ADVERTISING is usually the most important element in any brand marketing plan, but many companies are finding that other approaches are also effective. Some have pursued these approaches out of necessity, being unable to support national advertising campaigns, while others are just more innovative than most in developing their marketing repertoires.Following are some examples of nontraditional […]

Your brand is your promise to your consumers and should represent who you are and how you do it, both visually and in writing. That’s why developing a new brand identity is such a big job to take on. Any successful brand development should be fueled by research and defined by strategy so it best […]

Have you heard of the J. G. Wentworth brand? You might have if you need cash now (or even if you don’t). The brand’s television commercials featuring its operatic jingle are difficult to forget, especially the jingle’s refrain of “Call J. G. Wentworth 877-CASH-NOW.” Click here to view the latest J. G. Wentworth television ad. […]

When did you take a long, hard look at your LinkedIn strategy? If you’re losing momentum and your strategy is lagging behind your competitors, it’s time to look under the hood. Staying on top of the latest best practices for LinkedIn will rejuvenate your strategy — and ensure it’s firing on all cylinders. LinkedIn constantly […]

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If you’ve ever had your oil changed, as a follow-up, you probably received a postcard encouraging you to bring your vehicle back and get a discount on services. Regardless of their size, postcards are effective in retaining customers in the automotive services industry. However, the response rates to a single-channel campaign pale in comparison to […]

We are proud to live and work within the 716 area, Happy 716 Day!

  Gain a Better Understanding of your Customer Numerous studies have proven that it’s much more cost-effective to generate revenue by increasing sales to existing customers than it is to cultivate new ones. Research is clearly NOT selling and never should be, but conducting conversational-style in depth customer research using a third/impartial interviewer can contribute […]

The FBD2 team is getting ready to update our beautiful showroom for the fast approaching fall trade show season. Here is a video to give you a final glimpse of our showroom as it stands before we change it.

Lead generation is one of the top struggles for nearly every B2B company. In an ideal world, you’d retain clients with bottomless pockets for an eternity and you wouldn’t have to hit the pavement looking for new leads. However, we all know that’s not the reality in which we all live. The truth for most […]

Creating engaging content can be a tedious task to keep up with – especially with the urgency to be generating fresh content on a somewhat regular basis. But creating valuable content for your website is an essential ingredient in the recipe of success for a great website and business. Content helps create brand awareness, encourages […]

Living in Western New York means shopping at Wegmans. If you’re like me, most of your shopping happens there. We may use other retail locations, but our collective hearts remain with the locally headquartered, best-place-to-work, family-owned supermarket.

Studies have shown that children are expressing brand awareness as early as age two and that the average three year old in the US can recognize 100 different brands. Young children cannot distinguish between fact and fantasy so many consumer packaged goods companies target children when they are most susceptible to marketing messages. In fact, many […]

I tend to think about brands in the broadest terms, but others view brands in narrower terms. When someone talks about a brand others may or may not have the same understanding of what that person means. And when someone says he or she is a brand consultant, that person may mean it in the […]

I remember thinking that timesharing and resource sharing would eventually hit every industry back in the mid to late 1980s when I was responsible for new product development at Hallmark. It was a trend that I thought would explode due to the more efficient sharing of resources. Back then, timesharing mostly applied to vacation rentals. […]

  Is PR for B2B startups really necessary? While you may think that you have the stand-out ideas and product to ensure startup stardom, let’s consider a couple facts… Every year, around 100 million startups are launched throughout the world. Of that number, it is estimated that a little over 50% fail in the first […]

I have witnessed dozens of approaches to customer journey mapping leading to dozens of different types of customer journey maps. They all have one thing in common – they attempt to map the customer journey. Many approaches overlay the purchase decision hierarchy: awareness -> consideration -> preference -> purchase -> repeat purchase -> loyalty -> […]

Tipping Point Communications is excited to share that it received four awards at the Excalibur Awards held recently by the Buffalo Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America at The Tralf Music Hall in downtown Buffalo.

In celebration of Independence Day, and to give our team a well-deserved break, FB Displays & Designs will be closed Monday, July 2nd through Friday, July 6th. We will reopen with normal business hours on July 9th. We wish you all a fun and safe holiday!