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It’s long been accepted that 301 redirects are important to pass PageRank and maintain organic traffic when permanently moving a webpage. There was some dilution of PageRank several years ago, but Google has since reported that 3xx redirects do not loose PR. So, it would appear that all you need to do is setup a [...]


Every year marketers begin to ask if guest blogging has really died and gone to SEO heaven. We ask if it’s now overkill to spend the time and energy to get our content on external sites. Since we repeat this process annually, it may come as a surprise that guest blogging was actually declared deceased almost four years ago when former Googler Matt Cutts declared guest blogging as dead in 2014.

But this overstatement shouldn’t be taken so black and white. Cutts didn’t mean that writers and marketers should never write content for outside publications again (or that there weren’t any benefits for it). He simply meant that writing guest blogs to get links in the bio section or within the text has been too overdone.

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You see them all the time, but infographics are far from being overdone. According to CrowdRiff, the infographic is still an easy way to garner attention: there’s an 80 percent increase in users’ willingness to read content when it is paired with colored visuals. When the proper work goes into them, infographics can still be great for link building.

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Content and SEO go together so well, it seems almost frivolous to talk about them separately. However, there still seem to be a wide variety of businesses and even marketing experts that believe these silos don’t really have a lot in common. After all, an Altimeter study cited by Curata found that 30 percent of marketers don’t have a consistent or integrated strategy, meaning that they have siloed their different areas of marketing.

This can hinder productivity, communication, and improvement. When marketers have worked together on an integrated strategy, the majority of content creators have cited SEO as one of the aspects of marketing that has had the biggest impact on their organization’s bottom line. Below are some of the ways that content and SEO influence one another to create better content, search visibility, and an overall more effective online presence.

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