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As streaming becomes the standard as opposed to the alternative, marketers have adapted from the traditional TV model. The term broadcast means just that – airing a commercial was sending out a message to as broad an audience imaginable and hoping it would resonate based on demographics attracted to the time slot or program it… […]

The start of any year is exciting. Individuals set new goals and ambitions, and it’s a time for companies to secure new business, or launch new marketing campaigns.  Whether you’re a PPC manager, an in-house marketer, or a business owner, there are a few things about PPC campaigns you should be aware of this year, […]

Content strategy is just as important as having a presence on social media. But what makes a post stop a reader from scrolling by and engaging with the social media post? Keep reading to learn more about our tips to create the best content for your business. Know your audience on your social media channels. All […]

A new decade is upon us, and as graphic designers continue their unending search for original ways to get their clients’ messages across, we are presented with the newest evolutions of design trends as we head into 2020. Some of which, are very familiar (like the undying usage of outrageous, vibrant colors – which, not… […]

Here we are in 2020 kicking off another year of “creating cool SH!T”. Within the last few years, the use of video for broadcast and the web has skyrocketed. It’s only supposed to increase within the coming years, but as time passes video technology only improves. Ten years ago, the standard for video was standard… […]

Over the years, my brand positioning workshops have evolved to something much broader. First, I added brand mission, vision and values workshops to the mix based on client requests. After that, I added pricing strategy workshops to the mix, again based on client requests. Eventually, these workshops evolved into full-blown business strategy workshops tailored for […]

The New Year has arrived! The beginning of a new year is an opportune time to set priorities, goals and action items for the months to come. Below are several potential New Year’s Resolutions you could make when it comes to your company’s marketing activities in 2020. Be Consistent on Social Media – Are you… […]

Our digital world has provided a whole new and complex frontier for brands; never has it been easier, yet simultaneously more difficult, to reach the public than it is right now.

2019 has been a blowout year — with exciting initiatives inside the PR and marketing sphere. It’s been a wonderful year for new tactics and tools, as well as new studies with powerful insights into how we form our strategy. But sticking closer to home, let’s look at our top posts from the past year. […]

In assessing marketing talent, there is one thing that sets hyper-successful marketers apart from everyone else – they can put themselves in their consumers’ shoes and they do so all of the time. Designing a website? Who will use it? What are their needs? What will they be looking for? What will they notice first? What […]

I was almost four and a half in the summer of 1977. Just a baby nerd-introvert. My mom was having a Tupperware party and wanted everyone out of the house, so my dad took my sister and me to the movies. I was so small that I could stand up in the row and put […]

Personal branding has risen in popularity over the past few years — and with that popularity, we’ve also seen mistakes pop up. Which begs the question, how can you create a personal brand while avoiding the biggest pitfalls along the way? Let’s discuss that question. What is a Personal Brand? Before we get into our […]

Humans can at times seem quite scattered or conflicted. Some can exhibit substantial mood swings. While others might seem to have multiple personalities. However, most of us are quite predictable day-to-day and over our lifetimes. While brands should strive for a similar level of consistency and predictability so as to seem trustworthy, often brands will have […]

As an agency with a focus on marketing destinations and attractions, one of the biggest events we look forward to each year is the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions’ (IAAPA) annual expo in Orlando, Florida.

Today you can’t have a robust business without a solid personal brand. But it’s not always easy to know where to start. That’s why I wanted to share with you a list of 15 personal branding experts whose content can help you to develop and polish your own brand.   Personal branding is an important […]

So, you’re ready to launch a new website. The files are all uploaded to the server, you’ve double checked to make sure all the links are working, and Google Analytics is in place. The last step is to change your domain IP address so that the world can view your hard work. You log into […]

The original use of Instagram was for users to showcase their photography and art. Over the years as the social medium has grown, it has become so much more. A place for people to network, interact and most importantly, LIKE. “Likes,” the metric we all pride ourselves on when it comes to an Instagram post… […]

Say you need surgery. Would you go to a doctor who hasn’t updated his techniques for the last 10 or 15 years? Of course not! New and better techniques have since come out and you want someone familiar with those. The same is true with your PR strategy. You want to be sure that you’re […]

Today, much of a marketer’s work is related to digital marketing and marketing automation. Considerations include choosing the right CRM, setting up automated sales funnels and drip email campaigns, linking online databases, making sure autoresponders are working properly, creating Google ad campaigns, feeding Facebook pages with the appropriate content, making sure the website is mobile […]

Google recently tweaked its Travel section and, like many Google moves, it’s a seemingly simple change. Essentially, it’s now easier for travelers to plan a trip as Travel gathers the features of Google Flights, Hotels, Trips and Maps all in one place. It’s not necessarily a seismic shift or legit threat to DMOs at this… […]