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For the most recent local deals and coupons for some of the best businesses in Greene County.

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ďAdvertising is news and is more relevant to our readers day to day lives than almost all of the news they would read about in the newspaper.Ē Whatís on sale at the local supermarket is news. What cars and trucks are on sale is news. Who has got a used motorcycle, used snow blower, a litter of puppies for sale is news. Reminding me why I should go out to eat tonight or get new tires.

Advertising is news and when one of our readers picks up one of our publications their minds are wide open to the advertising messages they see. A newspaper hopes you read the articles and if you see an ad, itís by accident. Our readers know exactly what they are going to see making them much more susceptible to the content of the ad. No accidents here. Let Us Help You Make a Great Ad That Will Go Viral.

518-943-0200 | Website
71 Ten Broeck Avenue
Kingston, NY 12401, Greene County
Albany NY Capital District Region
"Since we opened our store, the PennySaver has out-performed any other means of advertising we have done. We are amazed at the amount of coupons we get in every week, and how quickly our client base is growing."
- Joseph Maloney, Maloney's Wine and Liquor
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71 Ten Broeck Avenue Kingston, NY 12401
Greene County, Albany NY Capital District Region
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Tami Miller
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