2012 Odysseus Award:

Dr. Richard T. Jurasek

President, Medaille College

Dr Richard T. Jurasek: 2012 Odysseus Award

Over the past three years, Travers Collins has had the opportunity to work with Medaille College’s management team under the leadership of its President, Dr. Richard Jurasek, to develop and implement one of the most comprehensive and creative campaigns in the history of the agency. This would not have happened without his leadership, vision and encouragement.Dr. Jurasek personally embraced the idea of branding, and obtained a thorough knowledge of the subject like only an Academician would. He understood that Medaille College was a “challenger brand” in the marketplace, and encouraged the agency and the Medaille team to really reach creatively for a solution
that would communicate Medaille’s unique point of difference to the various constituents that made up the target audience.

Dr. Jurasek understood the need for strong strategic grounding to make the campaign truly effective, and he did not cut short any steps in the development process. We were advocating a drastically different approach, and as such, our client needed to take a leap of faith with us. Dr. Jurasek took that leap, and the campaign has been a huge hit with students, faculty and staff, and most importantly, has produced results.

He was especially vital in approving some of the less traditional tactics that we have used to promote the college. The Medaille “Bug” (a Volkswagen wrapped in the campaign graphics) functions as a mobile billboard and travels to college fairs, campuses and other school events. Oversized images of student faces gaze out of the windows of campus buildings. Dr. Jurasek strongly supported the idea of using a local Buffalo band for the campaign’s soundtrack, and worked with Medaille alumnus and Goo Goo Dolls member Robby Takac to identify one (The Tins).

Finally, Dr. Jurasek’s enthusiasm and participation in the marketing and advertising process throughout every step of the campaign, from initial research to campaign execution, made our partnership one of the most productive and rewarding we have ever had. He pushed us, prodded us, encouraged us, and always had an open mind.

Congratulations, Rick. Your vision and willingness to develop a truly relevant and differentiating campaign is raising the awareness of a valuable asset to our community.



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