Decisions, decisions, decisions. What are the most important ones for brand managers? It depends on the scope of the job function within your organization, but here are the typical important decisions:Who are the brand’s target customers?What are the different customer segments and why have we created those segments?What is the brand’s competitive frame of reference? What […]

We’ve been fortunate to have three great interns help us out at the agency this summer. One of them was Sean McMahon, who finished up his time with us just last week. On his last day, he sent out this message to the company, and it made our hearts swell. Footnotes are ours, not Sean’s. […]

This year marks the 95th business anniversary of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Blake REALTORS®, (formerly Prudential Manor Homes, REALTORS®), a company led by the Christiana family ( Every family has a story. Here is one that celebrates that business anniversary milestone. Pamela D. Marinello has been a real estate sales associate with BHHS Blake, REALTORS® for […]

 [Editor’s Note: One of our most popular posts is one we published on Calls to Actions. While  the original post is still relevant, I’ve updated this post with some additional tips.  Enjoy! ] CTAs sit at the threshold between loyal readers and those readers becoming B2B leads. Many factors affect whether a reader passes this threshold. Theis […]

As a marketer, you are likely quite familiar with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.  If you are not, please read this blog post first.I have spent time in a number of countries on different continents training brand managers and helping them build their brands. In the process of doing this, I have noticed that different types […]

Today, almost every category is a crowded category. Whether I am working with company, product, service, university, municipality or personal brands, it seems as though the majority of competitors are choosing to say the same things about themselves within their categories, rendering all of them undifferentiated. This is because most every category is mature and […]

Only 37% of B2B marketers have a documented B2B content marketing strategy!  Ouch. Maybe that’s you. Do you see why it’s important to have a documented strategy, but just don’t know where to begin? Or perhaps you doubt that it can work for your company.  So why should you have a documented strategy? Research shows that businesses with […]

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A B2B social media strategy is no longer a “nice to have,” but a “must have.” Social media has grown from its infancy as a simple network for friends and family to a powerful moving force, especially in public relations. Social media is what takes the Clark Kents of the PR industry, and turns them […]

It is more important to choose an appropriate competitive frame of reference for your brand than you might think. The competitive frame of reference has significant implications for competitive strategy, brand strategy and brand positioning. And it has significant implications for brand research, including brand equity research.As I am in the midst of conducting a […]

PR measurement has been a bugaboo of the PR industry for years. Of course it mattered, but it was easier to fugeddaboudit, leaving it to fester with all those other items no one wanted to deal with. Because so much of PR is intangible, and offers long-term results, it does not fit into a common financial […]

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