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Marketing departments are seldom given enough money to accomplish what they feel they should accomplish on behalf of their brands. And marketing budgets are some of the first to be cut when organizational belt-tightening is required. So what is a marketing professional to do?Here are some of the approaches I recommend to market brands on […]

  Your B2B content strategy is like a machine — it needs regular maintenance to run smoothly. And that’s where content marketing tools come in. Tools help you to maintain your content strategy and get the best results. And we’ve seen some amazing tools come out recently that we want to tell you about. Tools […]

These are the 77 most popular Branding Strategy Source blog posts by year:2014Basic Human Needs and BrandingBranding and MemoryThe Poison Parasite Defense2015Brand Manager Competencies and ResponsibilitiesComprehensive Brand Management TrainingVolvo Brand StrategyBranding and Product DesignBrand Equity Measurement 101Brand NamingMost Important Brand Management TasksBrands and Memory StructuresThe Brand Management Process: An OverviewDid You Know?Purpose Driven BrandsAutomobile Purchases […]

Just for fun, I have created a luxury brands quiz to test your knowledge of luxury brands.1. Which of these is not a superyacht builder?LürssenVardOpusCantiere della Marche2. Which of these is not a tailored clothing brand?Gieves & HawkesHuntsmanRichard JamesPhineas Auden3. Which of these is not a jet brand?Dassault Falcon 7xBriggs & Stratton M550Embraer EMB190 BJ […]

With billions of active users, social media has incredible power to fuel your personal branding strategy. But a lot of that power depends on the size of your social media audience. Let’s look at how you can grow your audience effectively and make the most of your social media for branding. You may have begun a […]

 While some may think that an annual customer retention rate of 80% is good, that means you loose one out of every five customers each year. Theoretically, this translates to 100% turnover every five years. And, as most business owners know, it is much more cost effective to retain a current customer than to acquire […]

Each and every year since blogs were invented some 25 years ago, we’ve probably asked, “Are blogs still a thing?” Fair question in a climate of constantly changing social media and this evolving beast we call “content marketing.” Well, content marketing is most certainly a “thing.” And blogs, like the one you felt compelled to… […]

What’s not to love about digital marketing? It’s a win-win for both the advertiser and the consumer. As advertisers, we have access to thousands of intricate targeting and tracking parameters. As consumers, ads are becoming more relevant to our daily lives. While creating effective digital marketing may seem simple enough, it’s going to take a… […]

Influencers are a key component when it comes to having a successful PR and social campaign, because of this, it is only right to make sure that you create an ongoing relationship with the influencer for any future ventures. Whether it is before or after your partnership, you need to always keep the momentum going.… […]

Psychologists have long hypothesized, studied and tested what they believe to be the core human needs. While most psychologists highlight six basic needs, many also include a seventh need. Here are the seven needs:Certainty/Safety/Comfort/Control/SecurityLove/Affection/Physical and Emotional ConnectionSignificance/Respect/Uniqueness/Feeling SpecialCompetence/MasteryContribution/Making a DifferenceVariety/Experience/Stimulation/Novelty/Satisfying CuriosityIndependence/Freedom/AutonomyMost people experience deficiencies in meeting one or more of these needs on a regular […]

If you think that personal branding just benefits you, then you’re mistaken. It’s a strategy with far-reaching benefits. But to see why, let’s answer the question, what is personal branding and then examine how a personal brand can support our business. In this article, we’ll provide a solid personal branding definition and practical ways your […]

Bethany Dudek, a member of our visual design team, recently collaborated with Hedonist Chocolates, an artisan chocolate shop in the South Wedge of Rochester, to create a Valentine’s Day Chocolate Collection. The theme of the collection is “Owl Always Love You” and each chocolate is adorned with one of Dudek’s custom owl designs. Beth’s love […]

Content has ruled digital strategies for the past couple decades now — and with that reign, we’ve seen some great content writing, as well as some misfires. But that’s all human error — unavoidable, right? Well, the recent evolution of AI has given us reason to think again. With recent developments in the realm of […]

The two main types of business & agency relationships are short-term projects and retainers.

Hey! I’m Aaron, a Junior at Canisius College studying Digital Media Arts. I’ll be a Graphic Design Intern at Abbey Mecca for my Spring 2020 semester. I’m hoping to build out my portfolio, get more hands-on experience, and develop my creative process while I’m here. Here are some fun facts… The post Meet Design Intern […]

The Abbey Mecca team embarked a day trip to New York City on Wednesday, September 19th for RampUp 19 Digital Marketing Conference hosted by LiveRamp.  LiveRamp, based out of San Francisco, provides sophisticated data services for accessibility, identity, connectivity and data steward to connect clients to data and applications.  5:20am |… The post RampUp 19 Conference […]

To be a “can do it all” marketer, one who is extremely valuable to an organization as an individual contributor but who can also rise through the ranks quickly to become a marketing “rock star,” the person should possess these eight skills:Graphic design skills with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign fluencies and a strong sense of […]

I had the good fortune to learn about most aspects of marketing through a fifteen year stint at Hallmark Cards. While there, I learned product development, new product development, advertising, promotion, marketing research, brand management, brand licensing, trade marketing, merchandising, category management, pricing strategy, distribution strategy, corporate communications, crisis management and global marketing. This hands-on […]

Social media is like a blank canvas for both personal and work life. Depending on how you use it, you can draw attention to your expertise and establish a solid reputation in your industry. There’s no doubt that there’s an important place for personal branding on social media. But before we get into the ins […]

As streaming becomes the standard as opposed to the alternative, marketers have adapted from the traditional TV model. The term broadcast means just that – airing a commercial was sending out a message to as broad an audience imaginable and hoping it would resonate based on demographics attracted to the time slot or program it… […]