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Pay Per Sale Advertising

Pay Per Sale Advertising

USA phone: 1-323-305-7737
Australian phone: +61 4 6681 2803


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About Us

Pay Per Sale Advertising is an advertising agency dedicated to bringing our clients paying customers; but we do it with a twist, we only charge for hard results (meaning sales, not clicks or impressions).

The company was conceived of well before the Great Global Recession of 2007/2008 (i.e. the Global Financial Crisis).

We knew companies needed to advertise more than ever during hard economic times, but the question was, how to bring them guaranteed business without financial risk. Well, we began programming the first of 4 advertising platforms designed to bring our client sales in exchange for a commission, or an equity position or both, so that our clients never had to come out of pocket with money upfront in order to continue their growth, as with conventional advertising.

Our company spent from 2008 to 2010 strategizing, coding and working very hard to get it right and in 2010 we opened our doors and have been a runaway success as a business and bringing business to our clients since day 1.

Our philosophy was a simple one: no business should ever have to risk their money on advertising, and with that in mind we have worked tirelessly perfecting our services and systems to make the experience a flawless one for the businesses we accept as clients.



We offer Pay Per Sale Advertising Services. You pay for results/sales, not for clicks, views, impressions or hourly fees.

Additional advertising services offered:

Market Research Using our Automated MR Services™


Media Planning and Buying Built into our advertising platforms that cross into 4 different media types but we offer media buying with a twist… we offer the a choice of paying per sale, not a percentage of the advertising spend.

Franchising Sales and Services.

And more, much more!

Watch our video “Best Advertising” to learn more if you are a prospective client, or if you are a Super Angel of VC investor looking for the Next Big Thing, watch our investor Best Investment video.







Equipment & Facilities

Pay Per Sale Ads services clients worldwide with offices in North America and Australia as well as through partners in Europe and Asia.

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Company Contact Information

323-305-7737 - Phone 1


Location 1: 10940 Wilshire Blvd / Location 2: PO Box 1014
Los Angeles / Perth, CA WA 90024 / 6872
Los Angeles | Western Aus County
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Key Personnel
John Watkins, Marketing Director
Marketing Director
Founded: 2010
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