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Carl Fiorini Photo What’s Your Online GPS?

Carl Fiorini, Atlantic Marketing & Consulting Inc

March 2010

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Surfing the web.
The information superhighway.
Browsing a virtual library.

The buzzwords and tech jargon used to describe the Internet today have inadvertently created a stigma that the web is a vast communication maze with no GPS navigation system. What many business owners fail to recognize is that the same principals they have applied to their existing business models pertain to the World Wide Web, but with an added exponent.

Let’s put this in perspective:

Imagine it’s 1989 and you decide to open a barbershop out of your home. To encourage walk-in traffic, you place a prominent sign in your front window and another down the road at the major intersection. Additionally, you take out an ad in the local yellow pages so that people can easily find you. To further drive traffic, you purchase a mailing list and send out a coupon for a $5 off grand opening discount. As business pours in, you surprise clients with a great experience, monthly specials and more.

Fast forward to 2010, the barbershop is a metaphor for your website. While not ignoring traditional promotional methods such as signage and yellow page ads, tech savvy entrepreneurs are submitting their website sitemaps to major search engines and registering their site with online directories, such as Yahoo! Directory, DMOZ.org, Business.com, Google Directory, SuperPages.com and Best of the Web. This enables the average Joe to gain greater exposure for his business.

In addition, business owners of the 21st century are purchasing cost-effective email lists, merging them with their existing customer databases and disseminating on-going promotional eBlasts and monthly newsletters. They’re using analytics to track which recipients are reading the emails and augmenting the campaigns with targeted and personalized direct mail follow-up. This enables businesses to expend real marketing dollars exclusively to those individuals that have demonstrated a genuine interest in their product or service.

Thirty-one years ago, the Internet started with fifty people sharing web pages. Today, at least 700 million people use the Internet every week as part of their daily lives. There’s no time like the present to get on board. Over a billion other people are planning to.



Carl Fiorini is a seasoned sales and marketing expert with over 30 years of experience. His award-winning firm, Atlantic Marketing & Consulting, Inc., is one of the largest retail-oriented advertising agencies in Central NY. The Camillus-based agency is renowned for delivering strategic and creative marketing solutions that generate Results, Above & Beyond®. Clients benefit from a broad array of services, including branding & marketing collateral, website development and online marketing, social media and search engine optimization, television and radio production, infomercials, outdoor advertising, direct mail, print ads and customer service & sales training. Fiorini’s customer-oriented approach and incisive understanding of critical sales and marketing issues have fueled the success of the firm and its clients’ businesses since 1999.

Fiorini resides at Seneca Estates in Baldwinsville with his wife, Debbie. His hobbies include boating and motorcycle riding.

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