Job Opening: Freelance Programmer

Rochester NY Region

Freelance Programmer

Rochester NY
Job Duration: Contract

MG Lomb Advertising
MG Lomb Advertising is seeking a Programmer / Back-end Web Developer for our Rochester, NY agency. We are a fun but focused agency. You will work hard, but greatly enjoy what you do, and the people you’re working with. Our days fly by, because everyone here likes what we do, but also because we don’t carry dead weight along with us (that just brings everybody down). Projects are sometimes big and other times small. We do work for giant toy companies, and for mom-n-pop stores … the variety keeps it fun, but you’ll need to handle multiple projects at the same time … never a dull moment!

We make high quality websites and cool interactive web based tools … we don’t create junk. We’ve got a great creative team, and you’ll need to build the special functions. Strong problem solving skills are critical. And the ability to work on a team – as we bring a lot of skills and talents to our work. Below is a list of skills we’re looking for, but we understand there will be strengths and learning curves.
Job Description
We’re looking for the “code person” who will work alongside our Front-end Web developer and our Graphic designer, to build some cool fun unique tools for our clients. Candidates should be able to provide samples of their original work for presentation to our staff.
Candidate Skills:
• Bachelor’s Degree in related field to required experience (Coops may apply)
• Experience with Content Management Systems (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, HubSpot)
• Development Languages: HTML & CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, PHP, MySQL, SQL Server, Java, Swift / Xcode, C#, VB.NET, ASPX / ASP.NET, Node.js, REST API
• Adobe Animate CC with HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript a Plus
• Ability to design for cross-browser compatibility, mobile, and responsive website design
• Ability to design for interfacing between front-end / back applications
• Examples of your work (examples you can present to our team)
• Ability to comprehend and meet deadlines (be done on-time)
• Be motivated to develop high quality work
• Strong commitment to a team effort (be able to work on a team)
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