Buy, sell or trade used photo and video kit.

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Visit for a new, sustainable way to buy and sell used photography & video equipment. Our unique global online platform has thousands of pre-inspected items including camera bodies, lenses, filters and accessories from leading industry brands for you to consider.

Sell or trade in the kit that no longer serves you and buy exactly what you need for your creative projects. Youíll get great value for money for top quality gear while keeping your old tech out of landfill. We are passionate about helping to create a more circular economy that will benefit our planet. We recirculate more than 300,000 quality items of used photo & video gear per year, extending its life and creative potential and making equipment accessible and affordable to visual storytellers everywhere. At MPB, you donít need to compromise your values about environmental sustainability; we certainly havenít. Our business model is simple: We trade amazing used kit at great prices, instantly accessible through our secure online portal. You get to upgrade your camera set-up with the gear you want in exchange for the kit you no longer need while helping to slow technological turnover and help the planet.
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33 34th Street, Building #7, 4th floor, Suite 7-4-AA
Brooklyn, NY 11232,   County
New York City NY   Region
Year Founded: 2011
Employees: 500
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33 34th Street, Building #7, 4th floor, Suite 7-4-AA Brooklyn, NY 11232
  County, New York City NY   Region
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