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We use Social Media and creative-problem solving tools to "fix" business problems.


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About Us

We are:
Professionals dedicated to the idea that no problem big or small, business or personal, cannot be solved in a win-win way.
Social-istas who work with you to discover how Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, etc) can help your business' bottom-line.
Optimists who believe that solutions come faster when everyone is having fun.
Achievers who add value to the bottom-line.
Experts in ideation, brainstorming, team-building, implementation and launch.
Learners who ask the right questions to reach the results you desire.
Teachers who show you how creative problem-solving improves your business and your life.


- Social Media planning
- Social Media implementation
- PR campaigns
- Marketing projects
- Ideation
- Product development
- Services improvement
- Team Building
- Writing
- Editing
- Copy improvement
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Company Contact Information

585-746-0965 - Phone 1


546 Oakridge Drive
Rochester, NY 14617 Show Map
Monroe County
Rochester   Region
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Chief Fixitologist
Founded: 2009
"Mike is phenomenal. His insights and creative ideas are not only superior to others in his field, but what makes Mike special in my opinion is his service orientation. While busy in a thriving business, he has always been extremely helpful and has exceeded my expectations every time… It's no surprise he is so respected in this field. Mike is a true professional and a trusted colleague!"
- Tim Moore, Social Media Consultant and President of

"I was impressed with Mike's energy and insights in the area of social media. Mike is super creative, a brilliant thinker and problem solver, a ready resource always eager for something to be solved, strategized or thought about. Mike has jumped in with great ambition to become all knowing about social media. I now consider him a colleague in much of what I do. When I want to brainstorm, get an opinion or find a way to say or solve something, I think of calling Mike."
- Greg Taylor, LinkedIn Trainer/Recruiter and Managing Partner at Excelsior Search Partners
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