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In my new Zoom course for SUNY Adirondack — “Ideas: Mining for Freelance Writing Gold” – I will share strategies that I have used profitably as a professional writer in both the magazine and book fields. One of those strategies inspired my book Amazing Animal Actors. Here’s the scoop: I’m a fan of the television […]

In my new Zoom course for SUNY Adirondack – “Ideas: Mining for Freelance Writing Gold” – I will share strategies that I have used profitably as a professional writer in both the magazine and book fields. Here is a sneak peek at one of those strategies: What You Know: Before I started my freelance writing […]

Pauline Bartel founded Bartel Communications, Inc., in 1997 as a corporate communications firm. From those early days of offering public relations and writing services, Pauline expanded the company over the years to include business-anniversary marketing services and business writing training. Now she has introduced a suite of services that help aspiring writers become published authors. […]

Congratulations to my client and friend Denise Horan on the publication of her first business book. Thanks as well for her kind words about my book coaching services: For many years, I have wanted to write a book.  The book proposal process seemed long and time consuming.  It would take a back seat on my […]

Social media has become one of the most influential forms of networking and digital advertising. It’s essential. A strong social media strategy can get potential customers interested in your brand and help your business grow.  It’s going to take a lot more than simply posting generic content over and over again, however. Not only does […]

The amount of information on the internet is insurmountable. Petabytes and terabytes and billions of gigabytes… It’s overwhelming. The fact that any business listing can reach the top of page 1 in Google is remarkable. With all that data constantly filtering through Google’s algorithms, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get – and stay – atop […]

Congratulations to my client and friend Barbara Fournier on the publication of her first novel. Thanks as well for her kind words about my developmental editing services: “When I completed your book writing and publishing course at Hudson Valley Community College, I felt inspired. I finished the first draft of my novel, but the manuscript […]

It is fascinating to me how politicians and political parties use labels to position or reposition bills, ideas, agendas, actions or groups of people. For example, children who arrived int he US illegally at a very young age are called either dreamers or illegal aliens depending on which political party is talking about them. The […]

Marketing research must precede brand strategy — period. The best strategies are based on extensive research. Qualitative research can provide insights regarding beliefs, values, attitudes, hopes, fears, anxieties, dreams and other core motivations. It can also help you understand how the category is perceived and how each of the brands in the category are perceived. […]

A marketing plan is a request for funds in return for a promised level of incremental revenues, unit sales, market share or profits. One can develop marketing plans for products, services, market segments or brands. The critical components of a marketing plan includes the following:SummaryObjectives (attract new consumers, create new uses, increase share of requirements, incent […]

Behavorial Analytics maps the customer journey. Google Analytics delivers the metrics from data on conversions, and shares. Behavioral Analytics gets to the Why. There are five major behavorial types aka… Read More The post Behavorial Analytics Goes Beyond Google Analytics appeared first on Hudson Valley Public Relations.

When people think of a great website, they don’t often think of the various buttons throughout the pages. There are plenty of factors that go into a quality site: functionality, design, user experience, mobile capability, and great content – all presented in a concise, visually appealing way.  The buttons never get the spotlight. Until now.  […]

I’m as guilty as anyone. I’ll admit, it took me far too long to start thinking outside of the box that I created for myself about 10 years ago when I got into digital marketing. Back then – from about 2012-2018, the Golden Age of Digital Marketing Resources – we had thousands of fresh and […]

I normally do not post about something as tactical as this, but it has a huge impact on brand perception. Recently, as I have been approached by companies trying to sell me their services, I have found several of them do not have websites that work on my Safari browser. Logins don’t work. Navigation does […]

To be efficient in marketing spending, brands usually focus on their best customers first and then on their other customers. Typical objectives are to increase their customers’ individual average transactions (IAT), spending and share of wallet. They often also want to increase customer loyalty. Less often, brands allocate marketing resources to communicating with potential customers, […]

Prologue: As of this writing, 2.65 million people worldwide have died of Covid-19. Deaths in the United States number more than half a million. There are millions more who survived the virus. And millions more who have lost everything, but their life, to the shutdown. If you’re fortunate enough to be reading this, as I’m […]

A 17,000 square-foot turf field is adjacent to the Dick’s new 100,000 square-foot Eastview Mall store. I am happy to write about something happening in my neighborhood. Dick’s has decided to erect its new destination store concept at my local mall first – Eastview Mall in Victor, New York, a suburb of Rochester, NY.As malls and […]

People often are fond of their local grocery store chains. H-E-B is no exception. During Texas’ recent winter storm and energy outage, H-E-B became even more beloved as it proactively helped the people of Texas in several different ways. When a busy H-E-B store in Leander, TX lost power, the store’s staff let shoppers take […]

Mobility and communication have increased substantially since the dawn of inexpensive air travel and the Internet. Historically, competition was mostly local or regional, but with every breakthrough in transportation and communication technology, every business is increasingly competing with every other similar business across the globe. Companies that used to pay hundreds of thousands or even millions […]

Not every brand uses a spokesperson or character as a part of its identity system or advertising campaign but many have over the years. The spokesperson or character can give the brand a distinctive voice and personality. This blog post is a celebration of some of the more memorable brand spokespeople and characters. Some of the earlier […]