- 2008 Rochester ADDY Awards

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Mixed Media,
B to B, Regional/National

Jeremy Schwartz, Creative Director
Tom Colling, Copywriter
Michael Kennedy, Copywriter
Robin Lohkamp, Copywriter
Mike Ciarico, Print Production
Jim Nunes, Art Director
Jeremy Schwartz, Art Director
Barry Strauber, Account Executive
Antonino Barbagallo, Photography
Jeff Gabel, Executive Creative Director
Jim Nunes, Mechanical Artist
City Blue, Printer


Mixed Media,
Consumer, Regional/National

Bruce Kielar, Chief Creative Officer
Tony Cacamo, Creative Director
Debbie Benkovich, Creative Supervisor and Art Director
Tony Caccamo and David LeVant, Copywriters
Rachel Spence, Art Director
Michelle Anlyn, Electronic Mechanical Artist
Patty Osborn, Production
Parrish Kelley, Proofreader
Cathy Powers, Account Director
Stephanie Jacobus, Account Executive
Elizabeth Dorscheid, Account Coordinator
Audio Ruckus, Radio Production Company