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Regardless of the project content, Albany NY based actor/voice talent, Bill Nevitt will make your customers sit up and take notice! Bill will collaborate with you to transform your project from concept to the finished product. His goal is to provide you with the best voice-over service possible to ensure the success of your project!

Bill is professional, coachable, punctual and fun to work with! He is available for modeling and acting roles, as well.

Bill has been professionally trained through:

  • The Creative Voice Development Group, Schenectady NY
  • Such A Voice, South Burlington VT
  • Albany Talent Casting & Model Mgmt, Saratoga Springs NY
Specific reference information is available upon request.

Voice Over and On-Camera Talent for:
• TV & Radio Commercials
• Narrations
• Voice answering systems
• Public service announcements
• Industrials
• Audio Books
• CDs & DVDs

Bill has an engaging style that will bring your project to life. The Voice Man will deliver the quality read that your project requires, evoking a wide range of emotions, from intensity to reflection; joy to despair.

Bill is also a volunteer reader for the RISE program for the visually impaired, administered by Public Television station WMHT, Albany NY
518-312-2160 | Website
26 Barbara MacDonald Drive
Corinth, NY 12822, Saratoga County
Albany NY Capital District Region
Year Founded: 2005
Major Clients
Bill has considerable background in the insurance industry, science and athletics and is comfortable dealing with the terminology and concepts pertaining to these fields.

Clients include: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Hockey and Baseball; SUNY Albany Basketball; Saratoga Phillies of the New York Collegiate Baseball League.
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26 Barbara MacDonald Drive Corinth, NY 12822
Saratoga County, Albany NY Capital District Region
Bill Nevitt

Bill Nevitt
Actor & Voice Talent

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"Broken Trust"

Natasha Hartford lived for five years with an abusive husband and vows to never trust another man again. She stumbles onto a murder scene and meets the handsome, sexy cop, Chase Brandon, who is lead investigator of the murder. Their attraction to each other is unmistakable, but Natasha’s distrust and Chase’s suspicions keep them apart.

More murders occur, with a possible link to Natasha’s ex-husband, which puts both her and Chase’s lives in danger!

Will Natasha and Chase overcome their “issues” and work together to solve the murders and help save their own lives?

Audiobook Samples and Promos
"Tsunami Crimes"

This is book #3 in her “disaster crimes” series. Beth and Donovan are now married and honeymooning in Hawaii, with all the villains who were a threat to them out of the picture, right? WRONG! Once again, they’re separated by another natural disaster and their lives threatened by those who want them DEAD.

Beth and Donovan not only have to struggle to find out if the other is alive, but also must deal with the villains whom they thought to be dead! They can’t possibly get out of this scrape! Or, can they?

Audiobook Samples and Promos
Surgeon's Choice - first five minutes

Dr. Ben Merrick deals with his feuding future in-laws, a conflict with a fellow surgeon and an increasing number of medical mishaps and accidents that threaten his career. He can't figure out if the causes of these events are due to a disgruntled former patient's relatives or his scheming collegue. Dr. Mabry has created another winner!

Audiobook Samples and Promos
"Bloodlines - Cove Point Manor"

This is a "thriller" about an average guy who, "out of the blue," inherits a multi-million dollar estate! Add in two greedy relatives and some dark secrets held by the stately structure and you have all the factors you need for a great "listen." Author William B. Taylor has created a winner!

Audiobook Samples and Promos
"Doctor's Dilemma" - First Five Minutes

Dr. Tyler Gentry planned to join his father's medical practice after completion of his internship. However, a personal tragedy forces him to seek employment elsewhere with “The Hall Group.” He then receives several warnings to not join this group, starting with anonymous phone calls and ending with more severe measures! Dr. Gentry’s decision is made more difficult when he meets an attractive nurse, Ashley Wynn. As the stakes rise, Dr. Gentry must decide: remain with the group and have a chance with Ashley, or, get out while he can?

Audiobook Samples and Promos
"Beyond The Cabin" - First Five Minutes

A five minute sample of my most recent audiobook project "Beyond The Cabin" by Jared Nathan Garrett.
This novel is the story of Josh, a boy being raised in a religious cult orphanage. It describes the trials he endures on a daily basis, including abuse at the hands of the adults controlling his life, along with a staggering personal tragedy. In spite of this, his hope is restored when he connects with another teenaged resident who helps him deal with his heartbreak and loneliness. He faces a choice: should he try to escape, or, remain with the cult and try to protect the other kids?

Audiobook Samples and Promos
"When The Sky Falls"

What happens when a media hoax is perpetrated on an unsuspecting public and the CIA then tries to convert that process into a weapon of war?

Find out how a CIA operative discovers the bases of the world’s greatest hoaxes and his efforts to prevent them from happening again!

Audiobook Samples and Promos
Six Armies In Tennessee - First Five Minutes

The story of the battles of Chickamauga and Chattanooga in 1863, which turned the tide of the Civil War in favor of the North.

Audiobook Samples and Promos
The Six Week Fitness Plan For Unfit Golfers - First Five Minutes

Five minute audio sample of a/b which will help you get into better shape to perform better on the golf course. A six week plan combining distance walking and exercises to help you play your best game!

Audiobook Samples and Promos
Nearshore Adventures - First Five Minutes

Five minute audio sample of a/b about a husband and wife learning the ropes of fishing for lake sturgeon and other species in southeastern Michigan. It also includes some of the humorous stories of their learning experiences along the way and their eventual decision to open a charter fishing business catering to couples.

Audiobook Samples and Promos
Leadership In The Crucible - First Five Minutes

Five minute audio sample of a/b about the US Army's 23rd Regimental Combat Team' service in the early days of the Korean War; specifically, their actions in the major battles of Twin Tunnels and Chipping-Ni. It also examines the positive and negative effects of excellent and poor leadership on our soldiers.

Audiobook Samples and Promos
The Fur Trade Gamble - First Five Minutes

The first five minutes of "The Fur Trade Gamble - North West Company on the Pacific Slope 1800-1820."

Audiobook Samples and Promos
B-17 Flying Fortress Restoration First Five Minutes

Promotional video for B-17 Flying Fortress Restoration written by Jerome J. McLaughlin, with narration sample.

Audiobook Samples and Promos
Victory Fever on Guadalcanal First 5 Minutes

The first 5 minutes of my narration of Victory Fever on Guadalcanal by William H Bartsch.

Audiobook Samples and Promos
Second Chances - First 5 Minutes

The first five minutes of my narration of Second Chances.

Audiobook Samples and Promos
Personality Audition

A little info about me.

ER Doc

Medical Training Video

Henry Rehab Testimonial Part 4

Dramatic portrayal of a substance abuser's road to recovery.

Henry Rehab Testimonial Part 3

Dramatic portrayal of a substance abuser's road to recovery.

Henry Rehab Testimonial Part 2

Dramatic portrayal of a substance abuser's road to recovery.

Henry Rehab Testimonial Part 1

Dramatic portrayal of a substance abuser's road to recovery.

The Job Loss

Second Chances - Promo Video

2:30 video promoting my narration of Second Chances.

Audiobook Samples and Promos