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The AdHub promotes the Northeast advertising industry.

We connect marketing services buyers with appropriate resources – and we've been doing that since 1993 with AdSource, our printed directory. AdSource proved that major corporations will use an industry-specific directory to research, not only large advertising agencies, but work-at-home freelancers and every other service in between.

AdHub.com makes those connections even easier. (See our History and a list of Testimonials.)

A KEY element to getting your website positioned in the search engines is to build links from respected websites like directories. The AdHub has been online since 2004.

Listing Benefits

  • Display a complete Profile of your company's services
  • Improve your own search engine ranking with links to your website
  • Control key SEO elements: page title and meta description
  • We will syndicate your Blog
  • AdHub profiles, press releases and articles rank well in Google and Bing searches:
    • Search Google for Biomedical Copywriter (Find Robert Loeb's Profile)
    • Search Google for Syracuse (Find Joe Scherzi's Profile)
    • Search Google for Albany Media Buyer (Find SMS Media's Profile)
    • Search Google for Retail Ad Agency Rochester NY (Find Jay Marketing's Profile
    • Search Google for Business Anniversary Ideas (Find Pauline Bartel's Article)
    • Search Bing for Southern Tier Advertising Agencies
  • Using Keywords buyers can find you by your specialties
  • Post Press Releases, Events & Jobs
  • Upload Image Samples of your work, Embed Audio & Videos Samples of your work

Basic Listing: $69.00 annually

  1. Includes a Company Profile in one category and one region:
    • Add unlimited text description
    • Control key SEO elements: page title and meta description
    • Create unlimited hyperlinks to other webpages
    • Use html to enchance your styling
    • Choose keywords so that site users find you by your unique skills and experience
    • Include your logo
    • Add photos and contact info for key staff
  2. Featured Graphic: You can upload a display ad to your profile which will also show up randomly on the home page and the search pages for the categories you are listed in (size: 300 pixels wide x 500 pixels high).
  3. Post Press Releases, Jobs, and Events with logos or graphics.
  4. Submit articles/columns to the AdTalk Marketing Blog
  5. If your company has a marketing or business-related blog, we will grab your rss feed and display the first part of your posts on the AdTalk Marketing Blog where they will link back to your site.
  6. Link to unlimited mp3 files. Group those files in folders that you name. Great for voice talent or audio production samples. Maybe someone has interviewed you or you've given a presentation. Let people hear it within your profile.

Portfolio Listing: $125 annually

  1. Includes the all Basic Listing features.
  2. Portfolio Listings receive priority placement and show up first (randomly) in any search.
  3. Upload unlimited portfolio images. Group those files into folders that you name.
  4. Embed unlimited streaming video files or animations hosted on your server or YouTube, Vimeo, etc. Group those files into folders that you name.

Additional Categories

One category is included with your listing.
Additional categories are $10 each per year or 2 for $15.

Users can search keywords/specialties. Within a category you can select any keyword/specialty that applies to your business.


  • Size: 200 pixels wide x 200 pixels high
  • We accept static jpg or gif files or animated gifs
  • Banners appear on the home page. They rotate randomly on just about every other page.
  • Call to discuss pricing: 585-442-2585


"AdSource (printed directory) was a great 20th century resource, but in the flat, digital world of the 21st, AdHub is the way to go. For example, a drug research company in Florida found my AdHub profile during a Google search and they've become a regular client."
- Bob Loeb, Robert Loeb Communications

"Adhub.com is a great resource to stay in touch with the external market. I have found several freelancers and agencies that we have partnered with.
- Carol Langella, Manager, Creative Services, Xerox

"Adhub really helped me and my team beat our deadline! We were able to create a whole new product line for our startup company in just 6 months. The local designers you recommended were top notch, in fact, I still employ some of them right now. Thanks again."
- Kenneth Rando, Sr Art Director, NewPath Learning

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