We work with some wonderful folks here at Crowley Webb, and today we’d like to give a shout-out to one in particular: Kristen Lopez. Kristen is the account operations supervisor for Praxis, our patient recruitment division, and she was recently named a BN360 Spotlight Professional for 2018. This distinction is given to young professionals in […]

As in the television program, Cheers, everyone wants to belong somewhere.  Everyone wants to call some place home. Nuclear and extended families have always been tribes. Often, churches are tribes. Some times, towns are tribes. Schools can be tribes. Increasingly, political parties are tribes. Is your state a blue state or red state? You may […]

When people first started to use SEO for business, it was viewed as a completely separate tactic from public relations. As time goes on, however, we’ve seen a relationship form between the two. Now businesses are seeing the benefit of using PR in SEO to get better results. How so? Public relations puts a company […]

A brand is owned in the minds of its customers. So, what is your brand in their minds? Do you know?  If not, do you know where to go to find out? You can always use marketing research, but today, the Internet provides an unfiltered ongoing look into your customer’s minds. And it is as […]

Influencer marketing is quickly rising in the ranks as a top B2B marketing strategy. At a time when audiences are more distrustful of brands than ever, influencer marketing stands out as an effective and lucrative alternative to traditional marketing. Before we discuss how to incorporate influencers into your B2B communications strategy, let’s review a comprehensive influencer […]

Sometimes, in brand research, one must continue to “peel back the onion” to better understand what the consumer is really saying. Recently, a client of mine (a heath care system) discovered that it was delivering well against convenience and accessibility. They discovered this through a quantitative brand equity measurement survey. Multiple data points pointed to […]

A thought leadership strategy is a blueprint for industry success. Not only does it boost your credibility, but it also puts your brand on the map. But thought leadership doesn’t happen overnight. It takes careful planning to position yourself as an industry star. PR and thought leadership strategy go hand in hand. In fact, public […]

  Virtually every sport has its own playbook — an amalgamation of the best plays and strategies. In much the same way, marketing has its own set of strategies. And B2B influencer marketing is at the top of our list. Why do we say that? Because audiences have changed. There’s an ever-growing distrust of traditional […]

One of the first steps in a brand repositioning project is to determine the current brand position. While this is often done through a brand audit in which the brand’s website and its collateral materials are studied along with those of its competitors, this only identifies what the brand in question and its competitors are […]

  Still on the fence about influencer marketing?  Consider this stat: 49% of people say they rely on third party recommendations before making purchase decisions. This illustrates why B2B influencer marketing is growing in power and popularity among many marketers. But how does this power and popularity translate to ROI? Can you measure the results of […]

“If You Don’t Know Where You Are Going, You Will Probably End Up Somewhere Else” – book title by author David Campbell.Hopefully, you have developed and are executing against a detailed brand plan. And hopefully, you are measuring the results against that plan. Brand plans are much like business plans or marketing plans. You start with […]

For most businesses, marketing their products or services is the lifeblood of their business so you would think that choosing the right marketing firm would be of utmost importance – and yet many business owners do not appreciate the importance of selecting the right agency or recognize the value effective…

It’s been an exciting few months at Crowley Webb. We won a few awards, we celebrated engagements, we formed some new partnerships, and we recently picked up four fresh, new faces. Please join us in welcoming two new folks to our Praxis team and two to the analytics squad. Now let’s get inside their heads. […]

Today, I am sharing twenty tips or “rules of thumb” about brands and brand management.The only thing that stands between a commodity and a brand is relevant differentiation.More than anything, your brand must be admirable. And, if not admirable, likable. In the long run, a strong brand will not completely compensate for a faulty product or […]

B2B thought leadership is the pinnacle of success for any business leader. As a thought leader, you become the leading authority within your industry, with a commanding presence that others look to for upcoming trends and advice. In fact, thought leadership is one of best ways to… Build brand awareness Nurture trust Establish your own […]

Mystery and exclusivity are two very powerful human motivators. Let’s take one at a time.A partial reveal is always more powerful than a full reveal. And the more often one is exposed to the partial reveal, the more one craves the full reveal. It’s human nature. Whether it is in a new product unveiling or […]

Sometimes a brand’s worst enemy is its risk adverse caretaker. Usually, to break through in an overcrowded marketplace, a brand has to take some risks and do things that other brands in the category are not doing. My biggest disappointment as a brand strategy consultant is when, through rigorous research and out-of-the-box thinking, we help a […]

Customer profiling helps organizations identify and then effectively target the most lucrative customer segments including how to best reach them in the shopping process and what brand messages are likely to work best with them. We help organizations profile their customers in actionable ways. First, we measure brand purchase intent. We then discover the values, […]

Visual content is one of the public relations trends that has exploded recently. Put simply, if your content doesn’t include a visual component, you’re losing a huge chunk of your potential audience! People are more visual than ever in their communications — think emojis, GIFs, and video calling. So it’s unsurprising  that this has trickled […]

Being a graphic designer is hard. Sure, we get to be a little more laid back than your average working stiff, and we often get away with being a little weirder than our office counterparts. But at the same time, we are often challenged to make things that aren’t very exciting more enticing. I mean,… […]

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