2009 Rochester ADDY® Awards

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Mixed/Multiple Media
Consumer, Regional/National

Tim Downs, Executive Creative Director
Paul Hill, Art Director/Creative Supervisor
Duane Bombard, Copywriter/Creative Supervisor
Gina Piendel, Account Supervisor
Steve Saffran, Anne Trabold, Mechanical Artists
Matt Rankin, Production Supervisor
Lisa Nasca, Art Director
Richard Werhman, Illustrator
Scott Wolf, Interactive Designer
Pete Fazio, Interactive Developer
Tucker Printers, Printing

Judge's Quote: "While I'm admittedly a 'word guy,' the Beatrix Potter-meets-Anheuser-Busch look of this campaign instantly sucked me in and kept me coming back for more. Whimsical, smart, funny, cohesive, and wholly original in a beer category that's seen and done it all—hence, harder than you might think to raise an already high bar, this work sprinted out of the gates, and while a couple others nipped at its heels over the weekend, nothing ever quite caught up. And when you saw the breadth of the work unfold: posters, packaging, individual style labels, web site, bottle caps, etc., it became refreshingly apparent that they hadn't overlooked even the tiniest element. The effort, talent and attention to detail that these creatives poured, (Get it? Poured?) into this campaign was infinitely impressive. So thank you, those-who-created-Dundee, for making our deliberation so easy."
-- Mark St. Amant