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At Hodgins Engraving we:
• sell exclusively through the trade
• print all types of stationery products
• build and manage e-commerce systems
• handle fulfillment and shipping for our customers

Hodgins Engraving specializes in producing stationery and related printed items. The majority of our volume is everyday corporate identity packages, letterheads, envelopes and business cards. Our end user customers range from small business that order a few times a year to large global corporations that require daily shipments. Much of our work involves pre-printed master runs, which we produce and store, then imprint as needed. We produce and warehouse finished goods for immediate shipment to end users, as well as provide complete fulfillment services.


Thermography creates a raised effect on images and letters. While commonly used on business cards, letterheads and envelopes, many more creative opportunities include greeting cards, report covers, advertising and packaging materials.

Engraving can add detail and dimension to your printed identity. It offers a subtle tactile quality that has long been associated with distinction and prestige. Engraving has the extraordinary ability to hold small type and fine detail better than any other printing technique.

Embossing adds dimension to your printed piece, by re-shaping the paper using a specifically crafted die, heat, pressure and a counter. Adding embossing texture and dimension can create an appealing contrast to your design.

Stamping/Foil Stamping
Using foil in the design of your stationery, invitations, greeting cards or packaging will add a bit of gleam that will catch anyone's eye. Foil stamping creates a smooth opaque image for fine lines or large solids, and is a great way to create metallic effects.

Since Johannes Gutenberg invented moveable type in the year 1439, letterpress had been the dominant commercial printing method. Letterpress is now seeing a re-emergence as a niche printing method and as an art form.

Offset Printing is the most common form of print production today. Offset print can be enhanced in many ways, by using various varnish finishes, ultra-violet coatings, adding thermography, register embossing or other finishing techniques to the ink or paper.

Digital Printing is the latest revolution in the print industry. Enabled by digital technology, the most significant difference from other print methods is that there is no printing plate required with digital print. Any image created on a computer can be printed directly to the finished piece via electronic means.

Magnesium Dies
• Mounted letterpress cuts
• Foil Stamping Dies
• Embossing Dies with Counters
• Specialty Dies
• Candy molds
• Leather stamping
• Wood burning
•Plastic sealing, etc.

Copper Dies
• Intaglio plates
• Deep etched foil stamping dies
• Embossing dies


Rubber Stamps
Hodgins Engraving offers a variety of types and sizes of rubber stamps, including self inking, pre-inked, hand stamps, pocket stamps, notary stamps, a variety of dater stamps, and numbering machines. Along with the stamps themselves, we supply additional ink, stamp pads, stamp cleaner, and specialty inks.

Engraved Signs
We supply engraved signs made of plastic or brass, in any custom size and with a variety of holder styles. Popular items are name tags, desk nameplates, and wall mounted signs. We stock 24 choices of plastic colors and 5 choices of brass colors.

Embossing Seals
Embossing seals are popular with Notary Publics, government offices, and anyone who needs to authenticate their documents. These come in hand-held or desk models, with various sizes and finishes stocked. Dress up your seal by impressing it into our Gold Foil Seals and applying to your correspondence!
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Year Founded: 1957
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3817 West Main Street Batavia, NY 14020
Genesee County, Buffalo NY WNY Region
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