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 Columns & Marketing Related Articles

Joan Hebert Photo

The Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus

Joan Hebert, Hebert Performance Training

"How To Get Big Things Done In YOUR “Workshop” All Year Long..." Read >>

Michael Lomb Photo

Cutting Edge Video Marketing

Michael Lomb, MG Lomb Advertising, Inc.

"Learn how to use the latest tools to satisfy customer expectations. Impress and generate interest in your products or services, while improving SEO and increasing sales..." Read >>

Richard Margolis Photo

NYS Re-Sale or Exemption Certificates

Richard Margolis, Richard Margolis Photography

"I recently had an educational encounter with the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance that might benefit others..." Read >>

Brad Van Auken

Beverly Hills – The Brand

Brad VanAuken, BrandForward, Inc.

"The city of Beverly Hills, CA is launching its own line of perfumes as a first step in turning its trademarked shield logo into a brand..." Read >>

Lee Simonson Photo

It’s a Game Changer: People are Texting More than Talking

Lee Simonson,

"The old fashioned phone conversation may go the way of the smoke signal as the nature of communication and technology continues to change..." Read >>

Howard Mashlich

The Destructive Trait of Neediness Can Derail Your Sales!

Howard Maslich, Specialized Training Services Inc

"Setting expectations in your relationships with your clients or potential clients can spell doom to your sales process right from the start!" Read >>

Bob Eckert

What Really Drives Innovation: The Top 10 List

Bob Eckert and Joh Vehar, New & Improved, LLC

"Yes, the biggest resister of innovation is people. And yet the most significant driver of innovation is…people, which brings us to our list..." Read >>

Katherine Heaviside Photo

New Beginnings in September

Katherine Heaviside, Epoch 5 Public Relations

"September memories are all about newness — new lunchboxes, freshly sharpened pencils, and a new back-to-school outfit..." Read >>

Pauline Bartel Photo

3 Big Mistakes Companies Make With Business Anniversaries

Pauline Bartel, Bartel Communications Inc

"Thinking about celebrating your business anniversary? Be smart in harnessing the promotional power of this essential marketing strategy..." Read >>

Damir Saracevic Photo

Does Your Brand Measure Up In A Mobile Environment?

Damir Saracevic, Catalyst

"More and more, your target audience is interacting with your brand on-the-go..." Read >>

Peter Platt Photo

Do You Build Landing Pages or Trampolines?

Peter Platt, Catalyst

"Are your prospects taking the action you want on your landing pages, or are they exiting before taking action?" Read >>

Judith E. Shenouda

A Time to be Planting, A Time to be Sowing…

Judith E. Shenouda, Shenouda Associates Inc.

"How can you get this seedling project to grow while dealing with the demands of your typical work week?" Read >>

Mark Wisz photo

Interact with Your Tech-Savvy, Mobile Audience on a One-to-One Basis

Mark Wisz, OtherWisz Creative

"This is the age of the smartphone and a new avenue for marketing your company has been paved..." Read >>

Karl Wiberg Photo

Design Firm Spurs Community Collaboration

Karl Wiberg

"Creative Banner Project is designed to promote and unify Rochester's East End district..." Read >>

Josh Deutchman Photo

Content Strategy 101 - Crafting Information for Humans

Josh Deutchman

"The first step toward ensuring customers will “get” your website is to pretend you’re the customer..." Read >>

Jon Wurtmann Photo

Turning the Corner

Jon Wurtmann

"After a winter of despair, spring is the season of hope..." Read >>

Sandy Zohari -

Use Technology to Organize Your Business Contacts

Sandra Zohari, AzoTek Database Solutions

"The key is to know what your own unique needs are, and then to select the solution that best meets those needs..." Read >>

Josh Fernandez Photo

Have Faith In—And Give Comfort To—Your Audience

Josh Fernandez, Fresh Communications

"People aren’t blind or ignorant. If you disregard their concerns, they don’t just go away..." Read >>

Carl Fiorini Photo

What’s Your Online GPS?

Carl Fiorini, Atlantic Marketing & Consulting Inc

"What many business owners fail to recognize is that the same principals they have applied to their existing business models pertain to the World Wide Web, but with an added exponent..." Read >>

Mark Grimm Photo

Tiger Woods and Crisis Management

Mark Grimm, Mark Grimm Communications

"Crisis management is never just about clever strategy and careful wording..." Read >>

Marcus Buckman Photo

Web Video Marketing: Effective Use of Free Web Video

Marcus Buckman, POV-Rose Media

"Video, whether within your website or standing alone on free hosts like YouTube not only gives you an opportunity to engage prospects but ranks you higher in web searches..." Read >>

Doug Motel Photo

Attack of the Abbreviations! (CMS, CSS and HTML Explained)

Doug Motel, Site Optimized

"Once you’re done reading this article you’ll be one step closer to using the web to get your message out to the world..." Read >>

Patrick St. Clair Photo

Flash of Brilliance - Part 1: Finding the photographer who'll make you -- and your booth -- look great

Patrick St. Clair, St. Clair Photo-Imaging

"A primer on hiring and working with a tradeshow photographer." Read >>

Ellie Nieves Photo

You, Inc. Developing Your Personal Brand

Ellie Nieves, Leadership Strategies For Women

"Personal branding is how you package and position yourself in your career and/or industry..." Read >>

Mike Johansson

Blogging – Best Practices

Mike Johansson, Fixitology

"Blogging can be a great way for a company, organization or individual to demonstrate knowledge, build trust and gather a following..." Read >>

Marci Diehl Photo

Social media works a lot like “Connect the Dots”

Marci Diehl, DoubleVision Creative

"Like all your marketing communications, social media needs to be tailored to your business goals and strategy..." Read >>

Donna Vassallo Photo

What’s Your Business Networking ROI?

Donna Vassallo, MarketingWorks NY

"Tracking your Business Networking ROI is surprisingly easy to do, even for a mathematically-challenged copywriter like me..." Read >>

Chuck Ingersoll Photo

Three Key Elements of a Creative, Memorable, Powerful Name and Brand Identity

Chuck Ingersoll,

"Differentiation means that you are not confused with competitors, that you stand out from the crowd in a positive way..." Read >>

David Pascal, Copywriter

How To Become A Recognized Leader In The Digital Age

David Pascal, Pascal & Associates

"Success ultimately comes down to one thing: getting known..." Read >>

Cindy Herrmann Photo

Marketing Aggressively: Now’s the Time

Cindy Herrmann, Mogul Marketing, Inc

"It is easy to stand out when half the world is afraid and hiding..." Read >>

Paul Bush Photo

IMC—What’s All the Fuss About?

Paul Bush, Persuasive Communications

"IMC still generates a great deal of debate and misunderstanding among practitioners for several important reasons..." Read >>

ruth e. thaler-carter

Start the New Year with a New Attitude

Ruth E. Thaler-Carter, “I can write about anything!”™

"Here are some ideas for coping with the current economic climate..." Read >>

Michael Vitch, Compu-Mail

Integrating Business and Customers through Transpromotional Documents

Michael Vitch, Compu-Mail

"Firms are using transpromotion for valuable up sell opportunities, increased satisfaction, customer retention, improved loyalty, and greater profits..." Read >>

Bill Wynkoop Photo

Brain Power in a Can With Smart Packaging

Bill Wynkoop, Lazer Incorporated

New brain power products stand out with clever packaging. Read >>

Donald Hahn

Golf and the Principles of Sales Success
Hole #7: Hit The Range

Donald Hahn, Hahn & Associates

"Avid golfers set reasonable goals to improve their handicap, and methodically focus on modest yet continuous improvement of their game. Do you know your “sales handicap? What’s your personal improvement plan?" Read >>

Karen Roberts, Harquin Creative Group

The Sustainable Nonprofit - Spending Your Web Site Dollars Wisely

Karen Roberts, Harquin Creative Group

"Cutting costs shouldn't come at the expense of communicating effectively..." Read >>

Alan Sartain, Sales Training

How Can I Become a Marketing Genius?

Alan Sartain, ActionCoach

"The secret to a better business lies on our ability to break the business down into logical pieces that we can build upon..." Read >>

Michelle Ashby

Go Green to Help the Environment and the Bottom Line

Michelle Ashby, Tipping Point Media

"Nationally, more businesses are taking notice of consumers' growing desire to go green..." Read >>

Ken Blass Photo

Marketing to the X Boomers

Ken Blass, Blass Communications

"The over-35 demographic includes the biggest spenders and represents the most profitable consumer group..." Read >>

The Digital Edge:
Packaging for a Flat World - International Packaging Design (part 2 of 2)

Gary Stafford, Lazer Incorporated

"In this edition we’ll examine the technology necessary to design international packaging – software applications, fonts, operating systems, and keyboards..." Read >>

Beyond Branding: What Your Customers Are Really Shopping For

Sally Bacchetta, Freelance Writer

"Words are a powerful tool for conveying brand benefits and building a positive consumer perception of your product or service..." Read >>

Paul Novak

15 Tips on Political Communication

Paul Novak, Novak Media Inc

"So here’s my list of “lessons learned” wandering down the path of umpteen political campaigns..." Read >>

Robert Carr

Use Audits to Answer Strategic Value Questions

Robert Carr, Carr Marketing Communications

"They identify critical issues within the components of planning, organization, purpose and key messages that are either helping or hindering your company..." Read >>

Tony Glassman

All I asked was, “How much is it going to cost”

Tony Glassman, G-Force Collaborations

Simple question, right? Perhaps, yet there is no good answer, only guesses, speculation and war stories that don’t adequately deal... Read >>


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Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

09/04/2015 - Rochester Region

September 4 - November 14, 2015
Opening Reception: Friday September 4, 6-10pm
Artist Talk: Saturday September 5, 1pm
First Friday: October 2 & November 6, 6-10pm
Printed Matter - Print Club of Rochester’s Annual Print Fair: Friday October 2, 6-

Break Into Print with Nonfiction Articles

Break Into Print with Nonfiction Articles

09/21/2015 - Region

Learn to write magazine articles for publication in this three-session continuing education course at Schenectady County Community College.

Writing Fiction for Kids

Writing Fiction for Kids

10/01/2015 - Albany Region

If you're a budding Beatrix Potter or a struggle Dr. Seuss, discover the secrets of writing short stores, pictures books and novel for kids, during a three-session continuing education course.

Printed Matter - Print Club of Rochester’s Annual Print Fair

Printed Matter - Print Club of Rochester’s Annual Print Fair

10/02/2015 - Rochester Region

The Print Club of Rochester and Rochester Contemporary Art Center present the 2nd Annual Print Fair: Printed Matter. This annual event highlights the depth and breadth of the vivacious printmaking community living in Upstate NY

29th Annual Dutchess County Executive Arts Awards

29th Annual Dutchess County Executive Arts Awards

10/07/2015 - Hudson Valley Region

Highlighting community members who have made a positive impact in the arts in Dutchess County.

Ad Club Advertising Trivia Night!

Ad Club Advertising Trivia Night!

10/07/2015 - Albany Region

Want a chance to show off your endless knowledge of jingles, taglines and logos?

Consulting Alliance October 2015 Luncheon Program

Consulting Alliance October 2015 Luncheon Program

10/09/2015 - Albany Region

The Consulting Alliance's October 2015 lunch program features Ryan Hanley who will discuss digital marketing strategies and tactics.

Angel Names Memorial Walk 2015

Angel Names Memorial Walk 2015

10/10/2015 - Albany Region

☆☆ Angel Names Association (ANA) will hold its 10th Annual Memorial Walk on Saturday, October 10, 2015 at the Saratoga State Spa Park in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Angel Names Memorial Walk 2015

Angel Names Memorial Walk 2015

10/10/2015 - Region

☆☆ Angel Names Association (ANA) will hold its 10th Annual Memorial Walk on Saturday, October 10, 2015 at the Saratoga State Spa Park in Saratoga Springs, NY. The walk is being held in recognition of National Pregnancy Loss and Infant Death A

Analytics that Excite 2015

Analytics that Excite 2015

10/21/2015 - Other Region

Analytics that Excite is a one-day conference focusing on Data and Analytics.



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