2009 Service Award:
Andy Donovan, Partner, Senior Editor | Daily Post

Andy Donovan

Criteria: The Advertising Club of Buffalo Service Award recognizes not only hard work, but also outstanding achievement in furthering the activities and interests of the club. All past recipients have shown dedication, commitment and service to the club that went above and
beyond the call of duty.

Andy Donovan began his career in Buffalo as a still photographer working for the District Attorney’s office, diligently photographing crime scenes, murder scenes, accident scenes, prisoners and dead bodies in the county morgue. He soon came to realize that this wasn’t
exactly the creative career path he was hoping for. That realization and the hunt for another creative outlet led him to the world of film and video production. Early on, Andy primarily made a living as a freelance cameraman working on a variety of projects including films and corporate videos. For a brief period, he was even a TV news stringer for the BBC of England. While seeing many projects go from conception through completion, Andy found great rewards in the finishing process. It wasn’t long before he found his true niche and love as a film and video editor.

Today, Andy is the managing partner and senior editor for Daily Post, an editorial boutique
in Buffalo that he co-founded in 2000. The award-winning Daily Post team directs the
post-production for local, regional and national commercials and corporate projects, collaborating
with advertising agencies and the production community. Prior to opening Daily Post,
Andy oversaw post-production at two separate production facilities in town for close to 20 years.
When he’s not editing, Andy lends his creative talents to his home and his family. Renovating their
Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired home seems to have become a second full-time job for Andy and
his wife, Beth, a public relations manager for a large human-service organization. They met
while she was the producer of a documentary for the developmentally disabled. After many hours
of working together in an edit suite on this nationally recognized television project, they hit it off
and have been married for 13 years. They enjoy traveling – where Andy still gets to partake
in his hobby of photography (sans corpses) – and raising their two sons, Sean and Liam.