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Flow Production and Post expands its video production capabilities in NYC
New York, NY New York City NY Region
Flow Production and Post, one of the premier video production companies in NYC, has traditionally served a wide range of clients all over the world. Based in New York City and Philadelphia, Flow's novel approach to production company services aims to provide a level of quality in its video productions previously only possible through a multi-vendor approach.

In the world of video production, turnkey all-in-one production company solutions are everywhere, but they generally come with one caveat: since you are hiring a single vendor that needs to be a "jack of all trades", you are often sacrificing quality at some point in the video production pipeline in order to have a single point of contact, and often to reduce budgets as well. When you deal with multiple video production vendors, such as a production company, a separate animation house and a separate color grading house, not only are you often juggling a multitude of video production professionals, but you're dealing with multiple layers of margins that add to your bottom line. For some clients, this is worth the trade off in terms of quality.

Flow's approach is different, however.

By unifying a group of entities, each in their own right a top end video production company solution, from visual effects to motion graphics to directors and DPs, Flow provides a single point of contact that allows for top of the line video and TV commercial production, all the while maintaining the ease of a turnkey solution with none of the drawbacks. Combine this with a proprietary production company pipeline, which utilizes custom software and hardware solutions to achieve repeatable, demonstrable results along every step in the production chain, and you have a video production company that can produce your next TV commercial, corporate video, branding video and more on time and on budget every time.

Now Flow's New York City specific production capabilities has been expanded further. With a new, larger presence in NYC, Flow offers facilities for client meetings, in-house post production and more at a more complete level than ever before. With expanded crew, including some of the top production and post production talent in New York City, Flow can handle any size project for any size client, no matter how tight the deadline or how short the production schedule.

If you're experienced in the world of hiring NYC video production companies, you'll know that a lot of times you have no idea what you're going to get when you hire a new vendor. Their showreel or work samples may be good, but are the people you are hiring actually the same exact people that will be doing your commercial or video production? And that doesn't just mean the producer or the director; everyone from the technical crew members to the animators to the editors to the colorist are a vital part of the process. Most video production companies use a revolving door of contractors, so when the entity of the production company claims a piece of video as a sample of its work, they're essentially white boarding other people's productions and calling it there own.

Flow Production and Post is different. Every single video on their reel was created with the same exact video production professionals as your video production will be, from national TV commercials to high-end branding videos. This allows you piece of mind when it comes to the process, confidence that you'll see a return on your investment, and the freedom to spend your time and energy where it needs to be spent rather than managing a multitude of New York City video production vendors, all of whom may have their own obstacles, costs, and difficulties interfacing with each other.

To find out more about Flow Production and Post's NYC Video production company capabilities, or to see a reel of their recent TV commercial productions, visit https://www.whatisflow.com
Contact: Contact
Phone: (877) 851-9313
AdHub Profile: Flow Production and Post
Company URL: https://www.whatisflow.com
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