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Earning media coverage is no easy task for a brand. It often takes a well-thought-out strategy, having a compelling story to tell or information to share, and a little bit of luck. Some of the best ad agencies in the world have the process down pat. Reading up on the topic online offers plenty of… […]

As people have been required to isolate as much as possible to help prevent the spread of the virus, they have found that E-commerce isn’t simply just for convenience anymore, it is now becoming an essential component of their regular shopping routines. You can purchase almost anything you need these days with online access and […]

During this COVID-19 pandemic, the world has been quarantined, businesses shuttered. As a consequence we have all had to adjust to this new normal. As we come out of this very difficult time, some things have changed.  Technology now delivers an on-demand world that can stream or purchase most anything from your handheld device. In […]

It is interesting to think about the potential long-term impacts of COVID-19, including the opportunities and threats for businesses. Here is what comes to my mind in no particular order:More people will continue to work at home rather than in the office. This means less commuting, which may continue downward pressure on gasoline prices. This […]

When laying out your strategy, you probably never thought you’d be creating your personal brand during COVID-19, a global health crisis that caught everybody off guard. But here we are. So what now? Do you continue with your personal branding strategy or do you hit the pause button? If you do continue, what is different? […]

In SEO, one of the less commonly discussed styles of rebranding is one that simply layers in a new phrase / modifier to complement an existing brand name. For instance, if ‘Tommy Bahama’ changed their names to ‘Tommy Bahama Apparel’.  This is a simple, yet good way for some brands to more accurately represent their […]

COVID-19 is putting businesses everywhere under a microscope. Some have seen this as an opportunity to make a buck off the situation. Others, hesitant to make a wrong move, do nothing. But there’s a lot you can do to help your brand and audience during this uncertain time. And a lot of your success will […]

We have created a survey to explore the personal values of people who reside in the USA and its territories. It is a simple 5-minute survey and all responses are anonymous. We hope you will take this survey and then share its link with your friends, family members and business associates so that they can […]

Over the past few months, Tipping Point Communications has been working with our clients to ensure that their key messages are being heard by their target audiences and using traditional media during an untraditional time. Despite the impact of COVID-19, journalists still want to air compelling stories that are of interest to their viewers. While […]

As marketers, we need to stay abreast of societal and technology trends. Here are some trends that will have large impacts on our lives:Societal trends:While globalization continues, nationalism and “buy local” trends increaseRise of the global middle class while the US middle class stagnatesIncreased tribalism in the USGlobal climate change and its consequences – increased […]

Veraview, LLC has recently completed its work on two phases of construction at the Northland Corridor Redevelopment Project.  A major component of the project is 683 Northland Avenue in Buffalo, NY, anchored by the Workforce Training Center and Buffalo Manufacturing Works.   The Workforce Training center, completed in the summer of 2018, recently celebrated its first graduation.  Buffalo Manufacturing Works moved into their […]

One of the key signals for search engines to understand intent and meaning for various website pages is links. As such a website audit should always include a full interlinking opportunity analysis.  Audit Goals An interlinking audit should aim to accomplish three main things:  Look to see if there’s a blog or potential areas of […]

I have written a lot about how brands can tap into deep attitudes, values, hopes, fears and other emotions to sell their products and services. Compared to selling attributes, features and functional benefits, it works extraordinarily well. Having said that, far too many brands have built their foundations on these deep emotional promises, promises that […]

Creating a disavow and/or identifying spam in SEO has a lot of considerations, and is especially complex for sites with lots of backlinks. The process can be alleviated by using Moz and/or SEMRush, but not without the following checklist.  If you’re thinking about disavowing sites purely based on a high spam and/or toxic score, consider […]

The Internet is not what it used to be. Simple HTML pages with text and a few images are a thing of the past. Now, websites are developed to be dynamic, powered by Artificial Intelligence, updating regularly to more effectively sell you things, provide services, and interact with other sites & platforms. We store our […]

Brad VanAuken is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.Topic: Discover Your Truth, Live Your Truth WebinarTime: May 14, 2020 12:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)Join Zoom Meetinghttps://us04web.zoom.us/j/75364836162?pwd=aHg3ZmgrOEhOVTNUMjQ3Nnk5aGM4dz09Meeting ID: 753 6483 6162Password: 7wf27z

Like many of our fellow tourism industry professionals, we made a lot of assumptions about post-pandemic travel. How would these unprecedented times affect traveler decisions, intentions and when could we expect them to act on those? ABC Creative Group has been doing destination marketing for nearly two decades and we’re just as invested in successful… […]

Determining an ongoing strategy for SEO doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With a little direction and the right tools, it can take less than 30 minutes.  What you’ll need:      Google Chrome or similar web browser     Subscription to SEMRush     Subscription to Ahrefs Cook time:      15 minutes […]

I opened my first Facebook account 11 years ago, completely naïve to the fact that it would one day become a huge part of my professional life. As I’m sure many of you can relate, my relationship with the social media giant has been an interesting evolution. I began my Facebook journey at thirteen, sharing… […]

Sta·sis /ˈstāsis/ Noun: A period or state of inactivity or equilibrium. Prologue: I started thinking about the concept of stasis as long ago as last fall when I jotted it into my journal, pondered through winter, and finally began writing in the first days of March. It was a good time to write about stasis […]