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Brad VanAuken

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The Evolution of Branding II   
"Gone are the days of a marketing specialist working with an ad agency account executive to guide the course of the brand..."

The Evolution of Branding   
"People have branded their livestock to indicate ownership since ancient times..."

CMOs and CEOs   
"Smart CEOs will understand the increasing value of the marketing function to their organizations..."

Repositioning Versus Rebranding   
"Rebranding is an identity change. Repositioning is a change in the brandís promise, personality or other associations..."

Tribal Branding   
"An astute marketer can often help the tribe to link those shared values or emotions to its brand and its products or services..."

Creating New Categories Versus Battling it Out for Market Share   
"True breakthroughs come only from creating entirely new categories, highly compelling new categories..."

Crafting the Brand Positioning Statement   
"A complete brand positioning statement would include the following..."

How to Better Understand the Emotional Impact of Your Brand on its Customers   
"To gain insight into your brandís values and its emotional, experiential and self-expressive benefits as perceived by its customers, have its customers complete these sentences..."

Top 15 Actions to Build your Brand Online   
"One can use the Internet to: Increase brand awareness, Reinforce the brandís unique value proposition, Tell the brandís story, Identify customers and build lists, Create a dialog with customers and potential customers..."

Creating an Emotional Connection   
"If you want your brand to connect with people on a deep emotional level, qualitative discovery is the approach you want to take."

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