Flash Cookies Leave A Bitter Taste

by David Schuette

Privacy is, and always has been, something that needs to be taken very seriously. People will only return to or do business with sites they trust. This means that while a website can track everything, it does not mean that it should. In fact, several large media sites have recently been sued over the use […]

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I’m Running On Google. I’m Covered … Or Am I?

by Peter Platt

Recently I was a panelist at OMMA Global where we discussed whether or not Google was taking too much credit (http://bit.ly/bc0IMh). The premise of the discussion was based on a report from Google stating their search and advertising tools generated $54 billion (yes, that’s a “b”) of economic activity in the United States in 2009 […]

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The Most Interesting Search In The World

by Tony Lang

All of us prefer it when things go well, and when they do, we pay attention to why so we can recreate that success later. In the world of paid search marketing, that often boils down to attribution. Here’s an example of how this works. Let’s say you are at a bar and you see […]

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Secrets to Success: 2011’s Marketing Trends

by Mark Wisz

This year, your business can stand out by keeping up-to-date with the latest trends in marketing. Social marketing matures in 2011 as businesses continue to value and respond to consumers feedback. People are online talking about the brands they like and dislike — and their friends are listening. Your business needs to take notice and […]

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A Brand is Trustworthy

by Brad VanAuken

Over the years, we have conducted brand equity measurement studies for hundreds of brands and over the years, we have also helped leadership teams position hundreds of brands. What is the number one quality that people look for in brands? – Trustworthiness. What is the number one quality that management teams want to build into […]

The Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus

by Joan Hebert

I wanted to share a wonderful “leadership” book called The Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus by Eric Harvey, David Cottrell, Al Lucia and Mike Hourigan. This is a short book that is quick to read and hits every important concept on how to lead and build better organizations! The best part of the book is […]

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Cutting Edge Video Marketing

by Michael Lomb

The Buzz Many professionals today are fond of hyping-up the term “video marketing”. This hype has resulted in both good and bad results. On the good, more companies are taking advantage of impressive interactive web based tools that save them money and improve sales. On the bad, the term video marketing has been slung around […]

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NYS Re-Sale or Exemption Certificates

by Richard Margolis

I recently had an educational encounter with the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance that might benefit others. Background: I have a Certificate of Authority to Collect Sales Tax in New York. That means that I can collect sales tax and pass it on to New York State Dept. of Taxation and Finance and am […]

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The London Gigapixel Story Writing Competition

by Walter Ketcham

Shot from the top of the Centre Point Building (36 stories high) in central London over three days last summer, photographer Jeffrey Martin stitched together 7,886 individual photos into an amazing 80-gigapixel panorama that can be zoomed in and out for a view of London that captures, not only its overall grandeur, but intimate details […]

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Beverly Hills – The Brand

by Brad VanAuken
Beverly HIlls Logo

The city of Beverly Hills, CA is launching its own line of perfumes as a first step in turning its trademarked shield logo into a brand. See Beverly Hills Perfume for details. I think it is an interesting concept for a city to reinforce is most powerful positive associations by launching related products under its […]

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It’s a Game Changer: People are Texting More than Talking

by Lee Simonson

Surveys are confirming what you’ve been seeing with your own eyes — people are using their cell phones more for texting than talking. The old fashioned phone conversation may go the way of the smoke signal as the nature of communication and technology continues to change. Ask young people and they’ll tell you that they […]

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The Destructive Trait of Neediness Can Derail Your Sales!

by Howard Maslich

Setting expectations in your relationships with your clients or potential clients can spell doom to your sales process right from the start! Setting expectations is one of several behavioral disasters that you might be engaging in, thinking that it’s the best possible thing you can do without realizing the potential for disaster that comes with […]

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How Ink is Made

For the Love of Ink

by Walter Ketcham

“Ink-making is a science… ink-making is my life.” — Peter Welfare, President, The Printing Inc Co. Canadian Ink manufacturer, The Printing Ink Company has put out this engrossing, lyrical corporate video about how they produce Pantone quality Ink for Printers. Sit back, relax and enjoy How Ink Is Made Directed & Edited by Tate Young […]

Thumbnail image for What Really Drives Innovation: The Top 10 List

What Really Drives Innovation: The Top 10 List

by Bob Eckert

Yes, the biggest resister of innovation is people. And yet the most significant driver of innovation is…people, which brings us to our list.

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7 Cold Calling Secrets

by Howard Maslich

Cold calling the old way is a painful struggle. But you can make it a productive and positive experience by changing your mindset and cold calling the new way.

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Happy New Year! - Fireworks Image

New Beginnings in September

by Katherine Heaviside

Happy New Year! It’s September – the real start of the New Year. While watching the ball drop on a cold winter’s night is the official launch, it’s actually those first crisp September days that give us the feeling we have a chance at a new start.

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Brand Rankings

by Brad VanAuken
Apple Computer Logo

Brand rankings remind me of college rankings. (I worked as a college admissions volunteer leader for years.) Each ranking entity establishes its own ranking based on its own criteria weighted in its own way. Some focus on overall rankings, while others focus on rankings within certain categories. The rating entities jockey for brand position just […]

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Creating an Overarching Brand Position for Your Municipality

by Brad VanAuken
Rochester Skyline. Photo by Andy Olenick

As anyone involved with branding municipalities knows, there are three primary audiences for municipalities – residents, businesses and tourists. (There are other audiences as well, but for the sake of simplicity, I will focus on these audiences in this article.)

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3 Big Mistakes Companies Make With Business Anniversaries

by Pauline Bartel
25th Anniversary Graphic

Thinking about celebrating your business anniversary? Be smart in harnessing the promotional power of this essential marketing strategy. Avoid the three big mistakes companies make in planning and executing corporate anniversary promotional campaigns:

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Does Your Brand Measure Up In A Mobile Environment?

by Damir Saracevic

Take the mobile marketing challenge: Do you have a mobile-friendly site? How about mobile-friendly landing pages and email? Is it easy for mobile customers to interact with you? Are you losing sales when frustrated mobile customers just “give up?”

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