I have witnessed dozens of approaches to customer journey mapping leading to dozens of different types of customer journey maps. They all have one thing in common – they attempt to map the customer journey. Many approaches overlay the purchase decision hierarchy: awareness -> consideration -> preference -> purchase -> repeat purchase -> loyalty -> […]

Tipping Point Communications is excited to share that it received four awards at the Excalibur Awards held recently by the Buffalo Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America at The Tralf Music Hall in downtown Buffalo.

In celebration of Independence Day, and to give our team a well-deserved break, FB Displays & Designs will be closed Monday, July 2nd through Friday, July 6th. We will reopen with normal business hours on July 9th. We wish you all a fun and safe holiday!

Over the past twenty years, I have helped more than 200 brands in a wide variety of product and service categories. Here are the most common problems that brands seem to encounter.A disruptive technology has made the brand’s core product obsolete. Example: Kodak.The brand’s level of service and product innovation has not kept up with […]

Some politicians intuitively know what to say to motivate voters. However, there is generally much more science to creating political brand messaging than the average person might suspect. For instance, the first step would be to identify a voter segmentation scheme. And it should be substantially more nuanced than Democratic, Republican, Independent, Liberal and Conservative. […]

For most people, the mention of a ritual conjures up images of religious or even occult ceremonies. It might include robes, chanting, incense and even perhaps sacrifices upon an alter. But a more universal definition of ritual is something done in accordance with social custom or normal protocol. So all of the following might fall under […]

Take a quick look around. How many people do you see that are on their smartphone, tablet or iPad? In fact, I’m willing to bet that you’ve found this blog post via one of those devices. It’s not exactly a secret that people are growing increasingly attached to their phones. In fact, according to a […]

Take a quick look around. How many people do you see that are on their smartphone, tablet or iPad? In fact, I’m willing to bet that you’ve found this blog post via one of those devices. It’s not exactly a secret that people are growing increasingly attached to their phones. In fact, according to a […]

On June 7, Bayer officially acquired the Monsanto brand for $66 billion. Bayer remains the company name and Monsanto has disappeared as a brand. The acquired products are retaining their brand names and have become part of the Bayer portfolio. The Monsanto brand had become significantly tarnished in the minds of the general public for its […]

Who are “Millennial Dads”? Millennials are one of the most highly researched and studied consumer groups in history; with nearly 100 million millennials and a spending power of $200B, brands should try to stay relevant to this consumer group. Interestingly, millennial behavior has changed as millennials have aged. Millennials today are between the ages of […]

Research shows he’s more invested in family time, making him more influential in household purchase decisions. We discuss marketers who “get” this, and what they’ve done right.

I am a keen observer of place branding and I have been privileged to help several places brand themselves. Here are some of my observations regarding municipality branding: Most places do a terrible job of branding themselves. There are many contributing factors. Many places do not have ample budgets to include rigorous research in their branding […]

The 23rd Annual Buffalo Niagara Sales & Marketing Executives Golf outing is a fantastic success! Thank you to all who attended, the support shown for Junior Associates of WNY is incredible!

Both content marketing and public relations can alone make the difference between meh and stellar results. But combine the two and you can kick it out of the park. Let’s consider why PR and content marketing are a good combination, and how you can use the two effectively. But first, let’s consider what some pessimists […]

The public relations team at Tipping Point Communications is excited to have earned four awards for our work during the annual Prism Awards held by the Public Relations Society of America Rochester Chapter. Public relations professionals from across the area came together to celebrate their clients and each other at The Wintergarden by Monroe’s in […]

OK, so you’re thinking about redesigning your website. Sounds like a big job, doesn’t it? Sure, there’s a lot of moving parts that go into redesigning a website. But, a complete website redesign doesn’t always have to mean you’re building a new site from top to bottom all over again. In fact, if you set […]

The 23rd Annual Buffalo Niagara Sales & Marketing Executives Golf outing benefiting Junior Achievement of WNY is this coming Monday, June 18th. There is still time to register as a single golfer or foursome. Or come for dinner. To register  for the fantastic event online:   Click this link. https://www.bnsme.org/ems/regengine/   From there click on the […]

Tesla is a wildly popular brand. Today, it’s stock is up 1.98%, trading at $351.60 per share despite continuing to return an earnings per share loss. So what is behind such a successful brand? First, there is Elon Musk, a highly successful serial entrepreneur. He cofounded Zip2, which was acquired by Compaq for $340 million and […]

Here is an eclectic mix of twenty-two past brand management & marketing posts:The Twelve Key Elements of MarketingThe Elements of Business and Marketing StrategyIndustry Game ChangersBrand Management TodayLeading-Edge Brand Management and MarketingPurchase Patterns of Wealthy HouseholdsTwenty Brand Management TipsThe Importance of Colors in MarketingWhat Do People Want?Basic Human Needs and Branding50 Growth StrategiesBrandForward’s Next Level […]

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