As we inch closer to the new year, many teams are thinking about new goals; they’re looking at the goals they set for 2019, seeing how well they did (or how much they missed by), and using that information to set new bars to clear in 2020.

For brands that use email as part of their inbound marketing efforts, the reality of the results can often be discouraging. Believe it or not, if your emails are seeing an open rate of 30%, your brand is actually doing quite well for itself (and depending on your industry, you may not even get as […]

B2B content marketing has become a mainstay in many businesses. But many companies are hitting a wall — not notching all the results that they want. What should they do? Say you notice a water spot on your ceiling. Would you demand an entire, new roof? Of course not. You would take the time to […]

With the holidays centered around spending time together, this time of year is the perfect excuse for destination marketers to experiment with new, family-focused events, or to leverage existing events to help generate additional turnstile turns for your attraction.

Believe it or not, being a marketer in the world of higher education comes with its own unique set of challenges; while the fundamentals of public relations at colleges and universities are similar to those of other organizations and businesses, higher ed PR pros must constantly work to juggle different messages for different departments across […]

Fifteen years ago, if you had told me that PR and social media were going to work together and that we would use social media for PR, I may have chuckled. After all, social media was initially created to connect family and friends, not brands. At least, that’s how it was in the beginning. But […]

Following are my stream of consciousness thoughts about marketing.People have beliefs, attitudes, values, hopes, anxieties and fears. Marketers must understand these to be successful.In marketing, less is almost always more. This is true of copy and visuals. The actual customer experience is the most important driver of brand perceptions.Building awareness is the most important marketing activity. […]

In the past few years, I have used marketing automation extensively for my own business and I have interacted with marketing automation from many other businesses. While there is the argument that marketing automation enables one to market 24/7, even when one is sleeping, there are also some cautions that should occur regarding this technology.First, […]

Ironically, despite the ballyhoo and effusions, PR is facing its own PR crisis. It turns out PR folks (myself included) aren’t master communicators when it comes to our own profession. A recent study showed that a significant number of executives don’t believe that PR delivers good value for their brand. What can we do to […]

According to RecruiterBox, the average cost-per-hire in the manufacturing industry is $5,159. There are a lot of variables that go into calculating your cost-per-hire including your recruiter’s time, job fair participation fees, job board fees, and ad spend.  Without reducing the number of jobs you’re hiring for, the only way to cut down on your […]

Influencer marketing strategy, although being fairly new to the B2B marketing mix, has changed a lot since its first use, particularly in the B2B space. What’s different in the B2B marketing strategy? How can you use it to its best advantage in your own strategy?  Let’s dig into these questions and more as we discuss […]

Social media platforms have given consumers the power to communicate directly with companies they are investing their time and money in. As seen on Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms, this can be a good or bad thing for many companies depending on how they choose to respond to this feedback. However, in this increasingly… […]

“62% of consumers who switched brand in the past 12 months did so because brands successfully attracted them, rather than bad customer experience pushing them away.61% of consumers switched brand at least once in the last year, with automotive (70%) and supermarkets (68%) showing the highest percentage of customers willing to switch brands due to […]

The banking landscape is changing. Fast.

BUFFALO, NY – Veraview LLC, a Buffalo-based multimedia communications company, has announced the completion of its two-year project with Explore & More – The Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Children’s Museum, located at the city’s growing Canalside. The collaboration, which began June 2017 and culminated June 2019, involved the execution of the museum’s cutting-edge technology systems, […]

                      The Highlands at Pittsford was ready to update their 7-year-old website. The messaging was up to date, but the story needed to be told in a new way so that it could reach the right people. New videos and photos give an insider look […]

Thought leadership is a tested concept that works. But the tactics behind this strategy have changed. So what should you know about thought leadership as it is today? Let’s look at the top thought leadership trends that impact strategy and how you need to respond to these trends. What You Need to Know About Thought […]

John Jacob Bausch & Henry LombI recently purchased The Branding of America book by Robert Hambleton at an art gallery used book sale. One of the things that I immediately found fascinating (though not surprising in retrospect) is that most of the earlier brands in America were named after the people who founded the brands versus […]

In a recent agency meeting, one leader challenged the team to become stronger business partners with our clients. To do this, she said, you need to know what keeps them up at night. To truly solve clients’ business problems, we need to have a deep understanding of what’s on the line. Everyone has something that […]

I think everyone should learn about the most common cognitive distortions (or thinking errors) as we are all subject to them. Importantly, I have increasingly witnessed political campaigns playing to many of these errors to achieve their intended ends. I believe this is highly unethical. But understanding what these errors are will help you understand […]