- 2007 Rochester ADDY Awards

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Sales Promotion,
Audio/Visual Sales Presentation

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Creative Director: Jeff Gabel
Art Director/Designer: Jeremy Schwartz, Jeff Gabel
Copywriter: Scott Allen
Account Executive: Heather Middlebrook, Kim Diamond
Broadcast Production: Park Pictures
Post Production: Spot Welders
Planner: John Roberts

Special Recognition: Copy
“Great script writing should seem effortless and not get in the way – in this case it was so good I truly wondered if this guy was for real at first, then laughed my ass off as our white-haired Kodak executive went off the deep end into uber-rant mode. The actor is hilarious, the dialogue is superb, and damn, what else can I say but ‘I wish I had written this.’ Considering how popular this video became on YouTube, it seems the public agrees.”
– Judge Jane Murray


Collateral Material,
Annual Report-4-Color

Creative Director: Jeremy Schwartz
Art Director/Designer: Jeremy Schwartz
Copywriter: Bob Steele, Scott Allen
Executive Creative Director: Jeff Gabel
Illustrator: Jeremy Schwartz
Photographer: John Myers
Mechanical Artist: Pam Lawrence
Hair & Make Up: Lorrie Lynn
Print Production: Monroe Litho

Special Recognition: Design, Special Recognition: Photography
“The 2005 Boy Scouts of America Annual Report warrants special recognition in several areas. This uniquely formatted booklet, by Partners and Napier, features a seamless combination of thoughtful typography, a coherent and consistent theme, strong writing, and distinctive printing, making for a superb, tightly integrated package. Add to this the powerful but understated photography by John Myers, and you have a stellar example of the art of corporate design. The challenging aspects of an annual report assignment are well known. When faced with the limited budgets and sometimes contradictory needs and demands of clients, it’s all too easy for a particular aspect of an AR package to end up dragging the rest of the project down. Outstanding design work, for example, can often be found hand-in-hand with mediocre photography. Unfortunate printing decisions can diminish what might be an otherwise distinctive piece. Partners and Napier, Monroe Litho, John Myers, and particularly the Boy Scouts Otetiana Council are to be commended for successfully navigating the hazardous waters of the project brief and coming up with a superb end result – as complete an annual report package as any I’ve ever seen.”
– Judge Derek Shapton


Collateral Material,
Poster - Single

Creative Director: Daphne Stofer
Art Director: Katie Woodson, Jesse Randall, Steve Scherer
Copywriter: Scott Allen
Account Executive: Kevin Aubrey
Print Production: Canfield & Tack
Executive Director: Jeff Gabel
Illustrator: Bob Wright Creative
Traffic: Pam Beatty


Collateral Material,
Special Event Material-Invitation

Executive Creative Director: Ferdinand J. Smith III
Creative Director: Mark Stone, Whit Thompson
Art Director: Tim Winter
Copywriter: Whit Thompson
Account Executive: Courtney Smith
Photographer: Whit Thompson
Print Production: Marianne Warfle
Mechanical Artist: Jennifer Tronolone


Collateral Material,
Special Event Material-Announcement

Creative Director: Glenn Clark & Patti Vonderahe
Art Director: Glenn Clark
Account Executive: Erin Divincenzo
Copywriter: Kate Sonnick
Print Supervisor: Darcy Fazio
Print Production: Marty Mayer
Print Buyers: Laura Blakely, Butch Bush
Production Designer: Kathy Werner


Non-Traditional Advertising,

Art Director: Anne Esse
Copywriter: Kate Sonnick


Consumer or Trade Publication,
Full Page-4-Color

Creative Director: Patti Vonderahe
Art Director: Michael Buckley
Art Director/Designer: Jaime Torres, Christine Whiteman, Wendy Kelly, Lauren Peone
Account Executive: John Hawkes
Print Production: Butch Bush
Photographer: Studio 2B, John Myers Photography, Thomas Schauer, Jon Hrichak, Antonino Barbagallo
Print Production: St. Ives
Creative Supervisor: Jaime Torres, Lance Baker
Image Supervisor: Scott Szeles
Illustrator: Rebekha Hiler

R.O.I. Award


Public Service,
Single Medium Campaign (Student)

Student: Student
School: Rochester Institute
Title: Hurricane Katrina Poster Series

Art Director/Designer: Michelle Brook
Professor: Ryan Clifford

Student Recognition
“The one thing the judges unanimously agreed on was that this year’s student entries were particularly strong. We were treated to some stunning graphic design work, well-crafted photography and strong conceptual advertising work.
If what we saw is any indication of the caliber of talent being grown in Rochester, one can only assume that the future of the industry is quite promising.
To this year’s Student ADDY winners: Congratulations and well done.
To the Scholarship recipients: Awesome start. Keep kicking ass.
And to all those already in the industry: Watch out. There’s some stiff competition coming your way.”
– Judge Israel Diaz

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