Event Credits



Addy Committee
Chair: Kate Sonnick
Show Chair: Robin Lohkamp
Party Chair: Gail Reeves
Budget Chair: Jim DiNoto
Creative: Ann McAllister
Printing: Ray Brown
Web: Scott Wolf
Showbook Printing: Karen Read, Jason Morales
Judging: Joe Mayernik, John Myers, Amy Pellow
Show Producer: Wendi Farkas
Publicity: Kellie Fronk
Scholarship/Silver Award: Jeff Zielinski
Display: Anne Esse, Heather Brennan, Wendi Farkas
Showbook Ad Sales: Diane Fitzgerald Harris, Walter Colley
Showbook Design: Nadine Ball


Audio/Visual Production: Cheshire A/V
Promotional Photography: John Myers Photography
Showbook Printing: Digitech Publishing
Invitation & Poster Printing: Canfield & Tack
Powerpoint Presentation: JoAnn Seaman
Flash Opener: Dumbwaiter Design
Show Video: Scott Allen, Ann McAllister, WXXI
Exhibition Installation: DGA Builders
Broadcast: Post Central
Emcees: Robin Lohkamp, Joe Mayernik
Script: Robin Lohkamp, Joe Mayernik, Kate Sonnick
Announcer: Matt Conn
Presenters: Kurt Ketchum, Chris Lyons, Dave Cowles, Erin DiVincenzo, Glenn Clark, Ken Buschner, Rich Brainerd, Gretchen Bye, Julie Clementi, Brad Garrat, Dan Mulcahy, Carol Oliver, Noelle Rankin, Tim Wainwright
Online Showbook: AdHub.com
Interactive: Miguel Cardona
Models: Nexus Management
Venue: Renee Collins, Clarion Hotel
Fudge Bar: Tasteful Connections
Champagne: David Nientimp, Centerra Wine Co., Constellation Wines US


Signage: Peter Thomas, Scale 2 Display
Photography: Scott Hamilton, Walter Colley, John Myers Photography
Styling: Wendi Farkas, Kim Salley
Copywriting: Scott Allen, Matt Palmer, Dean Milliman
Design: Karrie Gurnow
Talent: Wes McAllister, Matt Palmer, Dean Milliman, Gretchen
Display Scans: Michael Hager, Museum Photographics


Kate Sonnick, President

Robin Lohkamp, Vice President

Jim DiNoto/Partners & Napier, Treasurer

Miguel Cardona/Dumbwaiter Design, New Media Chair

Scott Wolf/Martino Flynn, Web Chair

Joseph Mayernik/Jay Advertising, Creative Chair

Matt Jones/Wegmans, Marketing Strategy Chair

Cindy Rogers/Partners & Napier, Creativity United Chair

Heather Roman/John Myers Photography, Social Event Chair

Anne Esse, Mentorship Chair

Therese Hannigan/Dumbwaiter Design, Mentorship Chair

John Myers/John Myers Photography, Sponsorship Chair

Ray Brown/Canfield & Tack, Sponsorship Chair

Erin DiVincenzo/Clark CSM, Membership Chair

Gary Knaak/Post Central, Broadcast Chair

Diane Fitzgerald Harris, Freelance Chair

Kellie Fronk, Julie Napieralski & Corrie Carter/Martino Flynn, Public Relations

Jeff Zielinski/Partners & Napier, Communications Chair


We thank our friends at Xerox Corporation for supporting us for the past five years. The Addy Showbook was printed on a state-of-the-art digital color press, the Xerox iGen3® 100 Digital Production Press. This year’s showbook was printed by Digitech Publishing of Rochester, NY, a member of the Xerox Premier Partners Global Network.

RAF Members

Aaron Bueg
Aaron St. James
Alan Farkas Photography
Alyssa Gruber
Amanda Kosmatka
AMS Models & Talent
Amy Bown Creative Services, Inc.
Amy Margolis
Ardent Learning
Brewer & Newell
Brugnoni Design
Bush Communications
Canfield & Tack
Clark CSM
Cohber Press
Crystal Pix
Dalmath Associates
Dan Mulcahy
David Nardone
DPI of Rochester
Dumbwaiter Design
Eastview Mall
Gold Dog Communications
Grant Taylor Photography
Hamilton Creative
Hamilton Productions
Harris Corporation
Icon Creative, Inc.
IWrite Marketing
Jay Advertising
Jennifer Ellis
John Myers Photography
K2 Communications
Kate Sonnick Creative
Layer 8 Group
Lisa Baumgartner
Manning & Napier Advisors, Inc.
Marten Czamanske Photography
Martino Flynn
Metro Waste
Mindseye Communications
MKColling Communication Services
Monroe Litho
NAS Recruitment Communications
Natalie Sinisgalli Photography
Partners + Napier
Phinney Rankin
Post Central
Quality Vision International, Inc.
Rasheed Robinson
Reese Design
Roberts Communications
Robin Banker
Sarah Wisbey
Saxon Studios
Sherry B. Design
Sherry Jackson
Signs Now
Studio CAP
Sundance Marketing
The Guy with the Tie
The Harley School
Thresh Creative Associates
Tony Rials
Walter Colley Images
Wayne Calabrese
Word Economy
Write Mind
WXXI Public Broadcasting


John Young , Partner /Chief Strategist, Full Contact
John is one of the true pioneers of integrated brands. He currently heads up Full Contact, a little agency that makes a huge impact for brands such as Disney, Calvin Klein, Zipcar and Au Bon Pain. Previously as founding partner and Chief Creative Officer of Tribal DDB Worldwide, John created a revolutionary agency network with 21 offices in 17 countries. Prior to creating Tribal DDB, John was Chief Creative Officer of Modem Media /Poppe Tyson. John has been honored by The International Advertising Festival at Cannes, The ANDY Awards, The Clio Awards, The New York Festivals, The Art Directors Club and Communication Arts Magazine. John also served as Chairman of the One Show Interactive and has judged tons of industry award shows around the world. He currently lives in the SOWA district of Boston in a sunny loft filled with musical instruments.

Mark St. Amant, VP Creative Director, Arnold Worldwide
When the New York Times wanted to add fantasy sports coverage in 2006, their first call was to Mark St. Amant. He is the author of two bestselling books: Committed: Confessions of a Fantasy Football Junkie and Just Kick It: Tales of an Underdog, Over-Age, Out-of-Place Semi-Pro Football Player. Most recently via his award-winning “Man-Crush Index” column for NBC Sports’ Rotoworld.com, he has long been a recognized voice of sports insight and humor, appearing on NPR's Only a Game with Bill Littlefield, ESPN, ESPN Classic, FOX Sports, and contributing to the Sunday New York Times, Salon.com and Boston Globe Magazine. But what in the name of Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen does this have to do with being an Addy judge? Well, Mark's “day job” has always been in advertising—he’s going on 18 years in the business, the majority with Arnold Worldwide writing or overseeing all of the agency’s campaigns for ESPN Fantasy Football, Fantasy Baseball and ESPN360.com. His work has been recognized by everyone from the One Show, Clio and Cannes to the Kellys, Effies and Hatch. He lives in Boston's South End with his wife, daughter, and son/player to be named later.

Mary Rich, Art Director, Arnold Worldwide
Mary was lucky enough to be born to an Air Force family that relocated so often that change was viewed as a welcome adventure. This set her up nicely for a career in advertising. After college, she pursued an art direction job in Boston and was soon working at Mullen creating campaigns for LL. Bean, Nextel and Boeri helmets. She then joined Arnold to work as an art director on Titliest and had the good fortune of bringing the Boeri account with her.  Most recently, she helped create campaigns for ESPN and Tag. Her work has appeared in Communication Arts, The Kelly Awards, One show and Cannes. She also gives back by teaching a creative concepts course with the Ad council. On any given night, she can be found questing in World of War Craft’s realm Rexxar with my Night Elf Hunter laying waste to anything in my wake.

Peter Louison, VP/Lead Creative, Digitas
If you’re looking for creative that makes clients whistle, brands pop and gets your girlfriend in marketing promoted, this is the last son of a bitch you should call. His recklessly creative work has wrought havoc in virtually every business and industry from package goods to b-to-b; finance to health care and pharma; automotive to telcom to personal care products. Whether creating advertising for chemical companies with all the aplomb of a remorseless arms dealer, or gleefully hawking gas-guzzling SUVs on gm.com, he has cut a swath of chaos and destruction from Rumrill-Hoyt to Saatchi to Y&R to Digitas. Yet somehow, success has always eluded him. His closest brush with greatness consisted of handing Alex Bogusky a vomit bag on a bumpy final approach into LGA. At home, a closet full of awards dressed in tiny jackets, pantsuits and boots is testament to a man too mean to even buy his daughter a Barbie. Successive cosmetic surgeries have brought his features convincingly toward middle age, though a slight paunch is probably prosthetic. Run out of Rochester nearly a decade ago by a howling mob, he’s hoping this will be a rewarding judging experience and not another stunt to serve him a subpoena.

Christopher Churchill, Photographer
Christopher is a freelance photographer in the Boston area. His work has appeared in Glamour, Newsweek, Time, Fast Company, Oprah, Real Simple, Kiplinger’s and The New York Times Magazine. His commercial clients include MTV, The Federal Reserve Bank and The Massachusetts General Cancer Center. Christopher’s works are held in private and public collections including The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; Addison Gallery of American Art; Boston Public Library; Fidelity Investments; The Portland Museum of Art; The Palm Springs Art Museum and Brown University. He is currently working on a monograph Traveling with Ghosts which explores different perspectives and manifestations of faith in America. He currently lives with his wife and daughter outside of Boston.