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As culture continues its inexorable downward slide, the value of the well-written word escalates: A clever turn of phrase can find a place in your heart: And it beats forever. I’ve spent four decades telling the stories of people, bands, cities and essential home furnishings such as the Ottoman, with grace and humor. I can do that for you. Pour yourself a glass of wine and explore the web site,

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You: The Interview. A page-turning story about you. A few pages, anyway. I’ll assemble this journalistic treatment with the help of telephone interviews with you and your friends. Put “You: The Interview” to use any way you like: For your resume, your web site, your wedding, your retirement, your obituary. This is not simply the nuts and bolts of where you were born, but words that capture who you are. See the example on my web site and notice how I show, rather then tell, the story of this husband and wife musician couple:

Your Town. In the summer of 2009, a comedian named Mike Polk placed two videos on YouTube that mocked his home town of Cleveland. Cleveland’s response? It fought back with “Positively Cleveland,” a video contest that asked the city’s residents to produce their own videos highlighting their favorite aspects of the city. Similarly, “Your Town” is a chance to fight back against unfair Internet appraisals of your community written by someone who’s never even seen your airport. I can create a well-written, funny, informative, journalistic look at your city. I’ll find the unique and charming, walking right past the Hard Rock Café and straight into the voodoo shop. This isn’t a bland public-relations piece (“Scottsdale is a shopper’s paradise, with five malls….”). It’s a literate, attention-getting, journalistic portrait meant to intrigue readers about the possibilities of your city. Use it on your web site, in a brochure or as a speech at the annual state of the city address.

Time has passed – Jacobs Field has a new name and The Flats is no longer a relevant entertainment district - but see my web site for what I mean, a story that I wrote a few years ago on Cleveland:
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Year Founded: 2009
"He’s very intelligent and funny too!”
- Lucinda Williams, Grammy-winning singer/songwriter and heartbreaker

"You're not a hack!"
- Jon Dee Graham, critically acclaimed Texas singer-songwriter

28 Grassmere Park Rochester, NY 14612
Monroe County, Rochester NY Finger Lakes Region