Online Reputation

Years of work, extensive resources, and loads of money go into the making of a strong brand. But in today’s super-connected economy, those brands can be taken down more easily than one might expect. Not by their top competitors, but by the average Joe behind a computer or smartphone.

You may deliver impeccable service, but occasionally something will slip through the cracks. A sales associate might be having an off day. A contagious illness might cause a location to be short-staffed. You may have an issue with a supplier and run out of stock of an item.

For whatever reason, a customer has an experience with your brand that is not at the level for which you are normally known. Then, they want to vent. And they do. Online.

How much can one, two, or a handful of negative reviews or posts actually damage an otherwise strong brand?

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What is search engine reputation management? It’s simply managing the type of content showing up in search engines for a specific word, as it related to you or your company.

The most obvious issues is when negative content ranks in Google for your company’s or your name. Some examples are low ratings, scam articles, poor service reviews. These pieces of UGC or 3rd party ‘criticisms’ can damage your ability to generate new business, retain customers, and just be downright embarrassing for employees.

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