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During the first week of September, the webSURGE content team attended the Content Marketing World Conference in Cleveland, Ohio, and it was a TREAT. The conference was literally jam packed (no joke – Kelly missed lunch one day because she was so busy) with great information, new research, and innovative technology to propel our content […]

Deciding where to run your advertisement could prove to be tricky. Many advertisers think any large or well-known media outlets are worth the cost. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. For example, if you see your ad in People magazine, you may assume it would be great exposure for your business and drive sales of […]

Download a PDF version of this infographic, “Understanding Current Media Consumption”, here.

Buzz terms come and go in the marketing realm (anyone want to “ideate” some “snackable content” with us?) to the point that it’s easy to ignore the latest shouts from the proverbial marketing mountaintops. But there’s one term you shouldn’t tune out. And that’s Account Based Marketing, or ABM. B2B marketing has relied on the […]

Buffalo Startup Weekend is back again this year! Over the next 3 days, participants will be working together to grow their entrepreneurial ideas and share valuable knowledge from some amazing mentors. We are so excited to be donating 2 Custom-Branded Tablecloths & 2 Pull-Up Banners to the 1st place team. Best of luck to everyone!

Okay—so what does that even mean? I’ll give you an example. Google often touts its “best practices” for paid search advertising using the Google Ads platform (for example, run at least three ads in an ad group, use all the extensions offered through the platform, etc.). Sometimes marketers are better off not following those best […]

A new blog series from Martino Flynn which offers an “inside view” into the lives of the smart and talented individuals that drive Martino Flynn’s success every day. Each month, we  shine the spotlight on a new MF colleague. Enjoy! My name is Zack Manuel, and I recently joined the team at Martino Flynn as […]

Does your B2B product launch strategy need a little pizzazz? If you’re looking for ways to improve your product launch, then your influencer marketing strategy might just hold the key.  We’ve seen impressive results when we incorporate influencer marketing tactics into product launches. It has a huge impact on not only the success of the launch, […]

We had a blast partnering with the Empire State Honey Producers Association(ESHPA) for the NYS Fair this year. The unusual design of the  20’display attracted plenty of fair-goers who were eager to learn about the Beekeepers of New York State. We are so proud that the ESHPA’s booth was the recipient of the H.S. Duncan […]

In the same way PR is no longer just about press releases and coverage, SEO is not bound by keywords and metadata. In fact, they have more in common than you might think and understanding this link could be critical to your marketing efforts. After all, both public relations and search engine optimization serve the… […]

When considering brands, customers value some personality traits more than others. Below is a rank ordered list of desired personality traits. I have derived this list from numerous sources over the past thirty years.Tier 1TrustworthyWarm/FriendlyResponsiveIntelligent/SmartReliable/DependableTier 2Honest/Possesses integrityAuthentic/RealKnowledgeableCustomer-service orientedEasy to work withCreative/InnovativeResourcefulAgile/FlexibleCompassionate/KindTakes responsibilityHard workingHas a sense of humor/FunnyTier 3ProfessionalWell-organizedAttention to detailStrategic/Big picture thinkingGood listenerLearns from mistakesYou […]

Rochester, NY – Catalyst has introduced version 4.1 of CatalystLSM with an enhanced user interface to improve the franchisee CRM experience. CatalystLSM is a local store marketing platform that allows franchisors and franchisees to seamlessly manage omnichannel CRM communications at the local level. The web-based platform provides franchisees with a portal that allows them to […]

Have you taken a good look at your web presence lately? Sure, you have a website, but I mean have you recently reviewed all facets of your online brand to see how it’s performing and how it is perceived by your target audience.    As marketers we all know that building and maintaining a quality online marketing strategy […]

In the age of social media marketing, mobile marketing, search engine optimization, geofencing and big data analytics it is easy to lose sight of some of the fundamental and timeless aspects of marketing. In this post, I intend to re-anchor us in those marketing basics. Here we go.People buy stuff. This includes products, services and […]

Before there were blogs, I published a weekly brand newsletter via email. When blogs came into existence, I published the #2 branding blog with a business partner to which I added hundreds of blog posts. Since then, I have published 550 new blog posts through this blog, Here is an eclectic mix of some […]

We are proud to announce that Lisa McNamara has joined the FBD2 team as Accounting and Office Administrator. In her role, Lisa will assist in the overall operation of the company by providing accounting/bookkeeping support as well as administrative services to all departments.    

Writing a press release isn’t rocket science — but when you don’t do it on a regular basis, it can be a bit challenging. But with the right tools, you can avoid any pitfalls and make your press release writing a lot easier.  Before we look at the tools that will help you to create […]

This was a battle that I fought when I was responsible for the Hallmark brand. Do we put different brand names on the same products to save money? Do we license our brand identity to a reading glasses company to make some quick cash? The answer to both questions was “No, we don’t.” At one point […]

In relation to other marketing strategies, influencer marketing is still in its infancy in many ways. That is why there are still many questions, like what is influencer marketing, why is it so effective, and what influencer marketing strategy mistakes should you avoid in order to get the best results. Today, we’re going to focus […]