Future Star Award

Lauren Cuis

The Brainstorm
Future Star Award

Lauren Cuis, Art Director,
SKM Group

When you first meet Lauren Cius, your immediate impression is that she’s quiet, unassuming and even a bit shy. But looks can be deceiving. Because when it comes to pumping out smart, sophisticated work for the SKM Group, she’s an absolute dynamo.

Lauren is a 2002 graduate of Daemen College, but there’s nothing junior about her abilities. She joined SKM as an Assistant Art Director in 2005, and was promoted to Art Director little more than a year later. Ask anyone at the agency, and they would tell you that her performance has been consistently excellent. For instance, she recently single-handedly designed a major launch campaign for one of the agency’s largest clients, and was instrumental in the development of an extremely successful campaign for another. In fact, clients regularly comment on the quality of Lauren’s work.

As far as work ethic goes, Lauren is always willing to put in the extra hours to get the job done…whether the task at hand involves one of her own projects or the work of others. And with her unflagging enthusiasm and unbeatable positive attitude, Lauren is one of those rare individuals who manage to completely shun negativity. That mindset serves her well among both colleagues and clients.

What’s more, her appetite for learning is extraordinary. Lauren is constantly seeking to improve her skills and genuinely welcomes constructive criticism. And once it’s offered, she takes it to heart and immediately puts it into practice. Her coworkers and managers note that her maturity is really astounding for someone so young.

Lauren has eagerly volunteered to assist at ADDY judging for the past few years. She was the 2006 United Way co-chair at SKM. And she frequently does pro bono work for deserving local organizations. Lauren recently art directed a brochure for the Catholic Biblical Studies Program. The piece was well received, much appreciated, and highly praised by the Program’s executive director.

One final thing is worthy of mention: Lauren’s most appealing quality may very well be her modesty. She doesn’t think much of her abilities. But that doesn’t matter, because – without exception – those who work with her do.

Criteria: The Brainstorm Future Star Award honors an outstanding young professional in the marketing and advertising field who has demonstrated great potential in his or her early years in the industry. The recipient must have five years or less experience in the marketing and advertising field (excluding internships or part-time employment while working on a degree) and have been a Brainstorm member for at least one year.