Donna Vassallo

Taglines are short, notable phrases that help define your company and distinguish you from your competitors — all in just a few well-chosen words.

Personally, I think every business should have a tagline. (Then again, I am a copywriter, so I would say that.)

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And how they get your emails opened and read.

I’m sure you’ve all seen articles on how to write a killer email that will inspire your readers to take action—whether that’s buying your products and services, making a charitable donation, signing up for your newsletter, or filling out a form to learn more.

But what happens if your readers don’t even open your email?

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But It Tells a Better Story With A Caption

Even a copywriter like me can understand the power of visual images in marketing. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. But far too often, clients display stunning photographs of their work without captions. Why would you want to make readers guess at what they’re looking at?

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Want a fast, cheap and easy way to increase sales? Add customer testimonials to your website and marketing materials.

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They say when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

And in tough times like these, many business owners are going to local networking events to give their sales and marketing presence a boost.

Business networking events range from casual mingling to structured “speed networking” to high-end wine & cheese soirees and can be a hit-or-miss affair. Sometimes you’re ecstatic because you’ve landed a new client or referral, while other times you’re frustrated because you’ve dished out $10 for a glass of mediocre wine and all you got is a handful of business cards from people you’ll never hear from again.

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