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I spent the first 10 years of my career inside a global advertising agency, Ogilvy & Mather. I worked my way up the account management ladder servicing household brands found in your kitchen cabinet and bathroom vanity and on top of your desk. Client service is in my blood.

Working closely with clientsí in-house legal departments, the legal aspects of advertising and marketing intrigued me so much so that I became an advertising and marketing lawyer, Brooklyn Law School.

I enjoy helping clients bring their creative visions to light in legally appropriate ways. Whether itís a contest or sweepstakes they want to run or a creative concept they want to post on social media, I help clients avoid legal mistakes and obstacles. My clients can stay focused on developing their marketing plans while I keep an eye on the legal watch-outs.

I also help marketers negotiate their business relationships through drafting sound and fair master service agreements. I use straightforward language to solidify the relevant key points of an agreement. This sets the stage for productive and profitable relationships ahead.

My ad agency industry experience sets me apart from other lawyers b/c it allows me to instantly understand my clientsí hopes and concerns for their brands and business. I love finding legal solutions that keep marketing ideas alive and allow clients to successfully grow their brands and business.

CK Law: Advertising & Marketing Lawyer
Advising ad agencies and small businesses since 2006

* Negotiating and drafting: Master service agreements
* Negotiating and drafting: Talent agreements
* Advising re: Online promotions
* Drafting: Contest and Sweepstakes rules
* Advising re: Rights of publicity
* Advertising and claim review/substantiation
* Advertising/FTC legal compliance
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Christa Kenin

Christa Kenin
Advertising Lawyer

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