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Rochester Community TV (RCTV) is Rochester’s award-winning non-profit public access station.

What Is RCTV’s Mission?

Rochester Community TV, also know as Rochester’s Community Media Center, gives all City of Rochester residents both a forum for the free expression of ideas and the expertise and technology to express them.

What Does RCTV Do?

At RCTV, we give all Rochester residents both a forum for the free expression of ideas, and the expertise and technology to share them. We provide a non-commercial “green space” that promotes community and strengthens democracy. Most of the programs broadcast on RCTV are created by local community producers.

There is no charge to broadcast a program on RCTV, so If you have one you’d like us to air, call us at (585) 325-1238 or email us by using our contact form and we’ll let you know how to arrange for your program or public service announcement to be broadcast at no charge.

In addition to on-air programming, we also offer:

Low cost media classes in TV Studio Production, Editing and Documentary Filmmaking.♥
Low- and no-cost Producers Workshops for RCTV members and community residents.
The loan of cameras and lighting equipment to produce programming (Refundable $50 deposit is required). ♥
The use of RCTV’s TV Studio and Editing Room (Once class certification is achieved).♦
The ability to rent rooms at RCTV at low cost♥
Free community events, open to members, producers and community residents.
In-school, after-school and summer camp media production and literacy programs for youth.
How Is RCTV Funded?

RCTV is funded as a result of an agreement between the City of Rochester via its Time Warner Cable contract that allows cable lines to be run through the city and in part, through grants, sponsorships, membership, classes, donations, and services it provides to the community. RCTV is not funded by the City of Rochester or Monroe County.

♥ Membership is required
♦You must be a member and have taken the associated class(es)

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