Crafting the Brand Positioning Statement

by Brad VanAuken, BrandForward, Inc.

A complete brand positioning statement would include the following:

Brand Essence
[Adjective] [adjective] [noun] (the “heart and soul” of the brand, its timeless quality, its DNA)

Brand Promise
Only [brand]
Delivers [unique and compelling benefit or shared value]
To [target customer description]
In the [product or service category] (establishing the competitive “frame of reference”)
In the context of [market condition or trend that makes the benefit or value even more compelling]
Because [proof points or “reasons to believe”]

Brand Archetype
Choose one or two archetypes (what drives or motivates the brand – related to Jungian archetypes)

Brand Personality
Choose six to ten adjectives that describe the brand as if it were a person

Brand Price Position
Description of the brand’s pricing position/strategy

Brand Distribution Strategy
Description of the brand’s distribution strategy

If the brand is an organizational brand, we also specify the brand’s (organization’s) mission, vision and values.

Taken together, these elements of the brand positioning statement should inform all brand decisions and its communication strategy and becomes an important component of creative briefs.

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