Joe can’t stop extolling the virtues of #primalbranding to the FBD2 team after attending the AAF Buffalo Spotlight Speaker Series featuring Patrick Hanlon. FBD2 is proud to be a sponsor of this fantastic series, and we cannot wait for the next speaker.  

If the title of this blog grabbed your attention, I’m going to guess your business may be struggling with managing multiple websites. And don’t worry, you’re not alone. Trust us, we’ve seen this time and time again. Maybe at the time it genuinely seemed like a good idea for your business to have multiple websites. […]

Those of us who are old enough remember Kellogg’s Frosted Flake’s Tony the Tiger. Leo Burnett also created Charlie the Tuna for StarKist and Morris the Cat for 9Lives. And Taco Bell used a chihuahua dog in its advertising.But lately, more and more advertisers are using animals in their ads. One might ask “Why?” It […]

One length does not fit all; it all depends on where your video resides and what it’s meant to do. Here are some guidelines you can follow to make sure it ultimately achieves your goals.  

When running an online video ad campaign, we are often asked, “What is the ideal video duration for my ad?” There is no one-size-fits-all video length, but here are some key guidelines to keep in mind when using video in your advertising: What is the video being used for? It is important to connect video […]

Thought leadership is the goal of many executives and the pinnacle of success in executive branding. But it doesn’t come about by chance, which is why you need to develop a thought leadership strategy. Many are familiar with the basics of how to establish thought leadership — create content, schedule speaking engagements, spot trends, etc. etc. […]

Some activities have their own lexicon, as do some brands. When I was growing up, I fished for muskies, walleye, perch and bass with my family. We took an annual two week vacation at Black Lake and spent much of our time fishing. Later in life, I took up fly fishing. In regular fishing, people […]

We understand that developing content and staying on top of a successful content marketing strategy can be tedious. Blogging and creating new content oftentimes gets pushed towards the bottom of a marketers’ to-do list. But, starting a blog for your business may be worthy of your consideration. Whether your business is large or small, if […]

We’re always pleased to be able to share good news. So here goes. We learned last month that we landed a certificate of excellence from the Midas Awards for a TV spot we produced for M&T Bank. The spot features user-generated clips captured by everyday people to showcase genuine, authentic moments. We were focusing on […]

Marketing and sales are important partners in increasing an organization’s revenues. However, some might perceive them to be an odd couple, but more about that later.First, marketing and sales are different. Marketing has many sub-disciplines but overall it is the organization’s investment in identifying and building demand for its products and services. Sales, on the […]

These are the nine most popular Branding Strategy Source blog posts from 2017:The Elements of Business and Marketing StrategyThe Twelve Key Elements of MarketingBrand SWOT AnalysisThe Quick Brand Health Assessment Online Brand Management and Marketing Resources Brands and Tribalism United Airlines Just Can’t Get it Right Brand Tonality Naming Brands For more information on brand management and marketing, purchase Brand Aid […]

When I am advising start-ups and rapidly growing brands, often distribution strategy is critical to the success of the brand. Choosing the right distribution channels in the right order can make a big difference in three ways: (a) brand awareness building, (2) brand accessibility and (3) brand positioning and quality perceptions. Usually, start-up brands have little […]

#TBT: Today we are taking a look back at some of the fantastic displays we produced in 2017.  

When it comes to creating video content for your business, we know you’re probably already asking yourself “is it really worth it?” Well, in short, the answer is yes. If you want to keep up with your competitors and build your brand voice, video content is an effective digital marketing method that can achieve this. But […]

In the past 30 years, I have witnessed significant changes in brand management and marketing. In this post, I will summarize what has stayed the same, what has changed significantly and what some of the most important considerations in brand management and marketing are today.What has remained important over time:Having carefully identified the brand’s target […]

Last week we attended a fundraiser for a client for whom we had recently launched a new website. It was refreshing to have the time to stand by the bar and engage in a rambling conversation that flowed from one off-beat subject to another. Suddenly, our client mentioned he was going through our online portfolio […]

When starting a marketing campaign, we tend to look to the end goal or objectives as a way to measure success. However, if you only examine the ultimate objective–or macro conversion–you may miss important micro conversion moments that occur throughout the process. To achieve success, it’s not micro vs. macro conversion. Both are important, and […]

It’s no secret that marketing efforts have shifted towards more digital-focused strategies. But email marketing, a strong presence on social media and revamped websites aren’t the only ingredients that go into perfecting a strong, digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing can mean a lot of things, and businesses are always trying to keep up with all […]

People often ask exactly what we did to make the Curtiss Hotel in Buffalo, NY, a “smart hotel”. We provided the phone system for each guest room and office space within the hotel, along with wireless access points, digital signage and automated concierge service. We managed these hotel amenities along with Audio Visual, lighting, climate, and […]

Rochester, NY – Catalyst has hired Rick Muldowney, a noted retail marketing analytics leader, to be the agency’s new Chief Analytics Officer. “We’re exceptionally proud that Rick has chosen to work with us,” said Catalyst managing director Mike Osborn. “Rick brings more than 25 years’ experience developing actionable, comprehensive marketing analytics for top companies, including […]