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Marketing — Page 4


Does Your Brand Measure Up In A Mobile Environment?

by Damir Saracevic

Take the mobile marketing challenge: Do you have a mobile-friendly site? How about mobile-friendly landing pages and email? Is it easy for mobile customers to interact with you? Are you losing sales when frustrated mobile customers just “give up?”

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Do You Build Landing Pages or Trampolines?

by Peter Platt

Are your prospects taking the action you want on your landing pages, or are they exiting before taking action? Thanks to Google Analytics “bounce rate” has become a common metric in evaluating web page impact. So what do you do when you see a high bounce rate on your landing page? First off, don’t assume […]

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Interact with Your Tech-Savvy, Mobile Audience on a One-to-One Basis

by Mark Wisz
iPhone Scrap Calculator App

This is the age of the smartphone — at last count some 33 million iPhones and millions of Androids have been sold — and a new avenue for marketing your company has been paved.

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What’s Your Business Networking ROI?

by Donna Vassallo

They say when the going gets tough, the tough get going. And in tough times like these, many business owners are going to local networking events to give their sales and marketing presence a boost. Business networking events range from casual mingling to structured “speed networking” to high-end wine & cheese soirees and can be […]

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Three Key Elements of a Creative, Memorable, Powerful Name and Brand Identity

by Chuck Ingersoll

Resonant Congruent Differentiation Explained (Really!) I know, the phrase “Resonant Congruent Differentiation” could scare your ears. It sounds like that concept you learned and quickly forgot in Psych 101. But stick with me a moment and I think you’ll see that it’s rather simple, easily understood, and very pertinent to the way people create a […]

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Does Your Business Need To Be Social-ized?

by Mark Wisz

As Internet marketing launches into warp speed, can your business keep up? Do you need a Facebook page? How about a Twitter account? Should you be blogging?

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Permanent Press

by Sally Bacchetta

When is your best advertisement not an advertisement? When it’s a press release. In the competition for consumer attention, a well-written press release is one of your most valuable marketing tools. Why is it vital to put yourself in the news?

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Beyond Branding: What Your Customers Are Really Shopping For

by Sally Bacchetta

Words are a powerful tool for conveying brand benefits and building a positive consumer perception of your product or service…

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AdTalk: The AdHub Advertising & Marketing Blog

by Walter Ketcham

AdTalk is a marketing related blog by the members of AdHub.com – an online directory and network of the New York Marketing Industry. We welcome your participation. Also, see the feeds from our Member’s Blogs. Do you know Animotion? [flash]http://www.adhub.com/webdata/uploads/company_profile/42475/featured_graphic/AnimotionBanner_08_29_10.swf[/flash]