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Summer Productions of Rochester, NY, is a full-service music, voice, and audio production facility serving a wide range of clients, from advertising agencies, AV houses, corporate in-house AV departments, radio and television stations, direct music sales and private artists.

Summer Productions is owned and operated by Bob Marini, who has been in the broadcasting and production field for over 35 years.

Bob is a "First Call" voice talent in his market and has voiced everything from network spots and trailors, to major corporate meetings, to hundreds of local radio and TV commercials. Bob's tone is warm and friendly, yet can be authoritative and motivational too! Specialty voices and characters are also in the offerings. Voice ranges from teen simulations all the way to mature gentleman!

Summer Productions has also written and produced numerous music themes for corporate use, jingles and soundtracks for advertising. Bob is a two-time Parent's Choice Award winner for the production of children's music, and has won multiple Communicator Awards.

- Commercials
- Narration
- Phone prompts and outgoing messages
- Video game voices
- Promos
- Announcing
- Occasional help with casting of other VO talent

Composing music and/or writing lyrics for jingles, themes, scores, specialty songs

Multi-Track Recording for Commercials, Film and Videos and the Web

Full Service Music Production, Engineering, Post Scoring to Picture, Music and Sound Logos.

Music/SFX/Production Elements Libraries
Bob Marini- Voice Talent Services (All Media)
• Full Media Jingle Packages
• Soundtracks
• Original Music Scores
• Production Elements
• Announcements
• Radio/TV Commercials
Equipment & Facilities
Summer Sound Studio is our State of the Art facility, enabling a complete turn-key operation, featuring music recording, commercial production, voice overs, SFX and more!

585-487-6391 | Website
Rochester, NY  , Monroe County
Rochester NY Finger Lakes Region
Year Founded: 1978
Industries Served
Advertising, Corporate, Automotive, Retail, Entertainment , Artist Production, Film Documentaries, World Wide Web.
Major Clients
C.Garbin & Associates, Fusion Productions, 10NBC, Walmart, Xerox, B&L, Carestream Health, J&J, Walmart, Digital Media, Corporate Communications, Morning Light Films, Adrianna Noone (recording artist)
Multiple Communicator Awards, Cable TV Award, Parents Choice Awards.
"C. Garbin & Associates uses Summer Productions exclusively. We do so because of the excellent quality work produced by Bob Marini. Bob has demonstrated a unique sound quality which we value. His voice talent 'cuts through the clutter' and truly stands out in today's marketplace. He is always on time and perhaps more importantly, always on budget. Having worked together since 1996, I am able to highly recommend Bob Marini with great confidence. Bob Marini and Summer Productions deliver superior quality, consistently."
- Christopher P. Garbin, President - C. Garbin & Associates

"I have used the professional creative services of Bob Marini at Summer Productions since 1982. During our successful 18 year relationship, Bob has done excellent work on voice- overs, sound tracks and high impact music production. He keeps my clients stockpiled with quality work and gives me 110% in everything he does"
- Bob Farrell, President - The Farrell Edge

"Bob Marini has proven you can be extremely talented and creative without having to play the role of prima donna or control freak. Bob has always been willing to accept input from our agency and the clients we represent, and has always gone the extra mile to do the little things that seperate a good voice-over or musical scoring from a great one."
- Don Selkowitz, Chief Executive Officer - Mason Selkowitz Marketing Inc

"Bob Marini?
I hire him because he knows how to sell a script, not just read it."
- B. Warner - Quantum Communications
SAG/AFTRA Membership, BMI writer
585-739-2647 (Mobile)
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  Rochester, NY  
Monroe County, Rochester NY Finger Lakes Region
Key Contacts
Bob Marini, voice talent and music producer
Bob Marini

Bob Marini
Jingle Writer, Voice-Over Talent

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Textron Voice-Over

by Bob Marini

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Summer Sound Studio
Summer Sound Studio

Biggest Door TV-30

Thompson Garage Doors

50 Years TV-30

Thompson Garage Doors

Natives In America

All music composed and performed by Bob Marini along with opening VO.