Rochester Club Of Printing House Craftsmen, Inc.



We are a volunteer non-profit organization composed of management, technical, production, education, sales and marketing people associated with and allied in the Printing/Graphic Arts Industry.

Our member’s benefits includes personal and company services that will enhance your position in the Printing/Graphic Arts community.

Be part of an upwardly spiraling network of individuals and companies on the move to better profitability, better resources, better communication and better friends. Join us today!

Educate - We reach out to the Graphic community,
obtaining useful, provocative content and distributing it to members.

Promote - Every member of our club has a story to tell and a skill or service to offer. We actively embrace the precept that promotion among ourselves will open doors to future development and growth.

Inform - We provide our members with regular communication at all levels. From success stories and research to new trends or modes of thinking.

Connect - We provide our members with numerous opportunities to connect with each other. Through these connections, our members can share knowledge, gain valuable contacts and learn new and innovative solutions that benefit themselves, their companies, their customers and the community.

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PO BOX 92266 Rochester, NY 14692-2266
Monroe County, Rochester NY   Region
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Key Contacts
President - Thomas Garbin (Garbin Graphics & Print)
P: 585-615-4697

Vice-President - Craig Brothers (Tucker Printers)
P: 585-359-3030 x 246 • F: 585-359-3053

2nd VP - Shawn Rankins (Tucker Printers)
Secretary - David Clar (Express Press)
Treasurer - Jaclyn Cook (ITT@Edison Tech.)
Auditor - Robert Eckert (Diversified Envelope)
Past President - Ron Hindmarch, P.C. (RIT)

Board Members:
Bill Garno (RIT/PAL)
Bill Ryan (DPI)
Jennifer Bodine (Tucker Printers)
Lori Moses (MCC Graphics Communications Program)
John Kasprzak
Justin Treadway (Tucker Printers)
Christina Hui (Tucker Printers)