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The August Group is a grassroots organization that provides community focused networking for Rochester area professionals. Our primary goals are to assist professionals in the development of networking skills in a changing economy; to facilitate the flow of knowledge; and to encourage connecting of resources and interests to the end of developing economic growth and the creation of new businesses. We are building partnerships with those developing Rochester's evolving regional economy.

Every day our membership demonstrates the importance of the organization's guiding principles, through their ongoing support and assistance to one another. We believe in the power of networking and teamwork and strive to create programs that offer opportunities for growth in both job seeking and career advancement skills.

Who are we?

We are your friends, neighbors, business colleagues, former co-workers, and entrepreneurs.

We volunteer our time as members of community service and charitable organizations.

We are board members and soccer coaches, weekend athletes, and PTA fund raisers.

We appreciate our quality of life, community assets, and the future we've worked to build, here.

Professional networking is a skill. Our members recognize that our region is experiencing a paradigm shift as result of the company-wide restructuring, reductions in staff and even several companies closing their doors (with many changes still to come). They know that it is more important than ever to nurture a career network to assist in making the smooth transition from one role to another.

In fact, many will find themselves moving from one career field to another as well. Others boldly transition from employee to entrepreneur requiring many new skills and resources and partners to achieve their goals.

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