Unity Studio At Southside

The studio serves as a creative space for community members interested in audio recording, beat production, vocal lessons and more.

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Unity Studio is open to the public every Thursday 3-8 p.m, unless otherwise noted. During this time there are 4 available computers with Pro Tools, Garageband, Reason and Logic Pro. Within those 4 stations, there is 1 recording station with Pro Tools and an iso-booth for tracking. This is the perfect opportunity for those looking to create beats, record there own music and learn the ins and outs of the professional audio world. This is also a great time to network with other artists, check out the studio and meet the Unity Studio coordinator, David Brown.

Free Studio Information: During regular weekday hours, Unity Studio is a human resource acting as a teaching facility and a professional recording studio to service any age. During private sessions and open studio times, the Studio is available to community members for personal recording use, under the supervision of the Program Coordinator, David Brown. Community members are welcome to 4 free private session hours per month that must be booked in advance according to Unity Studio’ availability. This time includes working one-on-one with a professional engineer and/or working on one’s own projects. Unity Studio is also open and free to walk-ins during various hours throughout the week, according to the current studio schedule.

Hourly Rate Studio Information: $25 per hour for sessions using basic recording equipment. $30 per hour for sessions using advanced recording equipment. There is a $50 deposit required. We accept cash/checks. This deposit will be given back to the client at the beginning of their session or it will be donated to SSCC if you don’t show up without a verbal notice. Time may be scheduled by seeing David Brown at Unity Studio on Tuesdays and/or Fridays from 2-6 P.M., by calling David at 607.273.4190 EXT. #227, or by emailing David at HYPERLINK "mailto:dbrown@sscc-ithaca.org" dbrown@sscc-ithaca.org. You may also schedule sessions by calling our secretary Chana, at EXT. #222, or by finding her in the reception area of SSCC. Client will then receive a follow up from David to confirm the session booked through Chana.

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The Making of Unity Studio

An Interview with Program Coordinator, Dani DiCiaccio