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RAF serves current and aspiring communications professionals by connecting them to powerful new ideas and experiences and by creating a better understanding of the function and value of marketing in our community and in our world.

We’re an affiliate of the American Advertising Federation, the national organization empowered by 50,000 professionals in 220 advertising clubs, 220 college chapters and 100 corporations.

RAF’s purpose:

To connect current and aspiring communications professionals in all marketing disciplines—not just advertising—to powerful new ideas and experiences.

To connect current communications professionals with the resources they need to thrive in our business.

To connect aspiring communications professionals with the resources and inspiration to enter our business and stay in our community.

To connect the local marketing communications community with a reputation for excellence and the standards by which to achieve it.

To connect to our community as a whole, leveraging our powerful collection of marketing minds and creative thinkers.

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Year Founded: 1991
American Advertising Federation
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