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Founded in 2007, the Rochester Writers Association focuses on more than your short story or novel excerpt's entertainment value. We assist our members with punctuation, grammar, believability, plot, structure, theme, scene development, flow, and professionalism. With dedication and determination, we assist our members with their synopsis, query letters and submissions. The submission process and rejections, even form letters, are treated with a positive outlook. The majority of our members have their sights set on publication. In turn, it is the purpose of this group to give you the tools necessary to achieve your goals.

Writer's meetings, Jump Starting the Creativity Sessions, and Enthusiasm for the craft.
Quarterly Short Story and Novel Excerpt Contests
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Year Founded: 2007
Employees: 3
  Rochester, NY 14467
Monroe County, Rochester NY Finger Lakes Region
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Susan Fenn, Samantha Horrocks, and Samantha Sloan