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Pauline Bartel

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3 Big Mistakes Companies Make With Business Anniversaries   
"Thinking about celebrating your business anniversary? Be smart in harnessing the promotional power of this essential marketing strategy..."

Holiday & Business Anniversary Promotions: The Gifts That Keep On Giving   
"Like brightly wrapped, beribboned packages, holidays and corporate anniversaries hold promise for your business. When you use them as occasions to remember and thank your customers, holidays and corporate anniversaries become the gifts that keep on giving..."

Business Anniversary Ideas: Let the “Sell”-abrations Begin!   
"Celebrating your business anniversary with a promotional campaign – your anniversary party – becomes a “sell”-abration, contributing directly to your future success..."

Building Your Brand Through Networking   
"The Tortoise approach to networking allows you to cultivate mutually beneficial relationships and to brand your image on the minds of new networking contacts. The results? You’ll generate more business..."

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