Whenever you sign up with an app store or download individual mobile apps, generally, you are asked for some sort of permission. Allowing access to these requests gives some apps the ability to access certain information like your contacts, call logs, internet data, calendar data, device’s location and unique IDs. While some of these apps […]

The holiday season is always a joyful and giving time for us here at Crowley Webb. But this year was extra special. On a snowy day in December, we strolled up Main Street in a tuneful effort to spread some cheer to our neighbors. Festively attired Crowley Webbers, including our CEO decked out as a […]

Great dark humor in this 1 minute short film by Gaspar Palacio, a talented 21 year old filmmaker. Nice job youngster!   The post Great dark humor in this 1 minute film by Gaspar Palacio appeared first on Fish and Crown.

A media strategist creates a pathway to success, whether you want to grow awareness, increase revenue, take on new markets or outdistance the competition. Tailoring advertisements to the client’s goals is the one of the most important aspects of media buying and as we enter 2018, we now have some new and unique avenues to… […]

Strategic use of content marketing can move prospects through your sales funnel, helping generate micro and macro conversions. Identifying which stage your prospect is in helps determine what type of content to develop and helps increase your content marketing ROI. TOFU (Top Of Funnel) content drives high-level awareness around your brand, product, or service to […]

Our latest episode examines how knowing the difference between micro and macro conversions can help you cut through the data clutter to help you develop a better retargeting and remarketing strategy.

According to Gartner, the drone market grew 36% to 2.2 million in unit sales and $4.5 billion in revenues worldwide in 2016. But according to the Consumer Technology Association, 2.4 million personal drones were sold in the US alone in 2016, more than double the 1.1 million sold in 2015. Regardless of the exact numbers, […]

When we’re onboarding a client for digital marketing, we often hear the question, “Why do I need blog articles for my business?” Well today, we’re going to share the 5 main benefits of blogging for business.   1.Increase website traffic The main benefit of maintaining a blog for your business is to increase website traffic. You […]

Thought leadership PR is especially necessary for the B2B business landscape. In an industry that often relies on expertise, credibility, and image, thought leadership builds a bridge of trust between B2B businesses and their buyers. Before we touch on why thought leadership is necessary in B2B business, let’s first answer a fundamental, but important, question: […]

How to Optimize Images for Your Website Without sales, your company won’t generate the revenue it needs to survive – and thrive – in a competitive economy. And sales begin with quality leads. Have you ever evaluated your company’s ability to bring in high-interest sales leads? Are you using your website to its full potential […]

If you haven’t set up Facebook Ad custom audiences for your brand yet, you’re missing an important opportunity to use Facebook as a retargeting and remarketing tool. Retargeting using Facebook custom audiences allows you to further engage with users who have previously interacted with your brand, and move these users further along the sales funnel. […]

You see them all the time, but infographics are far from being overdone. According to CrowdRiff, the infographic is still an easy way to garner attention: there’s an 80 percent increase in users’ willingness to read content when it is paired with colored visuals. When the proper work goes into them, infographics can still be […]

When it comes to mobile applications and mobile websites, what really is the difference? They sound enough alike, right? Their purposes are the essentially the same, right? Well, not exactly. Sure, both mobile apps and websites can be used on the same devices. Especially as technology continues to move to mobile, devices like smartphones, tablets […]

Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media and networking websites coupled with smartphone GPS, AI and big data analytics allows the marketer to target customers in a way that was never possible before. Not only can the marketer target based on demographics, psychographics and physical location but also on intangibles such as highly correlated behaviors, purchases, web […]

The FBD2 team had a fantastic time wrapping the gifts for our Buffalo Hearing and Speech Center adopted family. Click the link to see how you can help https://askbhsc.org/donate.

What’s the recipe for addictive video content? Well, sometimes the ingredients are complex, and sometimes they’re simple, but they’re usually displayed right on the screen with a little jingle as the BuzzFeed Tasty team is whipping up not only decadence, but their next viral video. The new-media digital publisher has blazed new trails and it’s […]

As the market becomes more and more saturated, B2B selling is getting more challenging. In the digital age, a buyer’s first point of contact with a company will likely be their website. Make an impression (and a sale) with these 5 tips. 1. Clear, Simple Message What does your company do? You would be amazed […]

If your business isn’t yet familiar with responsive web design, now is the year to take notes. To put it simply, responsive web design is web design with ease-of-use in mind. Responsive web design responds best to user behavior and environment based on screen size, orientation and operating system of any given device. In more […]

“Making Buffalo Better” is the fitting tagline of Leadership Buffalo – and who could argue with that mission? How are they doing it, you ask. The organization unites leaders from diverse backgrounds across the region to increase their knowledge of community issues, broaden their vision, and enhance their ability to lead. To date, they’ve graduated 3,000 […]

‘I am a huge fan of Brand Aid #2 and have been using it in my keystone graduate class called IMC 463 Brand Communications Decisions. I feel your book is one of the most practical and valuable books ever written about brands. I love the checklists and remind the students that your book is my […]