B2B influencer marketing is the latest buzzword — an rightly so. In the past year alone, it has expanded its usefulness and effectiveness. It hsould be part of any thought leadership strategy. Are you keeping up with this fast-moving trend — and making the best use of it within your company? Many mistakenly view influencer […]

I live in the world of brand promises and brand positioning. I help people determine their brand’s essence. And I help them determine their brand’s mission, vision and values. And their brand’s archetype and personality. Some consultants help people discover their brand’s “true north,” while others help people determine their brand’s mantra. One consultant I […]

Tools of any kind– even PR tools — are designed to make our lives and jobs easier. Whether it’s a drill in the hand of a skilled carpenter, or a keyword research tool in the hands of a PR professional, that tool enhances the work we do. Public relations has expanded its definition significantly in […]

Companies are beginning to realize that, to stay relevant (or in some cases, alive), they need to become more customer-focused. Many are developing customer journey maps to capture what customers are thinking, feeling and doing as they engage with you at every stage of the life cycle. If done right, a customer journey map will […]

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Why This Case Study is Relevant It demonstrates how customer experience mapping can uncover actionable opportunities that financial institutions often overlook. Challenge First Niagara Bank wanted to understand where customers were dissatisfied so they could improve messaging, develop/offer new products and services, and potentially shift customers to different channels (e.g., telephone vs. mail) at key […]

I previously listed the business benefits of strong brands. Today, I want to talk about the intrinsic rewards of building strong brands. Strengthening brands creates better customer experiences. It can do this by improving products, customer services and a myriad of other things. Ultimately, thoughtful brand management will lead to an improved world. How does this […]

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I had recently mentioned to a friend that one of the benefits of my job is learning what people really want. In my 35 year career as a marketer, I have conducted hundreds of customer research studies in a myriad of categories. When one conducts everything from depth interviews, focus groups, ethnographic studies and brand […]

A vision statement adds strength to your thought leadership PR strategy. It’s gazing into the future, envisioning how your company will look in 5 to 10 years. It allows others to be able to appreciate what you’re working towards, and support it. Your employees now have a roadmap for the future.  Would you like to make […]

Businesses of all types are successfully using Facebook to market their companies. In September 2016, there were 60 million business pages on Facebook, one-third more than a year prior. Depending on your demographic, Facebook can be a powerful marketing tool. Age 25 to 34, at 22% of users, is the…

A personal brand is like a powerful fuel for thought leadership PR — and when used correctly with other PR tactics, it can skyrocket your success. Everyone with business goals needs a personal branding strategy. A personal brand will help in many areas of your life, including growing your business, advancing your career, and getting […]

The Oxford English Dictionary defines clickbait as: “content whose main purpose is to attract attention and encourage visitors to click on a link to a particular web page.”

Jim Dellavilla, chief client officer at Catalyst, to lead two sessions on switching as an acquisition strategy in Las Vegas Rochester, New York, May 8, 2017 — If banks are not thinking about their switching process, they are overlooking one of the most powerful tools available to boost acquisition, according Jim Dellavilla, chief client officer at […]

  Startup PR can feel like a monumental task. Nowadays everyone and his brother are entrepreneurs, and multiple industries are flooded with new and attention-grabbing products or services. How do you get your startup to stand out in this news rush? Growth hacking can hold the key. This inexpensive and creative method is gaining speed […]

In April, social media platforms took the idea of springing forward to the next level with plenty of innovation. Facebook announced that music will be available in Messenger, Twitter introduced in-stream ads, Snapchat released a new 3D Lenses feature, and Instagram for Android now works offline. Get the scoop on all this and more below. […]

The Fyre Festival debacle conclusively proves both that influencer marketing works and that sometimes we wish it wouldn’t. ICYMI: What was supposed to be an idyllic music festival, one to surpass Coachella and Lollapalooza, turned into chaos as it lacked basic, functioning amenities. Attendees who paid $500 to $100,000 for the festival were met with […]

Just a few years ago, Genesee Brewing Company, New York State’s oldest brewery established in 1878, was on the brink of bankruptcy. That was before North American Breweries, and its parent, the Triple Bottom Line (economic, social, environmental) company Florida Ice & Farm Co. invested $70 million in the Genesee site over the past few years. It […]

Today, intangible assets are the dominant contributors to business value creation. Recognizing this, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young developed a rigorous, comprehensive model of business value creation called the value creation index. Its components include innovation, quality, customer relations, management capabilities, alliances, technology, brand value, employee relations, and environmental and community issues. Several of these […]

When I was in undergraduate school, I recall my professors talking about the different stakeholder groups of businesses – customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, the communities in which the businesses are embedded and the natural environment. Today, the almost universal mantra seems to be “maximize shareholder value,” indicating a singular focus on shareholders and profits. If […]