Today’s chief marketing officer (CMO) has to have a very broad set of skills. Here is a longer list of skills and abilities one should look for in that individual:Demonstrated ability to lead and inspire teamsPassionate customer advocacyBusiness development skillsExcellent analytical skillsStrategic visionCreative thinkingA passion for continuous learningA willingness to stay abreast of the latest […]

In this short video, see how Martino Flynn works with clients to determine the best methodology for their research project.  

We all have the ability to choose, yet sometimes positive choices aren’t always clear. Our client, Preventionfocus, is dedicated to helping adults and children make positive choices that positively impact their lives and the community. We just launched their new website – the third site we’ve created for them to keep their online presence current […]

This link was originally posted on International Women’s Day and I think it’s worth including in the stream. Whether we like to admit it or not, designers don’t work in a vacuum. At least I find myself in a creative rut when I don’t get out and look around. Keeping in touch with other creative’s […]

One of the most overwhelming parts when it comes time to layout a website is trying to figure out what content will go where. Planning and organizing content is stressful in itself, especially when new web design is factored in. But really, it’s nothing to stress about. Organizing web content is really as simple as […]

I recently received this question from a blog reader: What are the most effective marketing and growth strategies for risk-averse organizations?First, one must assess the source of the risk aversion. Often it is insularity. The organization doesn’t know any markets other than the ones it is currently serving or it doesn’t know how to produce […]

I was recently asked two related questions: Why are new no-name brands able to topple big decades old brands in today’s environment? How can a small start-up brand effectively challenge older established brands?There are so many different ways to answer this, many related to technology, but some also related to legacy brands resting on their […]

This year, I am volunteering on six not-for-profit marketing committees. These committees are usually comprised of marketing professionals from the community. Some are retired and some are in between jobs, while most are just busy marketing professionals who are generous with their time and talents. One of the committees on which I volunteer is associated […]

At high risk of sounding completely unoriginal, but…content is king. Probably have heard that one before, right? Albeit a bit overused, it’s such a commonly known cliché because of the truth that it holds. Content really is the backbone of an integrated digital marketing strategy. However, ‘content’ can actually be a pretty broad word. Though […]

“Thank you, once again, for outstanding service, design and product!! Our booth was easy to transport and (for the most part) easy to put together. Thanks for the “lesson” when we picked it up!! It was very helpful! Your added assistance with some layout ideas for our booth really, truly helped us make a great […]

Last year at this time, our client, Sodexo, was reaching the final stretch of their new, modern building construction. This new state-of-the-art building would house the Buffalo service center employees and move all operations from three separate office buildings into one. Gone would be the traditional cubes and tidy corridors. In their place, a completely […]

“Hey Alexa” has become a common household term — with YouTube videos and SNL skits to prove it! But this technology goes way beyond making lists and playing music. Content marketers have already begun to use this technology as a content platform to reach their audience. Learn how Alexa and B2B marketing can work together […]

Re-branding is scary – OK I said it. Between new logos, new names and an overall new identity, re-branding doesn’t only bring about a lot of responsibility, but a lot of concerns – one of them being: how will our audience respond to all of this change? An effective re-brand (when done correctly and efficiently) […]

Day 2 of #ExhibitorLive 2018 has come to an end, and with it comes another gallery of stunning displays.

ExhibitorLive 2018 day one is in the books. Here are some photos Bill took while walking the show floor.

BrandForward is proud to introduce a new proprietary process that guides our clients to identify opportunities for accelerated growth. This process features opportunity identification maps, an online survey instrument and a strategy formulation workshop among other components. It helps you identify new markets, new revenue streams, new business models and new competitive strategies. It also […]

There’s nothing quite like the American Advertising Awards here in WNY. Not only is it a competition among our local friends and colleagues, it’s a celebratory night out with the Buffalo ad scene. Hosted at Kleinhans Music Hall, the show’s theme celebrated the art of advertising with pomp and circumstance previously reserved for Hollywood award […]

Last night, Crowley Webb attended the ADDY Awards (the advertising award show sponsored by AAF Buffalo), where we celebrated all of the amazing work created in 2017. But that’s not all we celebrated. A personal highlight for us was seeing our very own Matt Low receive the prestigious Joe Crowley Award for Service. The award […]

Perhaps you’ve noticed a decline in your company’s Facebook reach in the last few weeks. The drop started near the beginning of 2018 as the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, proclaimed to the world around mid-January, “I’m changing the goal I give our product teams from focusing on helping you find relevant content to helping […]

ExhibitorLive 2018, the trade show about everything trade shows, is coming up February 25 – March 1st at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Our very own Bill Henecke will be attending. Stay tuned as Bill will be providing us with photos and insights form the show floor.