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David Pascal

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How To Become A Recognized Leader In The Digital Age   
"Success ultimately comes down to one thing: getting known..."

Getting To The Top Of Google: The Top 7 Myths Of SEO   
"But what exactly is search engine optimization? What (if anything) can you do to get your web site to rank better?"

Four Rules For Marketing To Hispanics   
"The whole broad edifice of market segmentation is built on the knowledge that markets are built of subsidiary markets with unique needs and characteristics. Know them and address them and you will do better. Ignore them, and at best you will communicate inefficiently. At worst you may more than fail, you may alienate..."

Writing For The Web: The New Rules   
"Web copy has to stand alone. It's isn't just that it has to work independently of the visuals or the surrounding imagery. It has to work independently of the surrounding pages. Sometimes even of the surrounding paragraphs. Writing for the web means creating content that makes instant sense or gets instant interest regardless of overall context..."

Integrating Copy And Design   
"Marketing exists to advance business goals, not to create art for artís sake. Marketing materials are there to foster a measurable active response from a target public. You want to get someone to do something..."

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