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The Type Studio is a unique and innovative studio specializing in all aspects of typography and visual communications. Our services range from the technical to the aesthetic, and include type direction and consulting, type-oriented graphic design, font development, copy writing, and workshops and seminars.

Ilene Strizver, founder of The Type Studio, brings with her more than 28 years of experience with type and design. Her work has received numerous awards and has garnered the highest recognition from the international type community. Ilene’s passion for typography and good design, as well as her single-minded dedication to excellence, contribute to making The Type Studio uniquely qualified to meet all of your typographic needs.

Type Rules! The designer’s guide to professional typography, 2nd edition.
Ilene’s most ambitious literary effort to date is her recent book, Type Rules! – a practical guide to understanding type and how to use it effectively.
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Production Credits
Ilene Strizver of The Type Studio has directed the development of more than 300 text and display typefaces including such award-winning and best-selling type designs as:

TDC2 2002 Type Design Competition
Award for Typographic Excellence
ITC Jeepers & Woodley Park — Nick Curtis, designer

TDC2 2001 Type Design Competition
Award for Typographic Excellence
ITC Aspera — Olivera Stojadinovic, designer

TDC2 2000 Type Design Competition
Judge’s Choice
ITC Silvermoon — Akira Kobayashi, designer

TDC2 1999 Type Design Competition
Judge’s Choice
ITC Humana — Tim Donaldson, designer

Award for Typographic Excellence
"ITC Bailey Sans — Kevin Bailey, designer
ITC Bodoni Seventy-two — design team led by Sumner Stone
ITC Braganza — Phill Grimshaw, designer
ITC Cancione — Brenda Walton, designer
ITC Golden Cockerel — Dave Farey, designer
ITC Vintage — Ilene Strizver & Holly Goldsmith, designers
ITC Woodland — Akira Kobayashi, designer

bukva:raz! ATypI Type Design Competition Winner
ITC Biblon — Frantisek Storm, designer

Best-selling fonts design-directed by Ilene Strizver:
ITC Conduit — Mark van Bronkhorst, designer
ITC Edwardian Script — Ed Benguiat, designer
ITC Franklin Gothic Condensed Series — modified from the original by David Berlow / Font Bureau
ITC Officina Family — Erik Spiekermann, designer
ITC Stone Family — Sumner Stone, designer
What they’re saying about Ilene's
Gourmet Typography Workshop:

“Your course was great! Since taking it, I can’t help but look at every book title, magazine headline, and even company logos, trying to find out what they did wrong! And how often that’s the case! It was really helpful and entertaining!”
— Robyn Hinckley
Design Supervisor

“Many thanks, my colleagues and I really got a lot out of the session. We were blown away at how much you were able to accomplish in just one day and what an impact it had. We are definitely seeing more critically. Not only did we pick out all the type faux-pas around Boston, but I was even surprised coming back to Atlanta and reviewing our own work. I really appreciate having been able to be a part of the class, so thanks!”
— Jay Rogers
Art Director

“Your class was exceptional. I will never see letters the same again! What have you done? Hah! Thanks. I would like the designers on my team to attend your class in the future so please keep me posted.”
— Erin Greene
Brand and Design Manager

“Thanks for a great class! I found your class to be both a good refresher, and learned some new things as well. I liked how you would point out something as being wrong – but also talked about the ‘why’ – that helped a lot.
Now that I am working somewhere that cares about good typography, I feel better prepared to wow them. I actually spent time today undoing what my predecessor had done to a brochure – dumb quotes, hyphens...the list goes on!”
— Bob Lodi
Art Director

“Thank you so much for a wonderful type experience. I was so psyched to attend your workshop, and you definitely didn’t let me down! Your expertise is phenomenal. It was an intense yet pleasurable learning experience; the day seemed to fly by. I really do love type, and now I can be confident in my use of type after your workshop.”
— Barbara Fox
Senior Graphic Designer
3 Overridge Road Westport, CT 06880
Fairfield County, Fairfield CT   Region
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