.  It would take a back seat on my […]

Social media has become one of the most influential forms of networking and digital advertising. It’s essential. A strong social media strategy can get potential customers interested in your brand and help your business grow.  It’s going to take a lot more than simply posting generic content over and over again, however. Not only does […]

The amount of information on the internet is insurmountable. Petabytes and terabytes and billions of gigabytes… It’s overwhelming. The fact that any business listing can reach the top of page 1 in Google is remarkable. With all that data constantly filtering through Google’s algorithms, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get – and stay – atop […]

Congratulations to my client and friend Barbara Fournier on the publication of her first novel. Thanks as well for her kind words about my developmental editing services: “When I completed your book writing and publishing course at Hudson Valley Community College, I felt inspired. I finished the first draft of my novel, but the manuscript […]

It is fascinating to me how politicians and political parties use labels to position or reposition bills, ideas, agendas, actions or groups of people. For example, children who arrived int he US illegally at a very young age are called either dreamers or illegal aliens depending on which political party is talking about them. The […]