Outpost U.S., Inc.

An Enterprise Think Tank.

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Outpost is An Enterprise Think Tank. We help small companies and business units within larger companies dominate and prosper.

We don't call ourselves an Advertising Agency, because we do more than just create ads and run ads.

And we don't call ourselves a marketing consulting firm, because they say "goodbye" after they hand you the voluminous tome. Wwe transition seamlessly from the strategic to the the creative phase that brings our streamlined strategic plan to life in the marketplace.

Further, while a conventional advertising agency would never invite clients into the creative process, we insist on it. Creativity is a team sport.

All of the above is why we call ourselves An Enterprise Think Tank.

Advertising - All Media Including Internet and Social Networking

Campaign Development - Positioning, Message, Creative Execution

Media - Analysis, Planning, Buying, Post Analysis

Internet Marketing - Web Site Design & Execution, Keyword Search/Adwords, Landing Page Optimization, SEO, Web Banners, Viral Marketing, Social Networking

Strategic Planning - Market Intelligence & Analysis, Long Range Planning, Pro Forma Financials

Marketing Planning

New Product Development and launch

Product & Enterprise Turnarounds
Advertising Campaigns

Production - TV, Video, Radio, Print, Outdoor, Direct Marketing, Collateral, Internet Campaigns

Keyword/Adwords Campaigns

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Web Sites & Landing Pages

eCommerce/Shopping Carts


Web Banners

Flash movies and media

585-813-5140 | Website
3196 East Avenue
Caledonia, NY 14423, Monroe County
Rochester NY WNY Region
Year Founded: 1989
Employees: 3
Parent Company: Outpost U.S., Inc.
Major Clients
The Arlington Dining Room (Hilton, NY)
Bay Side Pub (Webster, NY)
Breaking Through (Minneapolis, MN)
Chromatography Technology Services (Minneapolis, MN)
Dutchess Music Fund (Boston, MA)
Ivanko Barbell Company (Los Angeles, CA)
HyperStrike Online Fitness (Cupertino, CA)
Michael's Valley Grill (Rochester, NY)
Torque Fitness (Minneapolis, MN)
Urban Exercise Consultants (New York, NY)
Vanguard Construction (St. Paul, MN)
Cleo Best Food Package in U.S. Spoonery Cheese
3196 East Avenue Caledonia, NY 14423
Monroe County, Rochester NY WNY Region
Key Contacts
Lance Nelson, President & CEO
Lynn Carlson, VP Operations