ONLINE BRAND MANAGEMENT—Branding Strategy Source provides practical information on brand research, strategy and positioning. It also covers brand equity measurement, brand architecture, brand extension and other brand management—Marketing news and expert advice, with a comprehensive archive of articles on all aspects of—The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) is comprised of more than 500 leading media […]

So what’s the bottom line? What really matters in building strong brands? This is what matters:Creating an interesting and memorable identity and consistently presenting it over timeGaining deep customer insight through market researchOwning a benefit that really mattersStanding for something admirable or importantCreating a compelling brand storyMaximizing brand presence (through communication and distribution)Promoting brand buzzAnticipating customer […]

My favorite definition of a brand is “the personification of an organization or its products and services.” In this way, the brand can hold a certain set of values, stand for something, have a personality and make promises. It can also connect emotionally with its customers and its other audiences. That is why the notion of […]

What is thought leadership? It’s a question that has troubled business owners and entrepreneurs for years. The definition seems to expand year after year, while the term itself has blown up in search engines across the internet. Everyone wants it. So how can you get it? What is Thought Leadership? Thought leadership is the ability […]

You have excellent products & services with plenty of satisfied customers, but you’re still not seeing the revenue growth that you know is possible in your industry. You wonder if your marketing efforts are generating the right kind of leads for your sales team or whether they can capture enough of them to reach or […]

WHEN A COMPANY positions its brand in a customer’s mind, it is positioning that brand against other brands. It is critical to understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of each of those competitors along with the industry structure itself. (In fact, wise organizations dedicate a person to understanding the competition.)Important sources of competitive information include:Competitor […]

Since November 2016, we have fielded a continuously running survey of marketers’ most pressing brand management and marketing issues. Specifically, we asked marketers to indicate how important each of 29 different marketing issues were to them and how easily they could address these issues internally or with external resources. The respondents represented a wide variety of […]

This year marks the 95th business anniversary of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Blake REALTORS®, (formerly Prudential Manor Homes, REALTORS®), a company led by the Christiana family ( Every family has a story. Here is one that celebrates that business anniversary milestone. Jo-Ann White has been associated with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Blake, REALTORS® (formerly Prudential Manor Homes, […]

The past decade has brought many changes to the journalistic scene. Among other things, this means that you need to learn how to write a news release that speaks to the needs of modern journalists. Doing this will amp up your results, and create new opportunities for your B2B business. In a previous article about […]

No doubt your goal is to create the best press release possible. Why? Because press releases are a valuable tool in the hands of PR professionals — as long as you use them correctly. Learn what press release best practices for 2017 can make your news and announcements more effective in today’s busy world.   While there […]

For nine years, Bright Buffalo Niagara has connected promising industry startups with potential investors. And we couldn’t be prouder to have played a role in this year’s competition. On June 28, the five finalists presented in front of a panel of judges, giving five-minute pitches showcasing their ideas and business plans. One week prior, our […]

This year marks the 95th business anniversary of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Blake REALTORS®, (formerly Prudential Manor Homes, REALTORS®), a company led by the Christiana family ( Every family has a story. Here is one that celebrates that business anniversary milestone. Sandy Nardoci Sandra V. Nardoci began her real estate career in 1991 with Prudential Manor […]

A solid B2B strategy is one of the biggest ingredients to a successful public relations. Sadly, it’s also an ingredient that many companies forget when moving forward with a campaign. According to a report from Smart Insights, around 50% of companies do not have a dedicated marketing plan! So why should you? Strategies have been […]

Accessibility is one of the five drivers of customer brand insistence in our proprietary BrandInsistence (SM) brand equity measurement system. Accessibility is critical in converting preference or need into an actual purchase. Time and money are the scarce commodities in most peoples’ lives, therefore accessibility is related to locations, hours of operation and price. If […]

This spring, we worked with Life Storage, one of the largest self-storage companies in the world, to launch an original piece of 10x content. Like us, the crew at Life Storage was well aware of the power of 10x content, but they had never put a piece together. For those of you who may be […]

Why This Case Study Is Relevant It demonstrates how optimizing the customer experience helps insurance companies acquire, retain and sell more products to policyholders. Challenge Like most companies, an insurance provider’s ability to manage churn will dictate whether they will grow year over year. Customer attrition is inevitable, so providers need to have a plan […]

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Are you responsible for marketing your brand? If so, you probably do one or more of the following to promote your brand:Television advertisingRadio advertisingPrint advertisingDigital advertisingOutdoor advertisingUnusual media advertising (sidewalks, busses, sandwich boards, etc.)Collateral materialsDirect mailWebsiteContent strategyEmail newslettersBlogsSocial media interactionSearch engine optimization (SEO)White papersPublic relationsPitching stories to news outletsPublicity stuntsOther proactive publicityConferences, events and ralliesContestsMembership […]

It is important for every enterprise to identify and even anticipate consumer needs and then satisfy them. The more solid the product or service, the larger market share one is likely to achieve. Today, I want to talk about the difference between mass appeal brands and niche brands. I will use hotels as the example product […]

With the rise of digital media and self-service platforms, we’ve also seen a rise in the number of media professionals. Sometimes these people have outstanding credentials, but other times they have little-to-no experience. So how can you tell if you’re working with a media veteran or just a hack? To help you distinguish if your […]