Customer Interaction

Setting expectations in your relationships with your clients or potential clients can spell doom to your sales process right from the start! Setting expectations is one of several behavioral disasters that you might be engaging in, thinking that it’s the best possible thing you can do without realizing the potential for disaster that comes with expectations.

So, what’s wrong with setting expectations? Isn’t it fair to have expectations that my customer will want to buy my product or service from me? I’ve spent a lot of my time just getting to know this customer and analyzing what his needs are and how I can meet them. He and I have gone over his process and I’ve discussed with him where my services and my products are going to help him grow and prosper. I’ve given him the pitch and now I want to close the deal! What’s wrong with that?

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Take the mobile marketing challenge:

  • Do you have a mobile-friendly site?
  • How about mobile-friendly landing pages and email?
  • Is it easy for mobile customers to interact with you?
  • Are you losing sales when frustrated mobile customers just “give up?”

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