Giving your customers a fully-formed omnichannel experience doesn’t have to be a struggle. But with so many avenues to pursue (Web, social media, email, apps, in-store, geo-fencing, etc.), it can seem a bit overwhelming. Let’s start with a look at why brands need an omnichannel strategy, and then explore how to implement one with ease […]

With over a decade of experience marketing all kinds of tourism entities and destinations, we at ABC have learned one thing: People love to hear a story. Think about it. How many times have you sat in a local pub or restaurant and your server has explained the history of the establishment or shared a […]

People in the SEO and digital marketing world are talking more and more about Google’s mobile search algorithm change coming up Tuesday, April 21. Some are even calling it “Mobilegeddon.” While it will certainly affect some websites negatively, is this algorithm change scary enough to be worthy of a “geddon”? That depends on your website. […]

Rochester, New York – Jill Hewitt, a customer experience specialist at Catalyst (Rochester, New York), has been selected to present a session on customer experience mapping at the CRM Evolution 2015 Conference, August 17-19, in New York City. Hewitt’s session, titled “How to Create a Customer Experience Map,” will take place from 3 to 4 […]

Clients ask me frequently, “How can I integrate social media with my other channels and deliver real, measurable results?” There are some best practices, but there’s no one-size-fits-all approach: What multichannel marketing strategy that may work for one business may be a colossal bust for another. But there are some basic how-tos that will help you […]

We all remember those horrible pop-up videos from VH1 right? And now that we brought it up, you probably can’t get the jingle out of your head. Sorry. Well pop-up videos kind of died for a bit, but now advertising is bringing them back! You’re welcome. You’ve all heard of YouTube, but you’re probably starting […]

I have helped many organizations build their brands from the inside out for over fifteen years. In the process, I have learned what is critical to the success of those endeavors.1) RIGHT RESEARCH-INFORMED PROMISE: Your brand’s promise must be based upon customer, competitor and internal insight. This can be achieved through qualitative and quantitative research […]

With the advent of social media and big data analytics, an amazing amount of information has now been amassed on most consumers. The trick is to know how to use that data to achieve organizational goals. Marketers’ standing in organizations has the potential to increase significantly if they are able to successfully tap into this […]

Want to know more about our agency and how we’ve evolved? Check out this profile of Catalyst in the March 30th issue of the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle. The post Catalyst profiled in Democrat & Chronicle appeared first on Catalyst.

Not being consistent in what the brand stands for. Often, a brand’s management does not have the discipline to stick to one message over time. The message changes frequently depending on the audience, the issue of the moment and what competitors are saying.Not standing for anything. Often, organizations grow through mergers and acquisitions. Sometimes, the […]

I find myself relying on Angie’s List more and more when choosing home contractors. Consumer’s Reports helps me decide on what appliances to purchase.  When I am approached by a not-for-profit organization for a donation, I research the organization on Charity Navigator first. When choosing lodging, I rely on Trip Advisor. And when choosing restaurants, […]

Brand valuation is just what the term implies – it assigns a monetary value to the brand. This helps people understand that a brand is an asset that must be managed and protected. Brand valuation can transform CFOs into brand advocates. It is also useful in M&A situations. Many companies’ valuations far exceed the sum […]

Facilitating a one-day brand-positioning workshop seems to flow easily for me and it often seems effortless to the workshop participants. But don’t confuse this with an easy task.  Just because something appears to be effortless doesn’t mean it requires little to no skill. It often requires quite the opposite. Some clients recognize this while others […]

“We thought we’d update the logo a little.” “It’s not a new tagline. It’s just a catchy phrase that we are using instead of the tagline.” “We thought the icon would make a great decorative element.” “We are thinking about creating a new name for the organization.” “We developed a new product so we created […]

It’s probably not “new” news to you that Apple has launched Apple Pay™, a mobile/tablet digital wallet payment solution.  In fact, despite the fact that Apple Pay was just publicly launched in October of last year, it is estimated that the service is now being accepted in 700,000 locations.*  No, there isn’t an extra zero […]

Often, we are retained when a new CEO comes on board and changes the direction of his or her company and its products and services. As a part of that effort, the CEO asks the CMO to initiate a rebranding effort to communicate the change in direction.  In this way, the rebranding effort supports substantive […]

Brand perceptions are much more often created by the product or service experience itself than from marketing communication. Marketing communication is much more effective in building brand awareness than it is in creating or changing brand perceptions.  That is not to say that marketing communication cannot be used to help change perceptions, but it can’t […]

How does your brand make people feel? Does it make them feel safer or more secure? Is it reassuring? Does it make them feel more in control? More confident? Does your brand make them feel sophisticated or sexy? Do they feel as though they are making a difference in the world by purchasing and using […]

We have helped scores of companies with brand architecture issues. More often than one might think, we are approached by a division of a much larger company for help with its division-level brand architecture. Sometimes there are three or four levels of branding with numerous brands or sub-brands at each level. Knowing that consumers can […]

Companies have used everything from sidewalks (ads written in chalk), walls above men’s room urinals, and posters on bulletin boards, to the sides of trucks and buses, athlete’s clothes, and crop art (images created by plowing fields in certain patterns). A German company is now printing advertising messages on toilet paper. Evian funded the repair of a run-down pool in […]