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Northpoint Advisors offers a variety of unique and proprietary products that will help you accelerate your profitable revenue growth, avoid pitfalls and risks, and exact a competitive advantage. Our unique tools and processes include the following.

GO sets the stage for our assignment. Usually it’s a 1-3 day period during which we meet with your key executives to understand your current situation. From this effort we can determine together our direction and if we should proceed.

What is Commercial Ethnographic Research?
Commercial Ethnography(n):
(1) the in-depth observation and organized description of current human behavior.
(2) a method of deep research yielding an analysis of actual work practices in existing work environments.
(3) an effective way of understanding how products and people interact.

Common Applications for Commercial Ethnographic Research
• Uncover disruptive technologies and innovative solutions
• Gain insight into customer/end-user workflow
• Ensure effective use of R&D spend by directing to real needs
• Validate need and relative value for high-ticket products and solutions
• Support voice of customer model
• Drive innovative thrust of company

Ethnography is useful in an abundance of areas, such as:
• Physical product development
• Trends and observation of anticipated ideas
• Purchasing behaviors
• Concept comprehension
• Marketing
• Advertising

Based upon decades of research methodology development, Commercial Ethnographic Research helps you learn what your customers actually do rather than what they say they do. The ethnographer goes beyond simply asking questions into understanding key elements of work behavior.

Commercial Ethnographic Research methods are more in- depth and intimate than traditional approaches. We examine and analyze your customers, spending time in the natural context of their working lives. Learning their work culture through direct observation reduces barriers and encourages a high level of engagement. In this way, we provide you with results that are richer and deeper than customary methods. This approach tenders you fine-grained photographs—not the rough sketches offered by focus groups or surveys.

Utilizing your objectives to guide data gathering and analysis, this form of investigation complements conventional research by allowing researchers to walk a mile in a customer or end- users’ shoes. We go into the field with a clear understanding of the information you want to uncover. At the same time, the flexibility of an ethnographic approach allows for unanticipated insights gleaned from real-world behavior. Through direct observation, semi-structured interviews, and multi-source data gathering, we create representations that lead to effective solutions for your unique business or product. Our clients find our insights not only actionable, but also hard-hitting and memorable. Download the PDF (420k).
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