Staying on top of the latest social media trends can be what sets you apart from your competitors – especially when it comes to Facebook Live. Incorporating Facebook Live into your social media marketing strategy is beneficial for several reasons. You can seamlessly, immediately connect and engage with your audience, push out your business’ message […]

B2B lead generation strategies include many moving parts, from creating attractive offers, calls to action, and landing pages, to nurturing leads after they download your offer. The right lead generation tools can take the stress out of this whole process — and allow you to focus on making your business the best it can be. […]

I live in a town in which the minimum acreage per residential parcel is 3 acres. However, many of my neighbors have 30 acres or more. People live in this exurban location because they like its rural character. Many people fancy themselves as gentlemen farmers and some have horses and chickens and even llamas and […]

Thank you to Tad Carpenter from the Carpenter Collective for such an inspiring talk on design. Congratulations to AAF Buffalo on a great series! The FBD2 team can’t wait to see what fantastic speakers next year’s series will bring.

If you’re not familiar with the factors that influence your sites’ search rankings, you could be pushing your business further down the list of Google’s search results without even realizing it. If your website falls under one of (or all of) the following four categories, it’s time to consider some digital marketing improvements if you […]

Download a PDF version of this infographic, “Why You Should Make Animated Videos A Priority”, here.

When should you use animated video instead of—or, in addition to—live footage? It depends on who your audience is, and where they’ll be consuming it. Here are some examples.  

McDonald’s recently created a marketing campaign promoting its new customer service including mobile ordering, customer touch screens and table service. Panera Bread has been using customer touch screens for awhile now. Wendy’s has upped its game with very friendly and efficient staff who always greet customers and help them however they can. My local Boston […]

Imagine employees walking into your building excited to be there because the workplace environment inspires them. Imagine leaving a lasting impression on clients and business associates because the hallways and conference rooms made them feel like they were working with a very special company. Well executed environmental graphics add value to a business Especially when […]

Ranking at the top of Google searches can be tedious work, but it’s a goal most businesses strive to achieve. To avoid slipping even further down in search engine results, your business needs to put SEO at the top of its to-do list. Users put a lot of trust in search engines and believe that […]

  Would you ever try to assemble a puzzle with pieces from other puzzles? PROBABLY NOT. Well, the same principle applies to your company’s identity, marketing pieces and brand. Oftentimes, a potential client seeks our services for a new business where we have the chance to give them a fresh identity and brand tailored to […]

“We are surrounded by data, but starved for insights.” – Jay Baer, business strategist & author Insights serve as the fuel for smart marketing campaigns, effective internal communications, and important product and organizational changes. Listening directly to your most important audiences is the best way to gain meaningful insights.

FBD2 is a proud table sponsor of this year’s Beacon Award Lunch presented by Buffalo Niagara. We congratulate all the award recipients and thank our guests,Nancy MacDonald(previous award recipient) from Tuxedo Junction, Sarah Heximer from Shea’s, Jennifer Gregory from Visit Buffalo Niagara, Julie Kianoff Fink and Justin DeLuca from Welcome Magazine for joining us. And […]

How effective is your B2B lead generation strategy? We frequently hear from clients that their lead generation isn’t producing the number of leads they need.  To help you get off the lead gen treadmill, we’ve developed 6 easy-to-implement strategies to jumpstart your lead generation. Ready to get fired up? With the constant development of social media, […]

As a business leader, it’s your responsibility to make decisions that increase sales. But how can you close more sales without getting more and better leads? As a leader in the digital marketing and lead generation industry, our agency firmly believes the answer is to increase the digital presence of your business. And the best […]

When it comes to your digital marketing efforts, a website can be the single most impactful piece – especially for tourism and/or destination-related industries. What makes destination marketing from other industries is that you have to sell an experience, not a tangible product or thing. But that’s what makes it so fun. When done effectively, […]

While great ads will immediately capture your attention, draw you in, tell a story and make you laugh or cry, sometimes those ads miss one very important element – identifying the brand that it is advertising. There are many ways to make sure the brand is present throughout the ad. The advertiser could display the brand […]

This past Saturday, the FBD2 team was fortunate to be able to enjoy the new production of The Phantom of the Opera at Shea’s Performing Arts Center, the crown jewel of Western New York. Phenomenal cast and production! Fantastic evening!

Many IT and manufacturing companies seem to have left social media marketing behind, perhaps with the exception of LinkedIn. If you’re not taking advantage of social media for sales opportunities, you may be significantly impacting your business sales, especially among the younger population. Social media is not a sales opportunity you can afford to lose. […]

Lead generation is the goal of every brand. But how can you take that goal and make it a reality? Let’s look at some PR-based B2B lead generation best practices that can really fire up your conversion strategy. Where Does PR Fit Into Lead Generation? Many operate under the misconception that PR only functions at […]