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Blass Marketing

Blass Marketing

What is an NPS Score and Why This Alone is Not Enough

by Blass Marketing

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is perhaps the best-known customer loyalty research metric and has been widely adopted by more than two thirds of Fortune 1000 companies. Developed by F. Richheld, Bain and Co and Satmetrix in 2003 in his Harvard Business Review article, titled The One Number You Need to Grow it’s a measure of […]

Billboards are having a heyday in a digital world

by Blass Marketing

The following article may be of interest to many advertisers. Blass clients have experienced excellent results from campaigns than combine different forms of media working in concert to promote their message. Online media run with traditional media provides broad exposure andtargeted messaging. Billboards are having a heyday in a digital world Outdoor advertising is bigger […]

How to increase website conversion

by Blass Marketing

Everyone wants to drive traffic to their website, but if that traffic doesn’t convert — whether that’s providing an email address, filling out a form, requesting a quote, or making a purchase — you’re not maximizing the value of a potential customer’s visit. The following are tips for getting your website visitors to take action. […]

B2B Customer Research Can Reap Future Sales Revenue and a Whole Lot More

by Blass Marketing

  Gain a Better Understanding of your Customer Numerous studies have proven that it’s much more cost-effective to generate revenue by increasing sales to existing customers than it is to cultivate new ones. Research is clearly NOT selling and never should be, but conducting conversational-style in depth customer research using a third/impartial interviewer can contribute […]

5 Ways Research Can Bring Value to any Organization

by Blass Marketing

1) Marketing plan development. There are many elements of a marketing plan that benefit from the intelligence research can bring. Audience: Research can help define such things as the size and makeup of your target audiences. Are there geographic concentrations? What are the buying dynamics? Demographics, buying influence, titles, readership and use of social media are […]

Website Usability Testing Can Improve Website Performance

by Blass Marketing

Your site is getting tested every day by visitors. Google Analytics can provide a wealth of metrics on bounce rates, pages accessed, duration, and engagement, but to really understand how users are working with your site and why performance might be less than desired, website usability studies are often used. Usability testing is an important […]

Key Pointers to Get the Most from Focus Groups

by Blass Marketing

  Firstly, decide if a focus is the right collection method for what you want to learn. There are many different forms of market research and focus groups are just one methodology. Here are just a few areas where focus groups are ideal: -Idea and concept exploration, especially in the early stages -Understanding the buying […]

M&A: A Call for Research During the Integration Process

by Blass Marketing

Mergers and acquisitions offer a great potential for synergy, which may include increased customer base, enhanced product and service capabilities, expanded geographic coverage, increased intellectual property, additional facilities, etc. On the flip side, M&A activities can create a sense of fear, confusion and frustration. Research can be utilized in a range of areas to clarify […]

Five Tips to Improve Your Marketing Communications Activities in 2018

by Blass Marketing

1) You will improve your marketing activities with the creation of a Marketing Communications Plan. In their simplest form, your marketing communications plan should review the Situation or Environment, set Realistic Goals and Objectives, the Tactics that will be employed and Resources to be allocated. The process of creating the Plan also serves to organize […]

Having an Image Library is a Smart Idea

by Blass Marketing

A very useful way to organize images is through creation of an image library. The system we suggest uses a number ordering  by market/industry and perhaps also by product if appropriate. Choose which is best for your use and keep one for people and site images We then draft a brief description which is searchable […]

Funny Story-No Matter How Hard You Try, Perfection Does Not Exist

by Blass Marketing

I still get a chuckle when I think of a global rebranding project we did for one of our clients. We had conducted a comprehensive global audit involving samples supplied from each region. Working with the global communications officer, new guidelines were developed including templates and examples which we felt would make it very easy […]

Blass Marketing Honored with Prestigious BMA Carolinas 2017 ProAds Award for Dynamic Clariant 2018 ColorForward® Forecasting Brochure

by Blass Marketing

  Charlotte, NC (May 31, 2017) – Blass Marketing, a 48-year-old family-owned marketing firm with offices in Charlotte and Upstate New York, has won a BMA Carolinas 2017 ProAds award for the firm’s essential work on Clariant’s 2018 ColorForward® “Consumer Color Directions 2018” forecasting brochure. The BMA Carolinas ProAds Awards recognize the best B2B marketing […]

“Pearls of Wisdom” from Dad, Ronald T Blass, 1926-2001, founder of R T Blass Inc. (now Blass Marketing)

by Blass Marketing

Be authentic. Ron was an artist by passion, honed by years of practice and attending Pratt Art School. He applied the fundamentals of good design and hired a highly talented team. His demeanor was honest and genuine. He was not out to win awards. He only wanted to do great work for his clients; a […]

Tech Writing: Can you Afford Not to Produce Whitepapers?

by Blass Marketing

Frequently, customers and prospects need help in solving problems, but don’t want to take their problem direct to a company sales representative.  They’re looking for perspective, trying to understand the range of possibilities before they invest their personal reputation, and their company’s time and resources, into a product selection process. Here’s where you can do them a […]

15 Tactical Elements to Consider for an Integrated Business-to-Business New Product Introduction

by Blass Marketing

Here’s a quick checklist that will be helpful when introducing a new product to the market. Keep in mind that proper planning can preclude disasters and production efficiencies can be gained when producing many elements concurrently. We will focus here on external tools. Internal sales training and other internal communications will be handled in another […]

7 ways to generate a B2B endorsement when traditional methods won’t work

by Blass Marketing

Marketing Blog: We all know that case studies are a powerful sales tool; telling a story about how your company created value through the experience of working with you. So what do you do when the customer will not participate? Perhaps your equipment or the unique way it’s being used may be giving the customer a […]

Blass Communications rebrands as Blass Marketing

by Blass Marketing

OLD CHATHAM — Blass Communications is rebranding as Blass Marketing to better represent its wider range of marketing services, and has added three new divisions to reflect the firm’s expanded areas of focused expertise.  Along with a new brand name, the firm has a new logo, color palette, and four entirely new websites, one for […]

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