2010 Rochester ADDY® Awards

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Collateral Material
Annual Report

Jeremy Schwartz Creative Director/Art Director
Scott Allen Copywriter
John Myers Photographer
Douglas Hood Production
Eric Barbehenn Retoucher
Heather Roman Producer
Karen Kress Mechanical Artist
Barry Strauber Project Manager

From the Judges:
"Our unanimous choice for “Best of Show.”
This work really stood out to us for its stellar photography, simple art direction/design, and emotional-evoking nature.
The “Lost” and “Found” theme clearly expressed how cherished moments in life translate into “Skills for Living and Values for Life.”
The work can simply be described as simple, memorable, and powerful.
Congratulations to all that worked on it."


Public Service

Bob Nisson Creative Director
Corey Fountain Art Director/Designer
Angelo Juliano Copywriter
Jay Porter, Matt Smythe Producers
Heather Rohr Account Executive
Evan Brown Media Director
Tim Wainwright/Icon Films - Cinematographer/Production Co mpany
Rob MacGowan/Post Central Video Editor/Post Production
Steve Forney/The Studios @ Linden Oaks Audio Engineer/Audio Production
Ferdinand Jay Smith Executive Creative Director/CEO
Gregory Smith President

From the judges:
The “Wipe Out Lead” spot is “Best of Broadcast” because it had a great combination of concept and execution. Immediately drawing the viewer in with the POV perspective, matched with the right voice over, and a reveal at the end that was both unexpected and ominous in a very compelling way. This spot really grabs your attention and makes you think about what kind of paint you have in your house. The overall production quality was incredibly strong. The spot was very well shot, well cut, had great color, and was well mixed. Very effective work done by everyone involved.
Great job!