If you are the manager of a brand that sells at retail, you have likely studied the retail chains that carry your brand in great detail. You may also have access to store and chain-specific category management and shelf management reports. You probably also frequently conduct market and store tours.But, just in case you are […]

To answer the question “Why use email for business?” we must first note that email is no longer just a tool used for communication. Because of its success at auto-generating business, it has become a powerful medium for improving online presence. While there are many campaigns marketers can pursue with email, this article will provide […]

Ideas for Generating Content for a Business Blog Blogging is one of the most effective strategies for businesses to increase brand awareness, engage with their audience, build their online presence, and ultimately bring in more revenue. (Find out why you should be using WordPress for your business blog.) But you’re probably asking yourself, “What should […]

While consumers are inundated with emails, Facebook notifications, tweets, LinkedIn connections, and countless other instant news generators, email newsletters can function as a unique way to reach customers with your industry news.   Your news captures more attention through email Marketers have an opportunity to capture their audience’s attention with creatively designed email newsletters (also […]

In today’s world, time and money are often the scarcest commodities. People try to save time or money or both. Many people do not have enough of either. Others earn and have a lot of money but find time to be what they most lack in their lives. While others may have all of the […]

We in the marketing community interact with each other a lot. We have our own language and our own issues. Advertising people move from agency to agency. And marketing people move from company to company. We attend the same conferences. And we are concerned about the same latest technologies and marketing techniques. This is reason enough […]

One way for a brand to win in the marketplace is to be an expert on a particular topic or on behalf of a specific customer group. In this way, the brand becomes the first one the target market thinks of associated with a particular product category or need. Following are examples of expert retail brands:Bass […]

What is brand equity measurement and how can it help your brand? First, let me start by saying that marketing professionals still have different definitions of brand equity and therefore brand equity measurement. If one defines brand equity as the value that a brand adds to the branded product, service or organization itself, then we […]

With the rise of business technology, traditional marketers now have many options to support their marketing campaigns. Various digital advertising tools now offer highly targeted and massive reach capabilities. For example, Google’s Display Network can reach over 2 million websites to display your business’ advertisement. Display advertising (including clickable ads that appear in website margins) […]

A “digital presence” is simply how your business appears online. When people search for your business or company online, what do they find? Do they see your website on Page 1? Can they find your Facebook Page? What do online reviews say about you? Your digital presence is your online reputation. And the million dollar […]

Your new product is doing great at conventions and when mentioned on sales calls. But when it comes to the internet, it’s just not selling. Obviously, we can’t blame the product. The reason why new product isn’t selling online is probably due to the condition of your online presence. Below are some common reasons new […]

We are offering a new service – helping brands identify and craft brand triggers. Let’s start with what brand triggers are. They are stimuli (visual, auditory, olfactory, etc.) that encode and decode a specific brand into and out of the the human brain. First we start by understanding which triggers are currently associated with the brand. […]

I have worked with clients who are totally focused on the media plan or the social media tactics or on which marketing communication vehicles to use and what the spend should be for each of them. But they completely neglect the brand message. Admittedly, marketers must carefully choose their brands’ target markets and then identify communication […]

In the automotive services industry, paid search is one of the best ways to acquire new customers and keep current customers coming back. There is an abundance of search data to help marketers measure and optimize their campaigns. But how do you know which metrics to focus on? (Hint: it’s not clicks.) How do you […]

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years, you’re familiar with the importance of omnichannel marketing. Forrester Research, Inc. reports that consumers engage with a whopping 11.4 pieces of content prior to making a purchase. The challenge: It’s hard to know when, how and where customers will engage with all […]

Dellavilla Discusses the Bank Switching Process With Reporter Beth Braverman Rochester, New York – How easy is it to switch banks? Beth Braverman, former Money reporter and currently a reporter with The Fiscal Times, gives consumers some tips in “Five Reasons to Break Up With Your Bank,” featured in The Fiscal Times on June 28, […]

I have never heard anyone talk about brands in terms of networks, but it would be useful to do so. In economics and business model strategy, “network effects” refers to the added value to certain types of businesses when more people are networked into them. 4G LTE networks become more valuable to their customers with […]

Donald Trump has estimated his net worth to be in the billions of dollars, mostly based on the brand value of his last name. Prior to Donald Trump’s run for president of the United States, the Trump brand stood for luxury, success, risk taking and fearlessness. Now that Donald Trump is the Republican nominee for […]

This year marks the 120th anniversary of “The Stars and Stripes Forever,” the iconic patriotic march written by composer John Philip Sousa (1854-1932).   Known as “The March King,” Sousa was on a European vacation when he received word that the manager of The Sousa Band, David Blakely, had died suddenly. The band would soon begin […]

A book to celebrate GWTW’s 75th Anniversary! RKO actress Joan Fontaine received a message that director George Cukor wanted her to read for GWTW. Oh, what she wouldn’t give to play Scarlett! But when she arrived for her appointment, she discovered that the director had her in mind for Melanie. Since that role held no […]

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